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After listening to Lu xuanchen's words, Mao Rongrong's heart settled down, and his tone became tender: "just now she said that I am not feminine, am I really not?"

Lu xuanchen listened to her words, can't help chuckling: "how? Is this a loss of confidence? "

When Mao Rongrong was laughed by him, he was embarrassed for a moment. He bit his lips and said, "no, I'm confident. I'm just sorry for you. I married such an old woman!"

"I'm bigger than you. You don't even think I'm old. How can I do that?" Lu xuanchen said something and turned to his car. It seems that he has to run to this woman to comfort her. Otherwise, it's very difficult for him to walk over this ridge.

"Well, I'll hang up first!" Lu xuanchen said deliberately.

Mao Rongrong didn't talk to him for a long time. Suddenly he heard that he wanted to hang up. His eyes were slightly stagnant, and he nodded immediately: "OK, I have to work too!"

After hanging up the phone, Mao Rongrong clenched her mobile phone and leaned back against the floor to ceiling window. She was not an active woman. Besides, not only did she not take the initiative, but her mouth was not sweet enough, and she would not withdraw her coquetry, and she would not pretend to be pitiful. She lived like a woman man every day, and she could do everything by herself.

In fact, she would like to call Lu xuanchen again, because she is upset.

But since he said he was going to hang up, she didn't have the courage to fight again. She could only suppress the sense of loss in her heart and force herself to go to work.

More than an hour later, the door of her office was opened. The first thing that came into her eyes was a bunch of red roses. She lifted her eyes and was stunned.

Next, it's Lu xuanchen. He wears a suit of casual clothes and a casual down jacket. He can also wear different temperament.

"You Why are you here? " Mao Rongrong couldn't believe it. Mei Mou opened her eyes wide and looked at him.

"I want to come and explain myself to you!" Lu xuanchen came over, put the flowers on her desk, a room of rose fragrance, let people can not help greedy breath.

"Why did you buy flowers when you came?" Mao Rongrong didn't love these luxury things before, but now, she doesn't know when she fell in love. Sure enough, love will soften people's hearts and make people become tender.

"When I passed by, I saw a flower shop in front of it. I thought you would like it, so I bought it!" Lu xuanchen did not dare to say that he had run three stores before he found such fresh and fragrant roses.

"Don't buy it next time. It shouldn't be cheap." The real character of Mao Rongrong is reflected again.

Lu xuanchen's hands are propped up at her desk, leaning up slightly, and his thin lips make him smile: "I'm willing to spend money for you!"

Mao Rongrong's ears are blushing. Mei Mou dare not look at him. She pretends to sit back in the office chair, leans back and smiles: "you are really more and more able to talk with this mouth."

Lu xuanchen said softly, "Rongrong, you are not angry with me."

"I didn't, why do you ask?" Mao Rongrong looked at him in surprise.

Lu xuanchen's unnatural dry smile: "I'm afraid. I'm afraid you'll blame me for Zhang Chenchen's coming to you."

"I won't blame you. She came to me to show that you didn't give her a chance. I'm too happy. How can I get angry? If you give her a chance, maybe she won't come to me! " Mao Rongrong analyzed.

"She didn't say anything bad." Lu xuanchen knows that Mao Rongrong is a person with strong self-esteem. In case Zhang Chenchen says something bad, what should she do if she is unhappy?

"Quarrel, I haven't lost. Don't worry, I'm ok!" Mao Rongrong raised his eyebrows with a little conceit.

Lu xuanchen was relieved, but Jun Mou was cold: "the father and daughter are very deceiving. What era is this? Do you dare to force marriage?"

"Rich people are used to being domineering in their own world, so naturally they take themselves too seriously. Let's just ignore it and don't get angry by ourselves!" Mao Rongrong stood up, walked towards him, and gave him a gentle hug.

"Well!" Lu xuanchen nodded, hoping Zhang's father and daughter would stop pestering, otherwise, he would not let them threaten.

After LAN Yanxi and LAN Xianxian had a fight, there were more words about her, saying that as a sister, she also beat her own sister. Her quality was too poor and her behavior was bad. Some people joined hands to ask the superior to drive her out of the general office.

The most pitiful thing is that she is actually the fiancee of the vice president. How many girls' hearts would be hurt to think of her God and to sleep with such a poor woman in the future.

LAN Yanxi sat in the office, like a needle and a blanket, raising her ears and listening to others' comments on her. She felt that she had been in trouble this time. Maybe there was no place for her to stand here.

"Come in, Yanxi. I have something to tell you!" Wang Xinyi naturally listens to all the gossip, but she doesn't believe the words of those people at all. She believes that she sees people's eyes and that Lan Yanxi's character is not bad. She doesn't have to blame herself for this. The clay man has three points of fire, let alone a person.

Lanyanxi walked in quickly, her beautiful eyes drooped in panic. She was really afraid that Wang Xinyi would listen to the outside people's comments excessively and transfer her away.

"Don't worry, I won't let you go. You'll work hard under my hand. You're good at it. You'll make a difference." Wang Xinyi comforts her.

"Sister Xinyi, thank you for trusting me so much!" Lanyanxi was moved to cry. At this time, what she wanted to hear most was these warm words, even just a few words of concern.

"Last time, Mr. vice president didn't scold you. How was his attitude?" Wang Xinyi is not worried about what others say about her, but what attitude Ling Mo Feng will take. In case Ling Mo Feng asks her to leave, she will not be able to protect her.

"He He didn't say anything. He just told me to stay on my own in the future. Don't make trouble again! " LAN Yanxi replied quickly.

"I believe that Mr. vice president is also kind. Since he didn't let you go, you can wait at ease." Wang Xinyi relieved her.

"Sister Xinyi, I want to ask you something. You said that now everyone knows that I am Ling Mo Feng's fiancee. What would Mr. President think of me?" LAN Yanxi is also trying to find out Wang Xinyi's position. She promised Ling Mo Feng that she would help him.

Wang Xinyi frowned as expected, as if thinking about it.

"Sister Xinyi, if you are in trouble, I will go out first if I don't ask!" LAN Yanxi is still worried that Wang Xinyi will doubt himself.

"In fact, it's too late for Mr. President to leave you. I'm sure it won't do you any harm. Don't worry." Wang Xinyi gave her answer.

"Why?" LAN Yanxi pretends not to understand.

"I'm afraid that Mr. President can't get hold of each other. Now you are in the general office to disturb Mr. vice president's enthusiasm for work. How can he drive you away?" Wang Xinyi explained.

"I see. Thank you, sister Xinyi. But, sister Xinyi, can I ask you one more thing? Now we are standing in line, which side should we stand? " LAN Yanxi immediately asked her curiously.

"Have you forgotten your identity? Still want to stand in line? If you dare to stand in the wrong line, I promise you that Mr. vice president will be the first to break your leg! " Wang Xinyi was angry and smiled at her words.

"I I dare not, but you are my boss. Where do you want to stand, I have to follow you! " LAN Yanxi immediately sold a cute smile carefully.

Wang Xinyi's eyes sharpened and stared at her: "which side do you think I should stand?"

"This I dare not say it! " The blue words are shaking their heads and putting them in place.

"Well, since I've taken a fancy to you, I won't embarrass you too much. It's just that the problem is a little sensitive. Let's reserve our opinions." Wang Xinyi didn't say it, but the meaning was already implied.

"Well, I dare not ask again!" LAN Yanxi's mind is exquisite, and she can hear it. She immediately laughs happily in her heart. As long as Wang Xinyi stands on Ling Mo Feng, she is relieved. Because she really likes this boss and points to working together in the future.