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The blue mother listened to her daughter's worried words and couldn't help laughing: "don't worry, I told him that I don't have much money. I'm not the daughter-in-law of the blue family, and the blue family won't give me any more money."

"Do you really tell him that?" LAN Yanxi's heart is relaxed next time. She knows that her mother is not like a person who will be flushed with love. She must also have calculation.

"Of course, Bi Jing, he is six years younger than me, and I don't have much confidence in him, but it's better to have a personal companion than not." Blue mother laments and laughs at herself.

"Mom, it's all my daughter's fault. I've been busy working and falling in love recently, but I've left you behind." LAN Yan hopes to blame himself.

"It's not your fault. When I was with that man, I knew you didn't agree and didn't want to disturb us. You're a good and sensible child. Mom knows that." Blue mother looked at her daughter tenderly and deeply.

"Mom, I asked for leave today. Let's go shopping. We haven't been out together for a long time." LAN Yanxi is ashamed at the moment, just want to mend her mother's lovelorn pain.

"Well, let's go. Mom is just trying to buy you some engagement jewelry or something." Blue mother is very happy.

"Mom, you don't want to buy me any more. Keep all the money for your own use. You are worried about me. Grandpa said that he prepared a big dowry for me."

Blue mother gently smile: "your grandfather is his, but also can count me, I am your mother, although I don't have much money, but somehow let me do my mother's duty."

Lanyanxi knew that her mother was determined to buy things for herself, so she had to nod her head: "well, what do you want to give? I have to choose for myself."

"Save me money again?" Blue mother frowned. Although she had only such a daughter, she was a close little padded jacket. She felt the warmth from the bottom of her heart.

LAN Yanxi laughs but doesn't speak. Of course, she wants to save her mother some use.


Bai Yiyan wakes up after a nap and suddenly sees red. She is scared and calls Ji Yueze. Ji Yueze rushes home from the company anxiously, and sees Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei are also anxious.

"Ji Er Shao, is Xiaoyan going to have a baby? Hurry to the hospital. " Liu Xiaoxing asked pleasantly.

Ji Yueze rushes to the bedroom on the second floor. Bai Yiyan has just changed a suit of clothes. She looks nervous. "It's over. It's over. I'm only eight months old. How can I get red? Ji Yueze I'm afraid! "

"Don't be afraid!" Ji Yueze quickly walked to her side and gently clenched her small hand: "don't be afraid, it's OK. Let's go to the hospital first to see the situation!"

"Well!" Bai Yiyan can't help but reach out to hold her stomach and follow Ji Yueze slowly down the stairs.

As soon as she got down the stairs, Bai Yiyan felt tight in her stomach. Then there was a tight pain.

"Oh, no, it hurts!" Bai Yiyan grabs Ji Yueze's arm and wrinkles her pretty face.

Ji Yueze gets flustered and quickly takes her to the car. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei quickly follow her in without saying anything.

"Xiaoyan, please bear with me. We'll go to the hospital now. The young master is going to be born!" Liu Xiaoxing quickly comforts Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan can only endure this wave of pain at the moment. Since she was pregnant, she has been very calm, but now she is facing childbirth, she is not calm, but she knows that she can't avoid, and she can only face it firmly.

Ji Yueze accelerated his car to the gate of the hospital, and immediately took Bai Yiyan to the hospital. A special doctor came to check her up, smiled and said, "the baby is going to be born, go to the delivery room quickly, it has already been opened for three times."

"Ah...!" Although she has made psychological preparation, Bai Yiyan is still scared and pale.

Ji Yueze looked at his wife's panic expression and couldn't help asking the doctor, "is it really painful to have a baby?"

The doctor nodded: "pain is inevitable, because it is the first birth, women are suffering, but think about the new life, this is something every woman has to experience, relax!"

"I want to go in with her, can I?" Ji Yueze pleads with the doctor that he really doesn't want her to go into the delivery room alone. It's too lonely.

