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C861 ordering wedding banquet

Early in the morning, the sun is shining. After the continuous snow in this month, it's hard to welcome a sunny day. This

one day, the hot topic of the whole city is the great joy of Ji's family. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou's love road finally have a successful result. They are going to be engaged, which makes the whole city boiling up, and everyone is talking about it. They are looking forward to a picture of the engagement banquet, which can show them how luxurious the grand banquet is.

In fact, Ji Xiaohan prepared for this engagement banquet in a hurry. In his opinion, everything is not perfect, but he is doing his best to do everything. Ji

the old man is very happy and gratified. In his lifetime, he can see his grandson getting married, and he will not leave any regrets.

When Tang youyou ordered the wedding banquet, LAN Yue was present, but Xia Weiwen was shocked and missed for various reasons.

In fact, Tang youyou called to invite him, but he refused, because he didn't want to disturb her and Ji Xiaohan's good time because of his presence, and he was afraid to destroy all this.

Although he would like to see the most important moment in his daughter's life, he can't come. Before, his relationship with Tang youyou as his own father and daughter had never been made public, and he also hoped that it would never be made public, so that he would not disturb his daughter, and he would never make this relationship public in his life. He only knew that his daughter loved him and he loved her.

Dad's absence from his engagement banquet is a very shocking thing. Tang youYou can only accept it by his own life. After all, the relationship involved is too big and understandable.

Although Xia Weiwen didn't come to the scene, he prepared a gift for Tang Youyou, which is 40% of his company's equity and half of his personal property. Whether it's as a dowry or as a gift he gave to his daughter, Xia Weiwen has made up his mind.

Of course, Tang Youyou, who is Ji Xiaohan's fiancee today, didn't know that her father would send her such a heavy gift. She only received some jewelry and some famous bags from her father. She was deeply moved. LAN

Yue stayed at home for a long time before she came to the banquet. In fact, she didn't fall asleep all night last night. Yes, she lost sleep.

She should be very happy at her son's engagement banquet, but at the same time, she is also a little sad.

Her feelings with Xia Weiwen for more than ten years are separated overnight. It's impossible to say that they can't be shaken without suffering. When she married Xia Weiwen before, they imagined what life would be like when they were old and could not walk in the future. They also imagined who would leave first one day and how the other would spend the quiet and long years. They were ready to go to the old together, but the fact played a joke on them, and they didn't have the chance to go to the old together.

This is really a very sad and helpless thing.

However, although LAN Yue cried, she dressed herself up carefully before the party. Her gentle and beautiful face was loved by the years. Some women of her age were dressed in fashion. Moreover, many of them were unwilling to grow old, and they had done micro shaping. Their skin became a little stiff. Although LAN Yue's eyebrows and eyes were a little wrinkled with laughter, she was very smart It gives people a very natural and harmonious beauty. LAN

Yue plays a very small role in Ji's family. Almost everyone doesn't know that she is Ji Xiaohan's mother. They all think that she is a guest. The old lady is very active. She is full of energy to meet the guests. Her frosty white hair shows her energetic smile. Everyone looks at her. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan has such a grandmother with such a good mental condition. LAN

Yue sits quietly at the table. Suddenly, a voice comes and calls for her sister-in-law. LAN

Yue looks up and sees Ji Lin and Ji Shangqing sitting next to her.

LAN Yue's impression of Ji Lin is very general. She is also slightly shocked when he calls her this. Look at Ji Lin again and find out that his hair is gray. Although he is still in his prime, he still has a sense of discord. What's more, five years ago, Ji Lin persecuted her son by shameless means. LAN Yue naturally resented him. She politely nodded to Ji Lin and didn't want to talk to him.

Ji Lin continued to smile and asked her, "why didn't Mr. Xia come? Have you always been inseparable? "

LAN Yue saw that he deliberately asked, and immediately frowned, and could not hide the cold color on his face: "I'm not with him anymore." "

Oh? Is it? Why? As far as I know, you love each other very much. " Ji knew that the other side didn't like the topic, but he pretended to be curious.

LAN Yue gets up and leaves. "Father, why don't you find yourself unhappy? No one wants to talk to you!" he said Ji gave a shriek: "don't want to talk to me, don't I say it?" Ji Qingqing chuckled a little, then he lowered his voice and asked, "Dad, who are you going to let go?" Ji said: "wait and see, someone will burst this out." "

is it not public?" Ji Shangqing asked curiously. "

if it is made public in public, your grandfather will die of anger directly." Ji Lin looks in the direction of the old man.

Ji Shangqing agreed and nodded: "Grandpa's condition seems to be really serious, Dad, do you care about him?" "

I just don't want him to fall so fast!" Ji Lin's face flashed with complexity. Ji Qingqing sneered: "I thought your hatred for him had gone away." "

he gave me life, but at the same time, he also made me bear endless blows and torments. I don't know whether to hate him or to respect him." Ji Lin is cold.

At this time, there was a lot of compliments coming from outside the gate. Ji Shangqing looked over there and saw that Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou came in. They received the blessings from all the people. Today is a wedding banquet, so it's not a formal wedding. Tang youyou didn't wear a white wedding dress. She only wore a red dress. This dress is unique in origin. It is decorated with more than 1000 diamonds. The dress is full of flowers and is extremely festive. Season

Xiao Han is in a black suit. He is tall and straight. He is very beautiful. Two people come out together. Everyone's eyes are attracted instantly. Women are envious of Tang Youyou, while men are dimmed by the cold light of season Xiao.

Ji Shangqing looks at this scene, his eyes are stiff and his face is dark and unsightly.