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"Wanru, what's going on? Quarterly let you come to work again? How did he agree? Have you been to see him? " Liu Xi didn't know about the matter of Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han having a child. When she first heard that it was Ji Xiao Han who took Tang You You's resume, her heart sank.

Tang You You naturally told a small lie to her foster mother.

Only Idealism's design department was divided into a few parts. Liu Xi was only in charge of one of the departments, she had around twenty people under her.

The moment the few men saw the beauty, they immediately became excited, and nodded their heads: "Director Liu, we know how great your standards are, of course we would work even harder to serve you."

Tang You You could be considered as the first beauty, but to be able to sneak into the design department and work for it, all of them were definitely not ordinary people.

In terms of self-cultivation and dressing, they were already ahead of other areas of work. Perhaps their physiques and facial features were not necessarily outstanding, but they could still be considered beautiful even though they could dress up and grasp the vanguard of fashion.

Tang You You entered the office, furthermore, their relationship seemed to be very good, who would not be jealous when seeing this?

The reason why Liu Xi had introduced Tang You You as she was single was also because Tang You You did not tell her that when he was studying abroad, he had even given birth to two children.

In truth, Tang You You had been hiding this matter from them all along, afraid that they would find out that Tang Xue Rou had developed her career very well, that she and her mother were extremely powerful people, and that if they found out that she was not studying abroad and was using the Tang Family's tuition to raise her children, her life and theirs would be in chaos.

She had protected the secret that she had children, so among the people who knew her, other than her aunt, who knew that she had children, there were now Ji Xiao Han and a few others by his side.

As for Ji Xiao Han, she wasn't worried at all. In any case, he had promised her before, that he would definitely keep this secret.

"You Zu, just follow Li Fang Fang, she just so happens to have a big deal in her hands, act as her assistant and bring up your design." Qi Xi arranged for Tang You You to train under the hands of an old employee.

"Alright, Director Liu!" In the company, Tang You You did not dare call her mother in front of her subordinates, for fear of getting people to gossip about him.

Liu Xi said to Li Fang Fang: "You are a new person, how can you do anything wrong? Help me give a few pointers."

Li Fang Fang immediately smiled and said: "Aiya, Director Liu, you can relax. I have always been very considerate of newbies."

Just like that, Tang You You began her work under Li Fang Fang's lead.

"Your name is Tang You You, right? From now on, you can call me Sister Li. You don't look that old, I'm sure I'm five or six years older than you." Li Fang Fang was about to be thirty years old this year, but when Tang You You considered it, she was actually only twenty-one years old.

"Alright, Sister Li!" Tang You You immediately shouted with a smile.

"Hmm, alright then. Take a look at these contracts first. They have information on this project's cooperation. See if you can hand over a few works for me to see." Although Li Fang Fang was full of smiles, she couldn't help but feel jealous of Tang You You's beauty.

That amount of collagen must have been something that she wanted even in her dreams. It was a pity that time was too cruel. Even though she had spent so much effort in maintaining it, she still had the most frightening nightmare of her age.

Beautiful things would always make people jealous and envious.

However, Tang You You did not realise what this warm-hearted elder sister beside him was thinking at the moment.

Her mind was set on her work.

During lunch time, Tang You You went back to his aunt's house.

She told her aunt about her decision. Cheng Wan Lian was happy for her, but also worried for her.

"Wanru, have you really decided to take the child and live with him? He's not going to try to take the baby away from you anymore, is he? " Cheng Wan Lian asked in concern.

Tang You You bit her chopsticks and ate the food made by his aunt. After thinking for a while, she said confidently: "Aunt, don't worry, I think the children are more sensible. They won't be taken away."

"As long as you feel that your children are fine, then I am relieved. If you are free in the future, remember to bring your children over for fun. I miss them quite a bit." Cheng Wan Lian said with a smile.

"Alright, aunt. I need to go to work. I'll come over when I have time. I'll bring the kids over when they're on vacation." Tang You You looked at the time. It was time to go to work.

After returning to the company, Tang You You realized that the peaceful office in the morning seemed like it was facing a great enemy, all of them extremely nervous and excited.

"Sister Li, did something happen?" Tang You You sat in front of the desk and could not help but ask the person beside him.

Ji Fang Fang was using a mirror to fix her makeup, while drawing on her lipstick, she said anxiously: "Ten minutes ago I received a notice, saying that Quarterly is coming to the company to check on him."

"No way!" Tang You You's expression froze, Ji Xiao Han wanted to check? Why did it come so suddenly?

Tang You You was still stunned, she heard a few female colleagues talking excitedly.

"Oh my god, I'm so happy. It hasn't even been a week and I can already see the Quarterly twice. I'm so lucky."

"That's right, luckily I washed my hair in the morning, otherwise, how would I be able to face Quarterly later?"

"Don't be silly, haven't you heard that the Quarterly likes men?"