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C1689 flying to you

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi left Ling's house after supper. On the way back, Ling Mo Feng reached out to hold her small hand and repeatedly dawdled: "what did the warmth call you upstairs to say?"

LAN Yanxi looks stunned. She knows that Ling Mo Feng really cares about his sister, so he wants to know that if he can help his sister, he will never turn back.

"Nothing, just some girl's private talk." LAN Yanxi is also in a dilemma. In fact, she really wants to tell Ling Mo Feng the truth, but warm asks her not to say. She doesn't know what to do at the moment, so she can only hide it for the time being.

"Didn't you persuade her? I don't think it's safe for her to go to such a remote place alone. " Ling Mo Feng just advised several times at the dinner table, but Ling wennuan was very determined. He had to go, and he could only go by her.

Of course, lanyanxi is also worried about Ling wennuan's safety. However, there are some things that she is determined to do, and no one can listen to her advice. Lanyanxi is very aware of Ling wennuan's desire to get close to Mu Weicheng, because she once had such a keen attachment to Ling Mo Feng.

"I advised her, but she still wanted to experience a different life." LAN Yanxi replied in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng frowned and suddenly thought of something. He took out his mobile phone.

"I asked my grandfather just now. I know that the warm place is not far from Mu Weicheng. I can't trust her to be alone in such a remote place. I have to call him." Ling Mo Feng looks at the phone book while talking.

LAN Yanxi stayed beside him. For a moment, he was in a mood of crying and laughing.

Is this a kind of destiny? Ling warm in order to admire the past of the premier, Ling Mo Feng also asked the premier to take good care of her, as if all things are promoting the progress of their relationship, and finally, warm is sure to get the happiness they want.

Just when LAN Yanxi was stunned, Ling Mo Feng had already made a phone call to Mu Weicheng.

Only to hear his face sincere opening: "Wei Cheng, have you had dinner?"

LAN Yanxi turned her face to the other side, and the corner of her mouth had been raised secretly. She had to work hard to hold back her smile.

"Well, I'd like to ask you a favor. I don't know if it's convenient for you." Ling Mo Feng's voice continued to ring.

"My sister doesn't know what's wrong with her. She suddenly wants to teach in the mountain area. The school she's going to is not far away from you. It's in the same area. If you have time, can you take care of her for me?"

LAN Yanxi can't help but reach out and cover her lips. God, she really wants to laugh.

"Yes, she insists on going. I can't take her. You are the only one I can find. Please make sure she is safe for me. Then thank you. Next time you come back, you must thank her face to face. Don't be too careful about her. Since she wants to experience life, let her go when there is no danger. Well, if she is really idle and bored, you can let her Go to the base to do chores. Don't let her idle, or she will run for nothing. " Lingmo Feng said later, obviously he was a little harsh to this sister.

"Well, thank you!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice, then hung up the phone, with a clear expression.

LAN Yanxi really wanted to laugh, so this time, she really chuckled.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed slightly and turned to look at her: "what's funny?"

"No, I just think you are a hard spoken and soft hearted person. I said at the dinner table that no matter how warm or safe it is, I will call your friend to take care of her now. Is that contradictory?" LAN Yanxi finally found a reason to laugh.

"Who said I was soft hearted? Didn't I ask Mu Weicheng to help her experience life well? This girl, don't let her suffer, she doesn't have a long memory. " Ling Mo Feng angrily grinds the molar root.

LAN Yanxi is still very funny, but with Ling Mo Feng's words, LAN Yanxi is more at ease.

Ling wennuan didn't run in vain this time. Mu Weicheng will take good care of her. I believe she will have a good time there.

Ling Mo Feng reached over and held her delicate body in her arms.

LAN Yanxi's heart trembled, and there was an unspeakable feeling. Her small hand couldn't help holding his big hand. As soon as she touched his finger, his big hand took the initiative to hold her hand.

LAN Yanxi is in a better mood. This man is so considerate and warm-hearted. Whenever she has a need, he will try his best to meet her.

The next morning, the sun, people can not help but feel better.

LAN Yanxi takes advantage of Ling Mo Feng to leave the door and secretly calls Ling Nuan.

"Sister in law, what's the matter?" Ling wennuan is ready to go out. She is packing up. She is in a good mood when she gets a call from her sister-in-law.

"Tell you something interesting." LAN Yanxi laughed.

"What's interesting? Is my brother embarrassed again? " Ling warm feel, let sister-in-law feel interesting, must be big brother's thing.

"No, on the way home last night, your eldest brother was worried about your safety. He called your man and asked him to take good care of you." LAN Yanxi laughs. It's really fun.

"Ah?" Ling wennuan's pretty face is hot: "how can my brother call him? I also want to tell him when I get there and surprise him

"Now it seems that this is no surprise. Didn't Mu Weicheng call you?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"No, wait a minute, sister-in-law. I've got a phone call. I won't talk to you first." Ling warm just said no, saw Mu Wei Cheng's phone call came in, her heart a warm.

After hanging up her sister-in-law's phone, Ling wennuan answers Mu Weicheng's call.

"Lingnuan, what's the matter with you? Who asked you to come here? " Mu Weicheng is not happy. On the contrary, he blames her for not making such a rash decision.

"Why do you hate me? Where can you go? Why can't I go?" Ling wennuan was not a person who had been taught a lesson. She immediately refuted it.

"Do you know where it is? It's more than 100 kilometers from the nearest town. There's nothing here... "

"Who said you were there?" Ling wennuan immediately interrupted him and said an answer that made Mu Weicheng's heart beat faster.

Mu Weicheng suddenly seems to be blocked by something. He is silent there for a long time.

"Mu Weicheng, are you really angry?" Ling warm a small heart up and down, in fact, although her mouth does not forgive, but she still care about the feelings of Mu Wei Cheng, if he really does not like her past, then she still need to go?

"Warm, you shouldn't have come. Life here is really hard." After all, Mu Weicheng was reluctant to kill her again, and his voice softened, just trying to persuade her again.

"What is hardship? It's not enough to eat or to wear warm clothes. In my opinion, if you are not around, I will cry bitterness. If I'm with you, even if it's really bitter, I will pay for the sweet taste. I'm looking forward to the prime minister. Can you understand the bitterness of lovesickness? You feel that compared with this kind of suffering, there is nothing in the world worth mentioning. " Ling warm voice is also a lot of light, said, let people listen to pathetic.

Mu Weicheng's heart once again leaks, and his breath is inexplicably short.

"If you really decide to come here, come here. I promise you brother, I will take good care of you." In the end, Mu Weicheng didn't persuade her again. Her words were directly promoted to his heart. Indeed, the pain of lovesickness is the real pain. How can he compensate for the bitter taste when she misses him?

Since the two love each other, why torture each other? The distance of the world can be reached as long as there is a heart, but the distance of the heart is not the existence of love, so it can't be relied on.

"So you welcome me to come?" Ling warm instant feel heart will fly up, there is nothing more happy than to hear this sentence.

"Well, if you really want to come, come on, I'll pick you up." Mu Wei Cheng chuckled twice. Ling Nuan nodded happily at once: "OK, when I arrive, I'll call you. Don't wait too long."