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C994 who holds the initiative?

In the early morning, Luo Jinyu drove to Yang ChuChu's house to meet her, and Cheng Yingliu had breakfast at home. In the morning, the atmosphere on the dining table was a little tense. Nobody spoke, but it seemed that everyone was worried. Cheng

made a circle of eyes on the faces of the two people, and then said, "what's the matter with you? It's very quiet today? "

Luo Jinyu's handsome face flashed a little tense, but Yang ChuChu suddenly put down his chopsticks and whispered, "Mom, I'm full. Let's go first!" After saying

Yang ChuChu pulled Luo Jinyu's arm and dragged him to the outside of the living room.

Luo Jinyu was not in the mood to eat. Seeing that Yang ChuChu finally decided to leave, he certainly didn't want it.

Cheng Ying looks at their back in a surprise, sighs: "what's the matter with the plane?" When two people got into the car, Luo Jinyu turned around and looked at Yang ChuChu's face: "didn't you mention this to your mother?" "

No, don't want to say!" Yang ChuChu's face was tight, his eyes turned to the window, as if he dared not look into his deep eyes. Luo

Jin Yu knew that she was stubborn. He reached over and touched her long hair tenderly: "then don't say it, otherwise she would be worried!"

"Luo Jinyu, I'm sorry, I didn't target anyone!" Yang ChuChu found that he was a little grumpy, so he had to bow his head and apologize to him in a low voice. "

OK, I know your mood. Don't say that. Where are you going now? I'll see you! " Luo Jinyu just wanted to make sure that she was not angry with him, so he asked her where to go.

"Of course, you can take me to the studio!" If it was before, Yang ChuChu didn't dare to excuse him. There were reporters all around the studio. She was afraid of being photographed. Now she didn't care about that. Anyway, her relationship with Luo Jinyu has been exposed. "

OK!" Luo Jinyu gave up the company's morning meeting, so his whole morning belongs to her.

Two people drive towards the studio. "

LUO Jinyu, what should you do if your mother is against us being together?" Finally, Yang ChuChu could not help but ask the uneasy question.

Last night, she thought about it all night. What if LOM didn't accept her?

Luo Jin Yu Jun's eyes slightly stagnated, then he whispered and comforted: "no, although my mother has some views on you, it doesn't matter. What matters is my own choice." "

If only I could be better, you should not be embarrassed by this matter." Yang ChuChu said with his head down. "

don't abandon yourself. You are you. You are already excellent." Luo Jinyu frowned a little and felt hurt. "

at the beginning, I also felt that I was very good, but there was no harm without comparison. My level is still too different from yours. Everyone thinks that I was trying to climb up to you for money. Everyone is saying that I was able to take those plays before, because you are my gold master." The more Yang ChuChu said, the more sad he felt that his previous efforts had been totally denied, helpless and helpless.

Luo Jinyu sighed, holding the steering wheel steadily with one hand, and extending another hand to hold her cool little hand: "don't care about what others say, be stronger in heart, we can live our own life." "

I know, but I can't avoid it. Those people can really say anything and can't explain anything!" Yang ChuChu laughs bitterly at himself.

"Then don't explain. If you are tired of staying in the entertainment circle, you can leave the circle. I can send you to study in other places. You can even stay with me without work!" Luo Jinyu really loves that she has to bear these rumors at a young age. For her, it's really unfair. "

I don't know what else to do, I just like acting!" Yang ChuChu's mind is blank, thinking about it, and shaping the character of various characters under the camera is her great hobby.

Luo Jinyu chuckled: "then you can go to the theatre at ease, and I will support you!" "

it seems that I can only adjust myself and let go of all the previous luxury and willfulness. If someone says in person that I have climbed up to you, I will go back, as if there is nothing to be ashamed of." Yang ChuChu finally wants to open up a little. Indeed, he is behind her. It doesn't matter what work she does. What matters is that she can feel at ease. "

Yes, we should take such an attitude. If you want to make you feel bad, you should not make them feel better!" Luo Jinyu nods to support, but on the other hand, does this mean that he has taught the child bad? At last, the personal atmosphere was restored. Yang ChuChu held his palm and closed his eyes: "I narrowed for a while, and woke me up. I lost sleep all night yesterday!" "

no wonder your eyes are black!" Luo Jin feels sorry. "

you haven't had a rest, OK? I don't think you look good!" Yang ChuChu's fingers shook his big palms and cared about him.

"I'm fine. I just had a cup of coffee to refresh myself. Go to sleep!" As a man, Luo Jinyu cannot say "no" to the beloved woman.

Yang ChuChu can finally settle down to sleep. Soon, she fell asleep. Stop at a traffic light intersection, Luo Jinyu's eyes are deeply fixed on her sleepy and charming face.

The morning sun fell on her, her face, her whole person looked a little pink, Luo Jin Yu's heart was throbbing again. Stretch

hands to raise the temperature of the air conditioner and focus on the road ahead. No matter what, he can't let go of this little woman any more, and his idea of caring for her for the rest of his life is even stronger.

Ji Yueze held the note tightly. When his assistant was driving a bit confused, he spread out the note again and pointed out the route.

"Bai Yiyan, you are not allowed to leave!" Ji Yueze said this sentence again and again in the bottom of his heart.

For this relationship, he always thought that he was holding the initiative, and that woman could not escape his palm. But now he doesn't have that kind of self-confidence. He feels that no one can be the only one in love. Bai Yiyan seems weak, but in fact, Ji Yueze attaches more importance to this relationship than her. She is afraid that she won't understand how much a lonely person yearns for this feeling after satisfying the taste of sweetness and warmth, just like she lacks it Like fish in water, they have a crazy desire for water. "

boss, it's getting off the highway. Let's go the right way!" The assistant was still dazed.

"No, get off the highway and navigate again!" Ji Yueze whispers. The black

color business car drove off the highway and quickly went straight to the destination.