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C1122 rebirth of fanruo

Originally, she had no intention to overhear a sentence, but she didn't expect to mention her name. Bai Yiyan's heart was frozen. She wanted to take out her mobile phone to watch the latest news of Ji Yueze. A stewardess came over and smiled to remind her to turn off her mobile phone, and the plane was about to fly.

Bai Yiyan's fingers with her mobile phone froze for two seconds. A mother with a child looked at her with a dissatisfied expression, as if she was deliberately disobeying the rules. In order to prevent the mother from worrying about her children, Bai Yiyan quickly turned off her mobile phone in front of the stewardess. For a few hours, Bai Yiyan didn't take off her mask. She didn't eat or drink. She was dizzy. In her mind, Ji Yueze was still thinking about taking the blind girl abroad for vacation.

It seems that she left in time to make room for each other.

A few hours later, Bai Yiyan walked out of the airport with the crowd. She was tired and hungry. Her cold was not good. She decided to find a place to live first. Shortly after Bai Yiyan boarded the plane, a phone call secretly entered Cheng Jianhong's mobile phone. "Mayor Cheng, I think I found the girl you said. I don't know if it's her, but it looks very similar!" "

are there any photos? Show me! " After receiving the threats from those photos, Cheng Jianhong was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. He was in a panic. In this case, he took the most stupid way to find people. He spent a lot of money overnight and found many people to go to airports in various countries to wait for a spot. Although it was undoubtedly pointless to look for a needle in a haystack, Cheng did not expect it. In just a few days, he In return, it seems that the most stupid way is not useless. It is also proved that there is no way out for heaven.

The other side sent a lot of photos. Although the girl in the photo was wearing a mask, she had several similarities with Bai Yiyan in terms of body shape and hair style.

"It's like her. Do you know where she has gone?" Cheng Jianhong has a little chance now. He will not let it go. He can't afford to gamble.

The other side just took the opportunity to bump Bai Yiyan's hand with the ticket, and the ticket fell to the ground, so they saw the destination she was going to, and told Cheng Jianhong directly. "

very good. If you help me, I will reward you again." Cheng Jianhong smiles and appreciates her. After hanging up, he immediately finds a group of people and rushes to Bai Yiyan's country. He must find Bai Yiyan in the shortest time. Season

over Ze four people, looking for a night, the results are desperate.

"Ji Yueze, why didn't you explain it to her earlier? She must have left because of me. " Yang Siyu looks at the silent man sitting on the sofa and can't help complaining about him. "

I thought she would believe what I said. I wanted to take you to meet her and explain to her face to face. I didn't expect that she would be so stupid!" Ji Yueze is now very regretful.

"Miss Bai's temper must be very strong. She would rather hurt herself than implicate you. I don't know what this kind of behavior is, but not everyone will do it. In fact, she is worthy of your love." Yang Siyu reached out and clapped him on the shoulder. He whispered, "find her this time, remember this lesson, and don't let her leave you again, or you will be shaken forever." "

have you ever had such a thing?" Ji Yueze looked up at her, but did not expect that she would say such mature words even when she was young.

"I have experienced, more than once, you know, my love with her is more tortuous than yours." Yang Siyu laughs bitterly at himself. "

but you still don't want to give up, which means that you take the other side seriously." Ji Yueze found that the more he and Yang Siyu felt in the same boat. "

I don't give up, regardless of my delicate appearance, but I am very stubborn, what I think, the person I want to love, I will never give up easily, meet difficulties, overcome it. If I can't overcome it, it's not far from my death. If I can't think of dying any day, as a friend, remember to burn more incense for me." Yang Siyu smiled sadly and opened the door to leave. Ji

Yueze is shocked to see Yang Siyu's figure. Unexpectedly, she is so persistent. True

is shame.

Bai Yiyan went to the hospital, got an injection and took some medicine. The next day, she had a good cold.

She has seen Ji Yueze's scandal. The photo was taken when two people entered the airport together. Although it was only a side face and a back figure, it was inexplicably matched.

Bai Yiyan can't wait to have a rebirth, so she makes a few trips to a steep mountain, where there is an extreme bungee jumping. At the moment, there are not many tourists here, but everyone here seems to bring a story, including young girls like her, and brave people who want to challenge. Bai

Yiyan reports her name, pays the fee, lines up and waits for her jump.

The screams of bungee jumpers are like the hissing of their hearts and lungs. Some are frightened, some are sad. Bai's heart was shocked inexplicably, and she was suddenly afraid.

Although it is said that there is no life danger in this challenge at present, the panic will really infect people.

"Bai Yiyan..." Someone is calling her name in English. Bai

Yiyan goes over. After she is equipped with safety equipment and all safety measures are taken, she is asked to stand on the platform.

"Wow, is that Bai Yiyan?" Someone suddenly recognized her, because Bai Yiyan took off her mask and the wind was blowing her long hair. She had a feeling of looking for death.

"Come on, take a picture. Why does she come here? It's a lot of guts. " "

I think she really wants to die. Ji Yueze is dating other women." Bai

Yi Yan hears the word "blind date". She looks at the girls sadly. At this moment, she is not afraid to be recognized by them. Anyway, she has a long way to go alone.

"Ready?" She was asked in English.

"Well, I can jump by myself without pushing me!" Bai Yiyan said in English.

"OK, you are brave!" The other side gave her a thumbs up, appreciated a sentence.

Bai Yiyan turns around and faces the hundred Zhang cliff under her feet. She can see a river flowing by.

"Ji Yueze, I love you, I will love you all my life, but please forgive my cowardice!" Bai Yiyan closed her eyes and fell down like a broken kite without any desire to survive. Next to

there was a scream, which was inconceivable.