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C1785 asking for help

With the arrival of Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi, the atmosphere in the ward became more and more warm. Ji Xiaohan left the company and lived in the ward wholeheartedly to look after his wife and children, which was also his duty as a husband and father.

Ling Mo Feng enters the room, takes off his coat and puts it on one side. After a circle of greeting, LAN Yanxi walks towards Tang youyou on the inner hospital bed.

"It's very thoughtful to come back so late." Looking at his friend's tired face, Ji Xiaohan must be busy at work, which also represents his concern.

"You are so happy with the twins. As your friend, of course, I will come here to say" happy. " Lingmo Feng said, and went to the crib beside him. The two new born children were sleeping with their eyes closed and their hands on their heads. They were really cute.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly shocked. He looked at the little man who had just been born and imagined that if his child was born, it would surely grow like this.

Season owl cold also came, accompany him to see together, looking at, thin lip involuntarily went up.

You know, he has been waiting for these two children for a long time, looking forward to it, looking forward to it, taking care of his wife carefully all the way, which brings about today's happy situation.

Outside the door, two big men are looking at the baby. On the edge of the bed, LAN Yanxi is nine months pregnant and sits carefully beside Tang youyou.

Tang youyou has just eaten something and recovered some color, but production is a very huge physical work. At the moment, Tang youyou still looks a little weak.

"I really want to wash my head. I sweat too much." Tang youYou can't help complaining.

LAN Yanxi listened and chuckled: "no matter what the image is when someone gives birth to a child, you are still beautiful if you give birth to a child this year, which is already very good."

"Is it beautiful? How do I feel like I'm all sticky and I really want to take a bath. " Tang youYou can't cry or laugh. Maybe she has higher requirements for appearance. She didn't pay attention to the appearance of Xiaorui and her two brothers and sisters. Now she gets along with her beloved man every day. Her beauty loving nature is also inspired. She wants to keep that beautiful image in jixiaohan's heart and eyes.

"When the doctor advises you to take a bath, you can listen to the doctor's words. Anyway, it's all husband and wife. Don't worry about the image. I really envy you. It's already delivered. Look at me..." LAN Yanxi said, straightened his stomach, and felt that the little guy in his stomach kicked her two feet.

Tang youyou looks at lanyanxi with a smile. Although she is pregnant, she still has a pure appearance. Maybe it's related to her finding a husband who dotes on her. A good married woman will be spoiled as a princess by her husband. Lanyanxi's eyes are clear and her demeanor is pure. It can be seen that Ling Mo Feng must have given her enough love.

"Your due date is coming. Soon, you can meet your baby." Tang youyou comforts her gently.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it and I'm afraid. I'm in a complicated mood." LAN Yanxi frowned bitterly and said what he was thinking.

"Don't be afraid. When you are going to be a mother, you will find that you are stronger than you think." Tang youyou said with a smile.

"Maybe, I'm strong in heart, though I'm coquettish." Lanyanxi is ready for her mind. Anyway, she is pregnant and will unload sooner or later.

Ji Xiaohan and Ling Mo Feng have a chat for a while. LAN Yanxi also asks Tang youyou for some scriptures. It's almost ten o'clock in a flash. They also decide to leave first and don't disturb Ji's family.

After seeing off Lingmo Feng's husband and wife, Ji Xiaohan comes to find Tang youyou to nurse her baby.

Tang youyou looks down at the child in his arms. His gentle face is full of maternal love.

Ji Xiaohan looked at her with a smile, reached out and straightened her long hair: "I told the doctor that we would go home in the morning tomorrow."

"Well." Tang youyou doesn't have a problem. Just listen to his arrangement.

"There will be four children in our family in the future. It will be very busy. I have to work harder and earn more milk powder money." Season owl cold funny smile.

"Of course." Don youyou is not in love with him.

"In the past, I always hoped that time would pass faster and children would grow up quickly, but now I hope that time would be slower. While we are still young, we should also enjoy our own life." Season owl cold low voice regrets a way.

"We are still young. You can enjoy life as much as you want." Tang youYou can't help laughing. It seems that the words of the sensible man have realized life, but what he said is also reasonable.

"When the baby is weaned, let's plan to go out and play for a while, just the two of us, to make up all the time we can't enjoy." In fact, Ji Xiaohan always has this idea. Although he loves his children very much, he wants to experience the romance of being alone with Tang Youyou, just like his lover's first meeting, and experience the feeling of passion.

"Well, I agree." Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are shining. Why hasn't she looked forward to it.

At the door of Mu Weicheng's house, there are seven or eight relatives from Mu's side. They came here today to discuss the bail plan for the young man who was caught.

Mu Weicheng is now the most potential candidate for the younger generation of their Mu family. As their elders, Mu Weicheng will not refuse to help them.

In the early morning, Mu Weicheng opened the door and saw so many uncles and uncles. His eyes were slightly coagulated and he asked curiously, "you uncles and uncles, what can I do for you in the early morning?"

"The important thing, let's go in and say." One of them, a very dignified old man, quickly pushed the door open, with a group of people not invited to enter. Mu's expression changed for a while, and his brow tightened.

"What's the most important thing to ask your uncles to come to me in the morning?" Mu Weicheng already has a clear idea. He must be looking for him to discuss the Countermeasures for his family's political status.

"Wei Cheng, did you know that Xiao Bai was arrested?" Someone asked him at once.

"What did little Bai do? He was arrested?" Mu Weicheng was shocked. He had a great influence on his cousin. He was a young genius, plus an extreme personality. Among the young generation of Mu family, he was particularly striking. However, he did not know what happened to his genius.

"It's just a misunderstanding. You know Xiaobai's character. He's a very extreme person. Last time, because of your uncle's business, he had a problem in his mind. Lingmo Feng was not suitable to lead the country. So he did something to provoke him. Unexpectedly, Lingmo Feng caught him. Until now, we won't see him People, we don't know the seriousness of the matter, so we want you to ask for help. " The old man at the head looked a little anxious, because the little cypress who was caught was his grandson.