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C1545 costs to pay

Blue microfiber is shopping in a large shopping mall, followed by two servants, and a slightly obese man. The man is over 17 meters tall, but his body size is more than half normal. He weighs at least 180 kilograms, and his short hair is slightly greasy. However, he is full of famous brands. At first glance, he is a young man with two hands in his trouser pockets Casual clothes, with a pair of long and thin eyes, turned several circles on the graceful and tall woman in front of them.

"I'll go in and pick." Blue fiber saw an international famous brand store, immediately reached out and pointed out, with a slightly proud expression.

"You can buy anything you like. Don't be polite to me. We'll be a family soon. Yours is mine. Go." The man is very broad a wave of hands, do not know is excited or crazy some of the hard work, red face, on the blue fiber is generous.

Seeing his unique face, blue microfiber immediately turned his head away, and even looked at it a little bit more, and quickly comforted himself with Ling Mo Feng's beautiful facial features.

It's OK. She married each other's money, not a person. When she got married, she would tell him directly that the two played each other and didn't interfere with each other. Anyway, there are many forms of marriage, and the marriage of the rich can be more varied. Blue cilia is confident that she won't suffer any grievances in this marriage.

"Changsheng, you are very kind to me." Blue fiber in the heart after some nausea, and then turned around, symbolically pull the arm of a man.

Li Changsheng laughed, and his fingers quickly touched the back of the blue slender hand. He said with a gentle smile: "slender, of course, I will treat you well. I dream of treating you well. Unexpectedly, you are really going to marry me, and I have achieved my wish. I will treat you better in the future."

Some people feel that they are obedient, or very good, even if the other party is the person they don't like, the blue slim vanity has been greatly satisfied, she walked into the famous store without trace from the man's side.

"Hurry up and help the microfiber to pick up something." Li Changsheng immediately told the two servants behind him.

Blue fiber shopping also belongs to people who don't look at the price. As long as she looks at it and feels good, she will buy it no matter whether it's high or low. This strong possessive desire has been cultivated since she was very young and has become a habit of her.

"Changsheng, does this necklace look good? Limited edition. " Blue fiber wears a necklace for Li Changsheng.

Li Changsheng immediately held out his thumb to her and praised him: "you are so beautiful. We have bought this necklace. Look at other things and buy all you like. The only purpose today is to make you happy."

Blue fiber is quite satisfied with Li Changsheng's heroism. To prove that a man loves you or not depends on his consumption ability. Today, it is verified that Li Changsheng belongs to the type of people with more money. Moreover, from the situation along the way, his eyes almost stick to his own body, which makes blue fiber more confident.

"Thank you, Changsheng." Blue slender mouth said thanks, a pair of eyes lit up again, she found a more beautiful thing.

Li Changsheng has a lot of money. Buying these luxury goods is just a small idea for him. As long as he can hold the heart of blue fiber and let him get her as soon as possible, spending more money is nothing.

Blue fiber is slender, beautiful and charming. For Li Changsheng, it's still attractive. Moreover, she has charming temperament between her eyes and eyebrows. For men, it's even fatal. I hate to have her right away.

Blue fibril is not stupid. Of course, she can see that Li Changsheng is particularly interested in herself. She sneers in her heart. For this fat pig, she also wants to get her and doesn't look in the mirror to see how she can kill him.

One is greedy, the other is prudent, only afraid of this marriage, which is doomed to be a tragic ending.

Just when blue fiber bought a lot of loot, she received a call.

Seeing the name of the call, she said to Li Changsheng, "wait for me, I'll take a call."

"Whose? Men's? " Li Changsheng immediately became suspicious.

Hearing this, blue microfibril was not happy for a moment and sneered: "you begin to doubt me now? There's no sense of trust at all. I still like you. What you say is not all lies. Please make me happy. "

Li Changsheng didn't expect blue cilia to be so hot tempered. Seeing her angry and black face, he immediately accompanied her with a smile: "cilia, don't be angry. I just care about you, so I want to know more about you. Of course, I believe you."

"Annoying!" Blue fibril gave him a white eye, turned around and walked to the flower bed in front of him. He took out his mobile phone and said, "sister Mei, why are you haunted like a ghost? I said, our deal is over."

"I didn't see you at the engagement banquet of LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng today. Are you afraid to come?" Sister Mei's voice came from the Yin side. It was really creepy.