"No, no, no, you don't come in. Ji Yueze, you mustn't come in." Originally, she wanted to go in to accompany her, but Bai Yiyan was adamant. At the last moment when she entered the delivery room, she turned around and waved to him: "you want to come in, I won't talk to you!"

"Xiaoyan......" Ji Yueze's face is covered with expressions, anxious and helpless.

By hearing her last words, he couldn't cry or laugh.

Leng Fei comforts Ji Yueze: "Xiaoyan certainly doesn't want you to see her having children. I heard that men will have shadows. Just listen to her."

"I won't have a shadow." Ji Yueze is quite sure.

"You don't have a shadow. Xiaoyan will be scared. You'd better wait outside. Xiaoyan is very strong. She must be OK." Lengfei couldn't help laughing. She really admired Ji Yueze. She loved a woman so exclusively and spoiled her to the bone.

Ji Yueze can only wait anxiously at the door, want to go in, and dare not go in, tall figure in the door around, finally thought to give grandma and mother to congratulate.

More than an hour later, the old lady and LAN Yue came over full of joy. Seeing Ji Yueze waiting at the door alone, they hurriedly asked, "what's up? Is my little great grandson born? "

"Mom, how do you know it's a grandson?" LAN Yue listened and asked with a smile.

"Grandson, I have a hunch!" Said the old lady with great certainty.

Ji Yueze looked at her grandmother strangely: "who said it must be grandson? I don't like my son. It's so naughty. I can't control it when I reach puberty. I think my daughter is good."

"What are you talking about? Is that right?" The old lady went straight to her grandson with a cane in her hand.

Ji Yueze quickly turned around and dodged, but he said: "grandma, I'm the best example. I left home alone when I was 16, didn't I break up with you and grandpa angry?"

"Still say!" The old lady really wants to beat the grandson.

LAN Yue hurriedly and gently advised: "Mom, don't hit him, whether it's a daughter or a son, it's all the children of our Ji family."

"Yes, grandma, grandchildren are all Ji's, so don't be angry." Ji Yueze also quickly smiled to comfort.

"Hum!" The old lady stared at him angrily.

In the delivery room, Bai Yiyan was lying on the bed. Her brain was clear and she felt the pain from her abdomen. She looked up at the white ceiling. Now, her complicated life passed quickly in her mind. She was about to have a child. It was like a dream.

Bai Yiyan may have been practicing martial arts since she was a child. Her physical fitness is still very good. It only took her more than two hours to open her fingers, and then she produced.

"Come on, little guy's head's coming out!" The doctor guided her tenderly.

"Why does it hurt so much? No, I'm going to die! " Bai Yiyan thinks she can stand the pain, but she really finds out that she wants to die.

"Xiaoyan, use some more power. She'll be out soon!" Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei all followed in, because they wanted to cheer Bai Yiyan up. Fortunately, the doctors here didn't say anything, otherwise, they were afraid to go out and wait.

Bai Yiyan felt that she had exhausted all her strength. Finally, she felt her body suddenly relaxed. Then she heard a loud cry, as if greeting the world.

"It's a beautiful little princess!" The doctor said with a smile.

"Ah..." Everyone on the scene was stunned.

Bai Yiyan closed her eyes and smiled: "it's my daughter. I have a daughter!"

The doctor took the child out of the delivery room and saw a group of people waiting outside.

LAN Yue walked quickly and reached for the baby in the doctor's hand.

"It's a beautiful gold!" The doctor said with a smile.

The old lady's face was unbelievable. She was stunned. Yang Siyu had told her that it was her son's. how could she be a daughter? Is there any detail wrong?

Ji Yueze came straight over and looked at his daughter and said, "Wow, how can it be ugly?"

LAN Yue immediately glared at him: "when you were born, you were uglier than your daughter!"

Ji Yueze then turned to the doctor with a smile and asked, "how is my wife? When can she come out? "