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Nangong Yao and Muyun come back home, turn on the lights, the room is bright, just a good atmosphere, now it becomes more delicate.

The progress of murunjue and nangongyao is too fast. They are almost catching up with the roller coaster. Is that right?

Will she show that she is not dignified enough, not enough Jin hold?

"Sit down, I'll make a pot of tea."

Mu Yun shifts the subject and goes to the kitchen to boil the water.


Nangong Yao answered with a light voice and sat on the sofa. His eyes chased after the woman's back, and he felt a little uneasy. He also felt that this kind of development was a little fast, and he could not control it quickly.

Muyun has always been a woman he secretly loves. No, it's not appropriate to describe it in terms of secret love. He should be deeply infatuated with her. For him, she is like a holy white jade. If he watches it from afar, it will be very pleasant to see. I can't imagine what it would be like to play her in the palm of my hand.

Two people, separated by the wall, are full of thoughts.

Muyun put the tea and burned a pot of water beside it, but she was not comfortable. She leaned against the wall, propped up the table with her hands, looked up at the lamp and looked down at her feet. She always felt that today's life was a bit chaotic, as if her mind had been offline.

If she can calm down, she can't easily deliver herself tonight.

Nangong Yao waited for a long time and saw that she was still in the kitchen. He was worried. He walked quickly and saw Muyun standing there with his hands around his arms.

"What's the matter?"

Nangong Yao couldn't help but concern.


Mu Yun turned around and forced a smile.

Nangong Yao saw her mind, and he went over with a smile: "if you can't accept the rapid progress, let's keep those things for the next time. Anyway, they can be used before they expire."

Mu Yun is stupefied for a moment, then laughs out a voice: "if the validity of three years?"

"I've been waiting for five years. Are you afraid of another three years?

You look down on me. "

Nangong Yao's eyes suddenly turned dark and looked at her smiling mouth. At this moment, his breathing became faster.

Moyun raised his eyes and looked at him in astonishment. Did he really wait for her for five years?

"Nangong Yao, you can't lie to me after I'm moved to you."

Muyun reached out his hand and stroked his handsome face. Her voice was very touching with a trace of sadness.

"I won't lie to you."

Nangong Yao promises.

Murunmeng turned around, turned his back to him, and put the boiling water into the teapot. Suddenly, the room was full of the fragrance of tea.

"My brother said that a man can only believe half of his words."

Moyun laughed at himself.

"Your brother is right. I can't believe a man's words. I will tell Siqing the same."

Nangong Yao nodded in agreement.

"Then I don't want you to make any oath or promise. Those are too false. If you really like me, your words and deeds can be expressed, and I'm not stupid. If you don't love me, I will feel it."

Moyun turns around and chuckles.

Nangong Yao looked back and forth in her clear eyes, then nodded: "of course, I can't cheat you. You are not a simple girl of 15 or 6 years old. I am in love with a mature and wise woman. I like your state. I hope you can feel my feelings soberly all the time. If I change my heart one day, you will leave me, which is the biggest thing for me Punishment. "

"What if I changed my mind?"

Moyun raises eyebrows, unwilling to show weakness.

"That must be my fault. I'm not good enough to let you go."

Nangong Yao laughs at himself.

Moyun sighed and shook his head: "I don't know what love is. My brother likes warmth so much. I think I can't love someone as wholeheartedly as my brother

"You haven't tried, how do you know you can't?"

Nangong YAOGOU lips and smile.

Mu Yun raised her eyes and looked at him. He found that the men's eyes seemed to be burning with two groups of fire, which was igniting her inner fanaticism.

Mu Yun's breathing became rapid, and the light at the bottom of Nangong's eyes became more and more dark. The next second, as if the current had touched the head with lightning, I don't know who took the initiative. The two people had already embraced and kissed each other.

The thicker the night, the cooler the spring makes the night better to sleep.

Morning! Mu Yun wakes up from a crazy dream. She sits up violently, and the thin quilt slips off her body. She takes a cold breath.


The man awoke in a flash, his long, powerful arm stretched out, and even his address for her had changed.

Only then did Mu Yun think of what happened last night, and the pictures clearly penetrated her mind.

For the first time, that's how she explained it.

"What time is it?

Don't you want to sleep more? "

The voice of the man's laziness came, holding her and dragging her into his arms again.

"I seem to have class today."

Mu Yun thought of this after knowing it.

"I'll take you to school."

Nangong Yao's voice is full of satisfaction.

"Well, I got up first."

Mu Yun was afraid, because, as soon as she was lying down, she felt the danger and came. Thinking of what happened last night, she was scared, so she quickly escaped from the bed.

Behind her, there was a man's low laugh. Nangong Yao seemed to see through her mind.

Mu Yun is extremely annoyed. In fact, she wants to show the calm and calm of a mature woman. In fact, her mind is really mature, but she is really a blank piece of paper for men and women.

But for the man's step-by-step guidance last night, she didn't know what it was like.

Nangong Yao sat up and suddenly saw the red stab on the sky blue sheet. He was stunned.

In fact, he has been influenced by western thoughts since he was a child. Even if Moyun is not the first time to talk with him, his feelings for her will not be reduced at all.

But at the moment, his heart rate is still as fast as getting treasure.

Mu Yun took a bath, changed his professional clothes, and came out in the bathroom. Nangong Yao had already got up. He was wearing yesterday's suit. The whole man looked very dignified and energetic.

Mu Yun is a little shy and avoids his warm eyes: "I'm going to make breakfast."

"Let's go out and eat. It's early anyway."

Nangong Yao's tall body stopped her way: "Xiaoyun, do you want to consider moving to my place?"


I'm not the kind of woman who depends on you when I have a relationship with you. "

Moyun frowned.

"I have a servant aunt to help me with everything. I just hope you can relax. I haven't done these housework since I was a child, and I can't share it for you."

Nangong Yao shrugs his shoulders. He just loves her.

"I'll think about it."

Moyun nodded.

"When Siqing's achievements are confused, I teach her that she doesn't pay attention to listening at all. I want you to help me coach her."

Nangong Yao spoke in a low voice with only one purpose. He turned her home.

Mu Yun then remembered that she had promised Siqing to help her, so she nodded, "OK, you come to pick me up this afternoon."


The smile at the bottom of Nangong's eyes became thick.