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C1805 birthday gifts

The air was a little frozen. The two men who had been quarreling with each other just now also found nangongyao, who was approaching step by step. They immediately felt that they were dwarfed and ashamed.

Nangong Yao's high black suit looks noble and elegant. It's more powerful than any other man.

"Follow me."

Nangong Yao says nothing, grabs Mu Yun's wrist and takes her away with strength.

Mu Yun was surprised, but he left with him.

Both pursuers were shocked and embarrassed.

Just now, Muyun said that she had a boyfriend, and they also mocked her. She felt that she had deliberately found a reason to refuse them. But now, it's their own who are fighting. Muyun was taken away by such a handsome man.

Muyun did not resist. He followed nangongyao to the school gate. Nangongyao's sports car stopped outside. He opened the door and tried to put Muyun in, but he was not willing to be rude to her. He could only put his finger on the roof and beat twice: "I invite you to dinner."

Mu Yun could see that Nangong Yao was in a bad mood. She sat in obediently.

Nangong Yao sat in the he driving position, but did not immediately drive away. Instead, he turned to look at Mu Yun, full of questions to get answers, but did not know which one to ask.

"You heard what I said just now?"

Moyun asked him first.

"Well, I didn't expect you to be treated as a reward."

Nangong Yao is very angry, angry that he didn't appear at her side a few years earlier. Looking at the two men pursuing her for face, he is really sad.

Mu Yun Mou color a quiver, self ridicule way: "I also did not think."

"You must be so nice to talk to, that's why they treat you like this."

Nangong Yao can see that Muyun is very strong, but she seems to be very tolerant to outsiders. This is the temperament of a kind person. When others see her, they will bully her.

"Maybe, I care about my colleagues' feelings and don't want to quarrel, but I underestimated my environment. A lot of gossip didn't come from me, but many people guessed at me from afar."

Mu Yun thinks back to the time she spent in school these years. Her teaching quality is very high. Because she is a beautiful teacher and has a lot of classmates, she has become the target of many people's attacks in a sense.

"Then why don't you change your job?

Out of this circle? "

Nangong Yao twisted his brow, which was even more painful.

"Can changing circles and jobs change all this?

In fact, I don't care. "

Mu Yun chuckled: "if you care, you lose, and I am not wrong. Teaching and educating people is my job. I also like this job. My students also like me. I will not leave."

Nangong Yao was stunned. He found that there was a kind of tenacious willpower in Muyun.

"You like the job?"

Nangong Yao thought that he would leave three months later. His heart was shaking.


Moyun nodded.

"You have the willpower to do a good job."

Nangong Yao squeezes out a smile and drives away.

Ling wennuan is also very satisfied with her work, because it is very challenging.

She was born with a lively character, and also liked by the students. Because she can be a good teacher and friend with the students, the class atmosphere was soon driven, and the previous dead study atmosphere was also improved.

But there are a few students, Ling warm or take them helpless.

Among them, there is Nangong Siqing. She is still in a trance in class.

One day, Ling wennuan was working in the office class. Suddenly, a student came in and called her, "Miss Ling, Nangong Siqing is crying."

"What's the matter?"

Ling warm immediately stood up and asked.

"She was laughed at for having blood on her skirt."

Ling warms up his pace.

When I came to the class, I saw Nangong Siqing lying on the table, her crying shoulders were shaking.

"Wait for me outside first. Don't laugh at my classmates."

Ling wennuan already knew what was going on. She called her classmates away first, and then she took off her coat.

"Siqing, stop crying. Get up. The teacher will take you to change your clothes."

Ling warm voice is very gentle.

Nangong Siqing's eyes were red with tears and looked at her helplessly.

"Let's go. It's normal for girls to come here. The teacher will help you."

Ling warms up with a comforting smile.

Nangong Siqing stands up in silence. Ling wennuan wraps her coat around her waist and blocks her embarrassment. Nangong Siqing looks at her in surprise. She doesn't think that anyone would help her with her clothes.

"Mr. Ling, aren't you afraid that I will dirty your clothes?"

Nangong Siqing asked.

"I'm not afraid. If it's dirty, I'll wash it."

Ling wennuan said, taking her straight to the teacher's office building.

In the dressing room, Ling wennuan opened his cupboard and found a new skirt from inside: "fortunately, I've got several sets of students' clothes here. Please put them on first."

"Thank you!"

Nangong Siqing finally said thank you to her.

Lingnuan chuckled, "you're welcome. I'm my teacher. You can come to me if you have anything in school."


Nangong Siqing nodded.

Ling wennuan solves the problem for Nangong Siqing. Nangong Siqing's eyes are not so cold.

After class, Nangong Siqing comes in with a small cake and runs away quickly after putting it on her desk. Lingnuan is stunned, which is a good start. Lingnuan thinks like this, and suddenly thinks that he will go to Mu Weicheng's birthday in the evening. He is very happy.

Mu Weicheng's birthday is almost the same. This time, if Ling wennuan didn't insist on giving him one, he would have given it as an ordinary day.

Ling wennuan is his girlfriend now. She will not forget his birthday. Not only will she not forget it, but she also invited many guests to come here.

At noon, Mu Weicheng received a call from Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng asked him to go back two hours earlier today. Mu Weicheng expressed his understanding of his uncle's kindness.

He took the cake for himself first, and found that the cake ordered by Ling wennuan was very big. He rushed to the ordered restaurant and began to decorate his birthday party. He was playing balloons in his suit, which was absolutely a rare scene in his life.

Ling wennuan was going to leave everything to the restaurant to take care of. But mu Weicheng said he didn't need it. He could come earlier to make preparations. At the moment, he regretted saying that. If everything was taken care of by the restaurant, he could come here and wait for dinner.

"Do you have to hang the balloon?"

Mu Weicheng said that he was speechless, but Ling wennuan sent him a message explaining that the atmosphere must be sufficient, or there would be no sense of celebration.

When Ling wennuan came over, she found that the man took off his suit coat, wore a white shirt, and was hanging a balloon by the window. When her heart warmed, she rushed to him and held him in his back: "Mu Weicheng, I didn't bring a gift."

The man's heart seems to have been hit and missed several beats.

"You are the gift."

When the man finished, he turned around and put his arm around her. "To me, you are the best gift."

"That's what you said. I'll give it to you in the evening."

Ling warm beautiful eyes, there are stars of light, shining.

Mu Weicheng trembled for a moment, and looked at him incredulously: "warm, I'm joking."

"I mean it."

Ling warm this time, is to make a decision.