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C1760. The truth

Time flies. It's time for Ling Mo Feng to return home. LAN Yanxi is counting the days with his fingers. Finally, he's coming back.

These days, she holds a mobile phone and refuses to put it on. She always pays attention to his movements. Sometimes many things will not be reported. She will be worried and uneasy. Because of his last trip, she just saw a riot happened in the city where he is. Some people were injured and the casualties were serious. Lanyanxi's heart is tight. Fortunately, he replied to her letter Rest, let her peace of mind.

It was dark. At the gate of Ling's house, a motorcade stopped and the door opened. Ling Mo Feng came in with a suit jacket. Ling's parents and father were anxiously waiting for him. When they saw Ling Mo Feng coming in, they were all relieved.

"Grandpa, Dad, mom, you won't be waiting for me."

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face overflowed with a gentle smile. When he got home, he was no longer the president, but the child of his family. In front of his elders, he dared not hold any airs.

"I'm not waiting for you. I haven't cooked any rice."

Blue mother angrily annoyed him. Now she can not only flirt with her husband, but also her son.

Ling Mo Feng came forward to give his mother a hug. Blue mother pushed him away: "don't hold me. Yanxi is upstairs. Go to find her. She must miss you very much these days."

Ling Mo Feng was rejected by his mother, shaking his head and smiling: "that line, I went upstairs to see her."

LAN Yanxi has heard the sound of the car with her ears up for a long time. However, she is very embarrassed to go downstairs, because she is afraid to go to see him in front of her elders. She feels that this feeling is only suitable for two people to get along with each other. She has to hold on to it in front of her elders.

Ling Mo Feng's steps towards the upper floor were rapid. Just now, he was still in a steady state of mind. But now, at the thought of seeing his beloved woman, his heart surged.

As soon as he went upstairs, he saw the beautiful figure beside the bedroom door. It was LAN Yanxi who had walked out of the door.

Two people looked at each other across the air. They disappeared for several days. They were shy. After looking at each other, they all bowed their heads nervously.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled. Although he was nervous, he walked to lanyanxi with long legs and called softly, "Yanxi, I haven't seen each other for a few days, pretending not to know me?"

LAN Yanxi couldn't help being excited by his words and immediately looked up at him: "yes, if you don't show up again, I will forget what you look like."

"I'm standing in front of you now. Take a good look at me and remember what I look like."

The man gently attached to the body, voice deep magnetic charm.

"Who needs to see you."

LAN Yanxi turned and went to the bedroom. Her face was already hot.

But the man had the cheek to follow her in, and could not help laughing out: "Yan Xi, I will show my face when I come back, that's really sad."

LAN Yanxi listened to his words, and could not bear to turn around to explain a few words. However, he found that as soon as he turned around, he snuggled into his arms. He deliberately stepped forward and watched her fall into the trap. His smile deepened.

"You..." Lanyanxi found that he had been cheated. He wanted to escape, too late, and could not escape. He could only be held tightly in his arms by a man. His lips kissed her on the forehead and hair, as if he was loving the most beloved thing. He was careful.

"Yan Xi, don't be angry, will you?"

The man is really afraid that his joke just went too far and would make her unhappy. He begged her gently.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were sore, and her hands stretched out to hug his waist. Her cheeks were close to his chest. Finally, she heard his heartbeat, so close to him.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her and finally she was quiet, relaxed and held her tighter.

Two people hold on like this, although did not say anything more, but all words are obviously redundant, only need to be close to each other's heart, make enough.

"Mo Feng..." Suddenly, the old man's voice rang outside the door.

The two people who were hugging quickly let go of their hands. Ling Mo Feng immediately straightened his skirt, turned to walk out of the bedroom, and said with concern, "Grandpa, do you want to find me?"

"That It seems that she didn't go to school recently, but she didn't say she wanted to come back. You ask her what she is doing now. I called her and she didn't answer. This girl, it's not easy to worry. "

The old man found that the granddaughter's wings were hard. He dared not answer his phone. He must wake her up when he came back.

