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In the face of Ji Yueze's request, Bai Yiyan really doesn't know whether to refuse it. Although she doesn't think it's very good, her breath, so familiar with it, knows that she can't refuse him at all. "

yes?" She only murmured a word, and felt the man's hand around her waist. The next second, she was put into his arms again. This time, his thin lips became more gentle.

As soon as Bai Yiyan's tight heart string loosed, her body suddenly became soft and her legs were not straight.

Ji Yueze is gentle. He walks slowly inch by inch until both of them are on the small sofa beside him.

"No, no, no, not here!" Bai Yiyan pulls back a little sense of reason. She will sit on this small sofa in the future.

Ji Yueze chuckled and said, "it's just now. I still think of your little sofa. Bai Yiyan, I'm in your heart. Isn't it so weightless?" "

No, I just feel The color of the sofa is too white. It's not easy to wash if it gets dirty! " Bai Yiyan said with an excuse. Season

Yueze couldn't help turning a white eye. In the next moment, he took a big palm to her knee bend and hugged her all: "OK, go to your little bed!"

Bai Yiyan is scared and quickly reaches out his hand to hook his neck. Her shy face can't be lifted any more. More than an hour has passed without the description of


When the wind stopped and the rain stopped, Ji Yueze squeezed on her small single bed lazily and contentedly. I have to say that he thought his waist should be hurt. This bed is really too narrow. I don't know how she sleeps every day.

Bai Yiyan ran to take a bath and then changed into a new suit. "

Ji Yueze, when will you leave?" Bai Yiyan is tidying up the sundries beside her bed and asks him in a low voice.

"I want to stay a few more days. Are you free tomorrow? Let's play around! " Ji Yueze's heart at the moment has no sense of anxiety. Although he has been stimulated for several days, the gentle moment just now has healed his inner hurt.

Bai Yiyan frowned: "I have class tomorrow, maybe I don't have time!" "

you seem to attach great importance to this job?" Ji Yueze was a little surprised. When she was a star before, she didn't see her so attentive. She was just a little teacher. She was diligent. I don't know where her pursuit is.

"Yes, I'm still on probation. I can't ask for leave. I want to pass the test successfully." Bai Yiyan said in a low voice, with a serious look, not like joking. Ji

Yue Ze immediately gets up from the bed, and the thin quilt slides off his body. The strong figure exposed immediately makes Bai Yiyan's eyes nowhere to be placed. She quickly folds up her clothes more seriously.

Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed tightly into a line, staring at her beautiful and soft side face: "are you so active to be admitted to this school because of that man?" White

Yiyan's hands were stiff and she immediately looked back at him: "what are you talking about? Which man? " "

don't pretend. My man photographed you having lunch with him. You also talked with him with smiles and flowers. The water he gave you was naturally received by you. This series of behaviors can't prove that you have relaxed your vigilance towards this man?" Ji Yueze mocks her with sour tone.

Bai Yiyan was amused by his serious jealousy. She continued her work with a light tone: "your people are everywhere, or your Ji family has a lot of magic. How can you know who I have had dinner with?"

"Then answer me now, what is your relationship with him?" When Ji Yueze saw her anti mocking him, his handsome face sank in an instant, and his tone was quite tough.

"It doesn't matter. It's just a colleague. He also teaches in this school. It should be normal for colleagues to have a meal." Bai Yiyan explained a few words.

"You think it's normal. People don't think so. You look so beautiful. I don't believe that he doesn't have a different idea!" Ji Yueze grunts, the man's mind, he is the most clear.

Bai Yiyan did not contradict him, but said in a low voice: "I will keep a distance from him in the future. Don't worry, I don't want to make trouble for myself, I just want to live a more peaceful life."

Ji Yueze feels that her words are inexplicably painful and trustworthy.

Maybe it's because of the sad look on her face.

"Fool!" Ji Yueze can't believe to scold her: "don't run away, just settle down here. As long as I know whether you are good or not, no matter where you are, I won't catch you back. It's good to live here. The emperor is far away, and my grandma can't control it. You can live in peace." Bai

Yiyan looks at him stupidly. Then she smiles: "I didn't expect you would understand my choice. I thought you would take me back."

"If I was the immature one before, I would really do that. I don't think you should provoke me. But now, I am mature. I have a new view on many things. I feel that sometimes people should properly let go of their hands, don't put pressure on themselves or others." Ji Yueze is inexplicably filled with emotion. After saying this, he is a little surprised. When can he also say such old-fashioned words? Good

terrible, is he really mature?

Bai Yiyan looks at his eyes and becomes quiet and gentle: "Ji Yueze, I think you are good now, making people feel more dependent." "

yes? Do you still love me? " Ji Yueze's thin lips raised a smile, a little proud.

"If I don't love you, you may have broken your hands and feet just now, believe me?" Bai Yiyan picks up her eyebrows and warns him.

Ji Yueze suddenly thought of a time when she upset her. She fell over her shoulder and threw him into a daze. That time, he was really shocked. No, I've never been afraid of death. I know it will be very embarrassing to provoke her, but I can't control my emotions.

"Well, I'm satisfied with this promise. Now, let's go out for dinner. I'm hungry!" Ji Yueze sat up and walked into the bathroom from her side.

This bathroom is also very small. Ji Yueze is standing in it. Some of them have big heads and long hands and feet. Bai Yiyan picks up all his clothes and folds them. When he comes out of the bath, she hands them to him. Ji Yueze looks at her like a virtuous little wife. Her thin lips make a smile, and she is inexplicably satisfied.