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Tang You You followed Ji Xiao Han into an elegant private room on the second floor and saw a middle-aged man seated at the dining table.

When the man saw Ji Xiao Han, he was clearly very excited and honored. He hurriedly stood up to welcome him.

When Tang You You saw that it was actually a male doctor, he was completely dumbfounded!

"What is it? Can't a male doctor? " Ji Xiao Han still hadn't realized what Tang You You was nervous about.

"Of course not!" Tang You You's face had already turned red: "You know what my nightmare is, I can't open my heart to a male doctor!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at her troubled expression and suddenly realised that he was not paying attention to her feelings.

"Alright then, I'll find you another female doctor." Ji Xiao Han caressed her slightly messy hair and whispered to her ear, "It's my fault for being inconsiderate this time."

"Then let's just eat later and not talk about my illness." Tang You You pleaded with a face full of pleading.

"Wait for me here!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he pushed open the door and entered.

Very soon, he pushed open the door again and held her hand as they walked down the stairs. "Let's go to another restaurant!"

Tang You You's beautiful eyes slightly widened: "We're not eating with this Doctor Chen anymore? Wouldn't it be disrespectful to leave the other party alone? "

"It's fine, I'll have Lu Qing accompany him to eat this meal." But Ji Xiao Han felt that there was nothing wrong with that.

Ji Xiao Han brought Tang You You to a very romantic and romantic restaurant.

Tang You You sat in his seat nervously and looked around.

The man couldn't help but ask in amusement, "What's wrong?"

"My first date with a man …" Tang You You carried the water and drank it, her face flushed red.

Ji Xiao Han laughed: "It's also my first time dating a woman, I'm not nervous at all."

Hearing his words, Tang You You immediately became less nervous.

"That's because you have thick skin!" Tang You You curled her lips.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her awkward appearance, and continued to find it funny and funny: "You Long, can you tell me something now, why did you decide to give birth to your children in the first place?"

Facing this question, Tang You You was already able to calmly answer: "Because my blood type is special, the doctor said that the children's condition is very good, and encouraged me to give birth."

"Thank you so much for giving them to me!" Ji Xiao Han looked at her with complete sincerity, and expressed his gratitude towards her with his words.

Tang You You laughed at herself: "When I decided to give birth to them, I was actually also confused, because at that time, I was too young, and felt like I was still a child, suddenly entering the stage of a mother. When I came out from the delivery room, and saw two small, wrinkled little things lying on a small bed beside me, I truly felt that my life was dark."

Ji Xiao Han only felt pain in his heart when he said those words.

"But you brought them up strong, didn't you? I can understand how hard it is for a single mother to have two children with her. I feel bad for all my previous misunderstandings about you! " Ji Xiao Han's voice was filled with praise and apology.

Tang You You stared at his face with her beautiful eyes and gnashed her teeth: "To be honest, what you said to me before really made me want to hate you for the rest of my life. I feel like I have never seen someone more despicable and unreasonable than you in my entire life."

After hearing what she said, Ji Xiao Han was slightly embarrassed. "That's why I feel that I've let you down, and also let down the children."

"I didn't expect that you would blush too!" When Tang You You saw the man's jade white face, she blushed and smiled teasingly.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled, then he realised that he was a dignified man, to actually blush in front of this little girl.

"You're the first person to see my face!" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin let his expression return to normal, but in his heart, he was tickled by the woman's teasing tone, as if she was a kitten's paw, softly imprinting it on his heart.

However, Tang You You disapprovingly snorted lightly: "I don't believe it, son said it, but men's words cannot be trusted."

Ji Xiao Han was speechless!

"It's not easy to get rid of my son!" Thinking back to the battle of wits with his son, Ji Xiao Han felt that it was really another wonderful journey in his life.

In the past, he had always placed his opponents in the hands of adults, but he had never expected that he would meet such a small opponent.

However, for now, everything was still under his control.

Tang You You said a little proudly: "That's for sure, don't you dare underestimate him if you don't see who gave birth to him."

The delicious dishes were served to the table, and the two of them stopped chatting. Tang You You realized that a piece of meat had suddenly appeared in his bowl!

"Hurry up and eat!" The man said gently.

Tang You You picked up the piece of meat and placed it in his mouth, suddenly feeling that this man was not annoying anymore.

After eating lunch, Ji Xiao Han sent her back to the company. Tang You You waved to him and watched the carriage drive off into the distance.

Tang Xue Rou's entire entertainment company had also heard about the matter of the Only Idealism New product launch, and upon hearing that they had invited almost half of the entertainment circle's people over, Tang Xue Rou suddenly realized that she seemed to not be on the list.

That's right, Tang You You was the person in charge of the hosting of this time's competition. She hated him so much, so why would she invite him to participate?

However, if she didn't appear on stage, it would reduce the topic of conversation by a lot.

Tang Xue Rou could not help but grind her teeth. From the looks of it, she had to go and discuss this with Tang You You.

She dressed up properly and drove her arrogant sports car towards the Only Idealism Design Company.

Last time, Tang Xue Rou borrowed Tang You You's reputation to make a ruckus, causing her popularity to rise a bit. However, to her, this was far from enough.