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C1079. That's the truth

Bai Yiyan and Bai Wanqing spent more than an hour chatting in the box of the cafe, talking about the past about Bai Zhenzhen. From Bai Wanqing's mouth, she finally heard something different. In the past, Bai Zhenzhen was so greedy for money, not because she really needed money, but to save her grandfather's life. Grandpa had a very serious disease. Moreover, he would relapse again and again, and the money he put in was just like paper. The two young white sisters were helpless and didn't know what to do in the face of huge medical expenses. Suddenly

one day, Bai Zhen came back with a hundred thousand yuan. She lied to Bai Wanqing that she borrowed it from others. She could pay it back slowly and take it to the rescue first. So, all the hundred thousand yuan was taken to her grandfather for treatment, but it was not enough. Grandpa's condition got worse and the hospital was very urgent. The two sisters could only think of another way.

Bai Wanqing said it while crying. She always said that she was useless. She was timid and scared at that time. She didn't know how to make money at all. Everything was supported by Bai Zhenzhen. She said that she didn't know what Bai Zhenzhen did. She just left early and came back late. Then she would give her money to pay for the medical expenses. More than three hundred thousand people were voted to cure grandpa's disease, but in the end, the disease took grandpa away mercilessly, and the two sisters cried all night.

Later, Bai Zhenzhen said that she would go on a long journey. She found a well paid job in another city, and would send more than 10000 yuan of living expenses to her home every month.

Bai Wanqing didn't know exactly what she was doing, but a year later, she came back with a two-month-old baby girl, saying that she was born with a man who didn't know. She wanted to raise her daughter alone. White

Wan Qing was shocked. He was at a loss when he looked at the baby still in its infancy.

Bai Zhen is really at ease with her children at home. Unfortunately, something happened again. She was reported that she was addicted to drugs and hid them. So a group of people came to the house and took her away. She was locked in.

Bai Wanqing has choked to the point where he can't speak.

Bai Yiyan's whole life is dead again. She didn't expect that the internal affair was like this. She always thought Bai Zhenzhen was a money greedy and snobbish woman. But it turned out that she was greedy for money because she wanted to cure Grandpa.

"Xiaoyan, don't hate her. I've never hated her for so many years." Bai Wanqing said, wiping his tears. Bai

Yiyan also cried for a long time. She raised her hand and wiped her tears: "no, I don't hate her, but do you know who reported her drug use and drug possession?" "

well, I don't know. It's just that the police found drugs in the place where she used to live and arrested her. She always said she was framed, but she has no evidence." Bai Wanqing shook his head. Everything happened in that year was too urgent and too sudden. No one had any psychological preparation. "

OK, I see." Bai Yiyan can't help but hold her fist tightly. Bai Zhenzhen suspects that the cruel man gave her a bully in order to be afraid of her telling Dai Ying's story. He wants to warn her in such a vicious way and forbid talking. Oh

, she always thought that the man was just irresponsible, but unexpectedly, he persecuted his surrogate woman for his own interests and reputation, which was just too hateful. "

Xiaoyan, aren't you in a hurry? Is there time? " Asked Bai Wanqing, who could not help worrying. Bai

Yiyan nodded: "yes, almost, auntie, you go back first, we'll see you next time!"

"OK, I'll be relieved if I know you're OK, and I'll contact you if you have any problems!" Bai Wanqing stood up, finally accepted the gift and turned to leave.

Not long after Bai Wanqing left, Bai Yiyan also came out. Hide from Pei Ying in the card seat. At the moment when she saw Bai Yiyan, her eyes were bright. Although Bai Yiyan is wearing a mask, people who know her can still see that it is her.

"Well, it's true that I came to see this bitch secretly. Hum, it's really God's help!" Pei Ying immediately felt proud and felt like she had caught a big scandal. Bai

Yiyan and lengfei quickly went downstairs and left by car.

Pei Ying looks at the video in the mobile phone, the corner of his mouth raises a proud smile. With this video, she can exchange for the heroine's role, but I don't know how Mrs. Ji will help her fulfill this wish.

Pei Ying called the old lady at the first time. When the old lady received her call, her tone was not very good: "Miss Cheng, is there any progress?" "Yes, old lady, I photographed Bai Yiwan in a coffee shop this afternoon. She is still in China."

"Really? Show me! " The old lady got angry in a flash.

"Old lady, what you promised me should be counted? This video is hard for me to capture. " Cheng Ying is also a treacherous man. He will never give up the spoils until he gets the benefits.

"Don't worry, I've already figured out a way. Otherwise, where are you now? I went to you, and then you pretended to help me, and I asked my grandson to give you a reward. " Mrs. Ji is also a shrewd person. She has a way out of her mind.

"Is that ok?" Cheng Ying is not sure.

"Of course, if you save my life, how can my grandson thank you so much!" The old lady is very confident. "

well, I trust you very much, old lady." Cheng Ying quickly laughs and brushes. When the old lady arrived at the place appointed by Cheng Ying, she was walking alone. When she saw Cheng Ying, Cheng Ying immediately went up to her and held her: "I'm sorry to have you here on such a hot day, old lady."

"All right, no nonsense, let me see your picture!" The only thing that the old lady has to put an end to now is the relationship between her grandson and Bai Yiyan. She can't bear the relationship between them to continue to develop. Even if she wants to be a bad person, she will do whatever she wants. Who can make Bai Zhen so hateful and kill his son? She can't bear the evil.

Cheng Ying shows the video to the old lady. She looks very sad.

"Old lady, are you ok Don't scare me. You look so pale. " Cheng Ying found that the old lady had some difficulty in breathing. She tightly covered her chest with her hand, and her face changed greatly in fear. She was very angry for her. "

old lady, hold on a little bit, but don't worry, otherwise, I'll finish!" Cheng Ying said, waving to stop the taxi, and really sent the old lady to the hospital. The old lady was lying in the emergency room. Her eyes were listless and she said angrily, "even my old lady cheated. Bai Yiyan, you are so hateful."