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C1517 conditions of Luojin imperial court

Yang ChuChu's driver was startled. He stepped on the brake quickly. On the car coming out from behind, he quickly stepped down two bodyguards, walked to the car seriously, and moved Lin Enron, who was blocking the road, away from the car.

"Be clear, be clear, I am wrong, you forgive me, you let me be a bull and a Malay in my life to repay you, I am willing to do anything for you as long as you forgive me." Lin Enron's voice was loud. She also wanted to attract people nearby to watch her. She hoped that Yang ChuChu would forgive her on the spot because of her reputation.

Yang ChuChu closed her eyes tightly and didn't want to see her, but it was not good for her to let her cry like this.

"Take her in the car." Yang ChuChu finally made a decision.

Lin Enron was under the close supervision of two bodyguards in an instant, and was to be dragged into the car.

"I don't get on, I don't get on. You just need to come down and say something. I'm really sincere to apologize." Lin Enron's face turned white with fright and shouted loudly.

Yang ChuChu didn't make a sound. Two bodyguards put her in the business car.

Lin Enron looked at Yang ChuChu's expression with a pair of smart eyes, and saw her face was cold, leaving her face, unwilling to see her.

"Well, I'm sorry..." Lin Enron was honest now. His voice was full of remorse and remorse. His tears were falling all the time.

"Do you know what it takes to make a cow and a horse?" Yang ChuChu said, with a cold face? It's a grateful and honest heart, not worthy of your insidious and poisonous people. "

Lin Enron didn't expect Yang ChuChu's sharp mouth to turn out to be so sharp that she had nothing to say.

"You see I'm a fool. I'm a fool. Lin Enron. What's your purpose? Who made you do this to me? Is it the Liu family? " Yang ChuChu stares at her coldly, and directly talks about the key point that Lin Enron is most afraid of.

"What Liu family? It's so clear. What are you talking about? I can't understand. I admit, I'm harmful to your heart, but it's all because I envy you, I I like Luo Jinyu. I think if you are dirty by other men, he will get rid of you. Then I have a chance. " In order to give Liu Lan a confession, Lin Enron made up a lie and regarded this year's event as a grudge between rival lovers.

"Do you still want to be a fool? Lin Enron, you said you like Luo Jinyu, so you must know him, right? What's his birthday? What does he like to do and what does his company run? If you answer one by one correctly, I believe that you are just blinding your reason because of jealousy. Maybe I can let you go. " Yang ChuChu's pretty face is a bit smart. Yang ChuChu is not really stupid. She just doesn't want to worry about too much.

"I I haven't had time to investigate Luo Jinyu's preferences! " Lin Enron's whole body was stiff and his eyes were flickering. Obviously, the lie was about to be found out.

"Well, if you don't even know him well, you want to hurt me, so you can take advantage of it. Lin Enron, you can tell the truth. You almost destroyed my innocence. Luo Jinyu won't let you go. He's dealing with the Liu family now, and it's your turn soon. How much money did Liu Lan give you? As long as you say it, I can consider not pursuing this matter and how " Yang ChuChu hates Liu Lan's family. She still wants to find a witness to prove her viciousness.

Lin Enron's eyes widened sharply and looked at Yang ChuChu incredulously: "if I told you the truth, would you really let me go?"

"It depends on whether you cheat me again. If you cheat me again, I can't guarantee what Luo Jinyu will do to you." Yang ChuChu knows that Lin Enron is still very afraid of fearing Luo Jin, so she uses him to scare her. She is really frightened and shivering.

When Lin Enron faced Yang ChuChu's sharp torture, Luo Jinyu was sitting in the living room of Liu's family, meeting the old man of Liu's family.

"Luo Jinyu, you are the one who planned and intervened in my family's business. You came here today and confessed your purpose. I appreciate it. But Liu Lan is my daughter after all. You asked me to drive her out of the country and never come back in my life. Isn't that cruel and cruel?" Mr. Liu, who is in his seventies, was in good health. But in the most time, the company had frequent accidents. The capital chain was in danger of breaking. He could not sit still. He took the heart stabilizing medicine two days ago. Unexpectedly, he finally took a breath, but saw Luo Jinyu come to visit. Moreover, when he opened his mouth, it was such a cold condition. Whether the family's business is facing bankruptcy or driving his own daughter out of the country, both of these choices make Liu's father's blood soar and his face turn red with anger.

Hearing the sound, the old lady of Liu's family was angry at Luo Jinyu's coming to find the old man. She immediately rushed over with anger. She wanted to rely on the old man to scold Luo Jinyu severely and teach him how to respect people.

"Luo Jinyu, what are you doing here? You are not welcome to our Liu family. " Before the old lady stepped in, her voice was full of anger. The biting anger showed how angry she was at the moment.

Luo Jin Yujun's face was as usual. Hearing the old lady's words, he reached out and patted the chair for help, stood up, buttoned the suit, and turned to go.

"Hey, Mr. Luo, please stay. We haven't finished." The old man Liu's face was white again. He got up quickly and asked to stay anxiously.

The old lady doesn't care about the company's affairs at all. She knows that the company has encountered difficulties recently. It doesn't happen every day. So she doesn't understand how terrible the crisis is. When she sees the old man still holding on, she is even more annoyed: "old man, you are confused. Do you know who he is? It's the boyfriend of the little bitch Yang ChuChu. He came to our house to find something to do. You serve tea and treat him as a VIP. I think you're old-fashioned and dazed. You can't see the situation clearly. "

Liu Laozi listened to his wife's scolding. His face sank and he severely scolded her: "what do you know? Get out of here and don't hinder us from talking about business."

"You told me to go? You even told me to get out of here? " The old lady couldn't believe it. It's her home here. The old man is so cold and merciless to her. She immediately looks up and cries.

Luo Jinyu looks at these two old guys acting. He sneers: "I may have come to the wrong place, Mr. Liu. Since you are not sincere to talk about it, we will have no future."

"Hey, Mr. Luo, please help my Liu family. I know that it's just a matter of your words. You can't be helpless. As a businessman, there is no eternal enemy, only a win-win situation. In the future, we still have a lot of space for cooperation." Old master Liu said anxiously with a smile.

Only then did the old lady realize the seriousness of the matter. She glanced at Luo Jinyu with disorderly eyes. Why did the old man seem to beg him?

Luo Jinyu's cold face showed a smile: "I still admire Mr. Liu's wrist, but I don't know if it's not as good as a generation. However, I heard that Mr. Liu and Mr. President have a strong friendship, and I may come to some superfluous. Please do me a favor. I believe this can be easily solved."

Luo Jinyu's understatement was like a slap in the face of old Liu. His face was red and he couldn't speak for a while.

However, the old lady was arrogant and said angrily, "since you know that my old man and Mr. President have a good relationship, you don't know what to do, so hurry to leave here."

"Old woman, you need to talk nonsense again. Be careful I'll stop you!" The old man stared at the old lady who was always talkative with a cold face, and his eyes almost killed people.

The old lady's heart shrank with fear. The servant accompanying her hurriedly wanted to help her away, because the old man was obviously very angry.

The old lady reluctantly left, and the old man fell down on the chair beside him and began to laugh at himself: "president Luo has come this time, and he must have made preparations. Let me be honest, Mr. President has given up my Liu family for a long time. My Liu family's power is not as strong as before, and now it's hard to squeeze into the top 50. Mr. President has a high vision, and he can't see us A family that's going downhill. "

Luo Jinyu's eyebrows are slightly selected. Of course, he knows the strong relationship among them, which makes him dare to ask for such a cold request.