When she spoke, she got the pain point of blue fiber, and her face became more ugly. She said angrily, "it's not that I don't want to go, my grandfather won't let me go. Besides, why should I go to be stimulated? Since I'm desperate, I can only die this heart."

"Blue fiber, did you hide anything from me?" Mei's voice is colder and even a little angry.

"What am I hiding from you? Is it necessary for me to hide from you?" Blue fiber is more impatient.

"Did you know the relationship between Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi long ago, so you gave up, but you didn't tell me in time." Mei's tone became sharp.

LAN Xianxian was stunned, then she sneered: "sister Mei, who are you? Why should I report everything to you? Have you done me any good? You promised to help me, but you didn't succeed. I don't owe you. Yes, I knew that Ling Mo Feng had blue Yan Xi in his heart, and I died. "

"Blue fiber, you may not know me well, but I will let you know me well once." Sister Mei didn't expect that Lan Xianxian's temper was bigger and fiercer than her. Suddenly, she felt that she was trying to make sense to her. She snorted coldly and hung up the phone.

Blue fiber angry scold: "neuropathy ah, also dare to come to me trouble."

LAN Xianxian looks back at Li Changsheng, who is standing beside the car and waiting for him. Suddenly, she feels extremely sad. Today is a good day for Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi to get engaged. She is actually very sad, so she calls Li Changsheng out and goes shopping with her. She buys and buys crazily. This forgets what day it is, but this damned Mei sister She even called specially to stimulate her.

It's like a bloody scar torn by an invisible hand.

Blue fibril suddenly didn't want to have dinner with Li Changsheng. She couldn't accept that the man she loved was so excellent, but what she wanted to marry in the future was such an ordinary looking, unattractive man.

"Slim, let's go. I've booked the restaurant." Li Changsheng saw her standing still, and came to remind her.

"I don't want to eat any more. Go back. I want to be crazy." Blue fiber is weak and sad. She doesn't want to see Li Changsheng more.

"Slim, what's the matter with you? We said that..."

"I don't want to eat. Don't you hear me? You go, and let me be alone. " Blue fibril turned around and roared at him. Then she turned and ran quickly.

Li Changsheng was yelled by her inexplicably. For a while, he didn't know what he had done wrong and what had offended her.

"Inexplicable!" Finally, he had to turn around angrily and drive away.

Blue fiber ran a long distance, can not run, she squatted in a corner of pain, tears crazy.

"Lan Yanxi, don't delusion that I will bless you. I will curse you for not being happy all your life." Blue fiber hate to bite the root of the teeth, in the heart again and again painting villain.

After crying for a long time, blue cilia felt unhappy and depressed. She decided to go to a bar and have a good drink to commemorate her lovelorn mood today.

LAN Xianxian stopped a taxi and went to a bar, which was driven by a good friend of her. She used to go there to spend time. She was very relieved there.

Blue fibril went in, didn't ask for a box, just sat at the bar, asked for a cocktail, and watched the young men and women release their enthusiasm crazily. Suddenly she felt like she was old. Before, she would run to the pool to jump, but now, she felt that she was old-fashioned, and no longer had the vitality and natural of the young people.

Just as she was drinking from glass to glass, Mei stood in her temporary office with a cold face, watching the man beside her operate a computer: "haven't you found her position yet?"

The man burst into cold sweat anxiously, and finally knocked down the last keyboard: "found it, in this bar called night."

Sister Mei smiled proudly: "she even ran to the bar. It's very good. It's really good."

Mei Jie has installed location tracking in the blue fiber handbag. She put it in while the blue fiber was not paying attention when the two were eating. Now, it's just in use.

"Sister Mei, do you have any plans next?" Next to her two bodyguards asked curiously.

"Mr. President said that people who know our insides can't let go. This blue fiber knows a lot about us, so I need your two help. Now I'm going to find some scoundrels." Mei's hands behind her, a serious expression, is not like revenge, but like dealing with official business.

The two men looked at each other, nodded their heads at last, and went out to work separately.

Sister Mei looks at the bright spot on the computer, and her heart is filled with hatred. Blue fiber, you will pay for your arrogance.

At the moment, blue fibril has drunk her fourth cocktail. She has been drinking a lot. Even after drinking so many strong cocktails, she is not drunk. She is in a sad mood and continues to knock on the table and shout, "give me another one and I will have another."

"Miss LAN, you've had too much to drink today. Would you like to have a rest in the box?" The bartender advised her kindly.

"Afraid I won't pay? Give me wine. " Blue fiber immediately took out the big lady's momentum and shouted.