Ling Mo Feng immediately nodded and said, "OK, I'll call her now."

"Wait a minute, have you asked your friend to help you take care of her before, or you can call your friend and ask him about the warmth."

The old man hinted at Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng was shocked for a moment: "Mu Wei Cheng should not know the whereabouts of warm, maybe warm and playful, want to play more days and come back."

"It's OK. Call Mu Weicheng and ask him."

The old man didn't have a phone call from Mu Weicheng, so he was in a hurry these two days, so he flew to tie his granddaughter back. So as soon as Ling Mo Feng came back, the old man couldn't sit still, so he had to come to him to discuss this matter.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "OK, I'll give him a call to ask."

"Now, in front of me."

The old man is not easy to bluff. Only when he hears that his granddaughter is good now can he rest at ease.

Ling Mo Feng can't laugh or cry. When she turns around, she sees LAN Yanxi hiding behind the door. When she touches his eyes, she looks as if she's scared. She retracts her head again. Ling Mo Feng's heart is confused. Where is this little woman going?

Of course, LAN Yanxi is nervous and a little uneasy. If Ling Mo Feng knew that she had known about the matter of admiring the prime minister and being warm, but he didn't tell him, would he be angry with her?

Ling Mo fengjue's grandfather and the little woman behind him all have strange expressions, but he can't say anything for a while.

Ling Mo Feng takes out his mobile phone and dials up Mu Wei Cheng's phone. After a few seconds, the voice of Mu Wei Cheng comes.

"Wei Cheng, do you know where I am warm?

It's said that she has finished her work at school. "

Ling Mo Feng asked him in a low voice.

Mu Weicheng hesitated for a moment, and then said, "I will send her back tomorrow. She is with me now."

Ling Mo Feng's expression is slightly Zheng, dry smile: "warm didn't fill in the trouble for you."


Mu replied in a low voice, and then, after a silence, he said, "Mo Feng, this time I want to talk to you face to face about something."

"Well, I'll tell you when I come back. I'll ask you to look after the warmth again."

Ling Mo Feng said with a smile.

"I'll take care of her. Would you like to have a word with her?"

Mu asked.

"No, you'll come back tomorrow anyway. Let's talk about it later."

Lingmo Feng said, then hung up the phone, and felt something was wrong.

The old man sat next to him, sighed hard, glanced at his grandson with a stiff expression, and said with a slight sneer, "he's smart enough to come back and talk to you face to face."

"Grandpa, do you know what's going on?"

Ling Mo Feng is wringing his eyebrows, his heart is in a mess.

The old man nodded, "your sister has made a boyfriend. Don't you know about it?"

Ling Mo Feng was shocked: "I don't know?

Who is her boyfriend? "

"How do you catch up with Yanxi, you EQ?

I have to worry about you. Isn't that obvious?

Your sister is still with Mu Weicheng in the evening. Do you think it's normal? "

The old man really wants to knock on his grandson's head and let him know something about Eq.


Ling Mo Feng was shocked by grandpa's words. He couldn't believe his face: "they are together?"

"Don't be surprised," the old man said, "your sister's eyes are good, and her character is good."

"But they are so different in age, how can they be together?"

Ling Mo Feng was shocked at the moment. One was his good friend for many years and the other was his sister. When he thought of playing with Mu Wei Cheng, his sister followed him up. He thought Mu Wei Cheng treated warmth as his sister too. Unexpectedly, he started to play with his sister.

"Age is not a problem. The question is do you have a deep understanding of the admirer?

Is he as upright as he shows? "

The main concern of the old man is what kind of person he is.

"How could this happen?

How can this work? "

Ling Mo Feng was hit at the moment, which is still hard to believe.

"Well, can't you believe in the prime minister or take care of your warmth?"

The old man frowned.

Ling Mo Feng pinched his eyebrow: "who started first?"