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LAN Weiwei didn't expect that she would say such words, so when she finished, her first thought was to bite off her tongue. Her previous contact with Ji Shangqing was not emotional, so she didn't feel embarrassed. But just now, she was obviously concerned about him. Ji was also stunned, and then he nodded like a joke: "OK, if you like."

Blue Wei suddenly did not dare to answer, just flipped the dishes in the pot, Ji Shangqing was waiting for her answer, but also saw her return to the past cold, he could not help but touch his nose, embarrassed in the air. Season

Shangqing comes out, takes the fruit and cleans it, then takes a plate of fresh and sweet imported cherries and goes to the back of blue Weiwei and says, "have some fruit? It's hard for you! "

Blue slightly drooped eyes looked, where dare to move, had to dry voice said: "I'm hard, I'm not cooking for you."

Ji Shangqing picked up one and put it to her mouth: "eat one, it's sweet!" Blue

I didn't expect that he would feed it to his mouth, so I had to open my mouth and bite the one. It was really sweet. She felt that she had never eaten such delicious fruit since she was born.

Seeing that Lan Wei ate the cherries he handed over, Ji Shangqing's mood suddenly became clear. He threw one to his mouth, turned around and waited for supper.

Cheng Jianhong received a second letter again, and he was totally freaked out.

He took the letter and walked back and forth in the study for many times. He couldn't think of a solution for a while, and his face was livid. "

Bai Yiyan, if you don't come out again, I will kill Bai Zhenzhen." Cheng Jianhong murmured fiercely. At last, he tore the letter that threatened him to pieces and spread it in the air. "

Ling Mo Feng!" Cheng Jianhong knows who the emissary is behind this incident. His eyes are red and he roars.

But at this moment, Ling Mo Feng seldom has the leisure interest, was the dark bottom Rio season owl cold drinks the tea. Two

people sit in a chic small garden, full of spring, which makes people seem to see the hope of the future.

Ling Mo Feng said with a smile: "Xiao Han, the information you gave me is really timely. I think Cheng Jianhong is in such a panic like a trapped animal recently. I heard that he sent many people abroad to find Bai Yiyan. Bai Yiyan is also hiding deep. His people are not surprised. But last time, Bai Yiyan was recorded in a video and appeared in a extreme jumping show Field, I believe Cheng Jianhong's people have also rushed by, but they still have nothing to gain. "

"My brother likes Bai Yiyan very much, so although this information has been released, it is absolutely impossible for Cheng Jianhong to find her. When he needs to clean up, let Bai Yiyan be a witness. Now, don't let her be hurt."

"I won't do anything to this Miss Bai. I just hope your brother can protect her. But don't let Cheng Jianhong find her first. It will be a big trouble." Ling Mo Feng reminds me. "

I'll tell Ozawa when I go back. Recently, your voice is so loud that it's almost overwhelming your opponent. Should I congratulate you in advance?" Season owl cold takes tea, smile of say.

"It's still early to say congratulations. No one dare to say that he is the winner until the final marriage is announced. However, the peace on the table has been broken. It's really hard to say who can benefit from the revelation of several ministers' scandal and the whole political situation in disorder." Ling Mo Feng is worried about the chaos and turbulence of the situation. The struggle of those in power will inevitably bring disaster to the ordinary people. This is definitely not the phenomenon he wants to see. However, if he does not strive for an opportunity, he has no right to solve all the chaos. "

you need to have confidence in yourself and believe that the times create people. Only people like you who are worried about the country and the people can petition for the people and govern the country well." Season owl cold low voice comforts. "

chatting with you is the most relaxing time for me. I really hope that in the future, we can meet each other on the phone if we want to, instead of coming out every day like we are now, like a couple secretly dating, we can't see each other." Ling Mo Feng joked. Season

the owl cold thin lips smoked: "you this metaphor, too serious."

"You can't let your sister-in-law hear you. If you let her hear you, it will be a great mess." Ji Xiaohan is several months older than Ling Mo Feng, so he directly called Tang youyou his sister-in-law. Ji Xiaohan didn't object to it, but this kind of joke really can't be heard by Tang Youyou, and he will be responsible for the consequences. "

she went abroad for further study and will come back for a while." Ji Xiaohan has nothing to do recently. It's also because he comes home and has no company. Although there are two little guys and their families, he still misses the woman he loves deeply.

"Then you should send more people to protect her. Your uncle's old fox, don't stare at her." Ling Mo Feng is also familiar with the difficulties of Ji Xiao Han. Naturally, he should be reminded of them. "

of course, I know that my people are also watching Ji Lin's father and son. If they do something, I will be ahead of them to solve it." Season owl cold nods.

"Do you have such a big heart? You dare to let your sister-in-law go abroad when the wind is strong?" Ling Mo Feng frowned. He felt that he was not careful enough. "

if she wants to go, let her go, not because of me, just limit her pursuit of career." Season owl cold chuckled.

"It's said that Ji shaochong's wife looks like treasure. Now it seems that the news is true. I thought it was exaggerated." Ling Mo Feng found another chance to tease him. "

I just respect her decision to say what she says." Season owl cold handsome face a red, inexplicably shy up.

"Respect or wife control? Anyway, I still appreciate your attitude towards my wife. Being rich, noble and glorious is on the side, but I stick to my original heart and don't change it. Xiao Han, that's why you deserve my trust. " Ling Mo Feng reached out and patted him on the shoulder, stood up, faced the flowers and trees in the garden, and sneered at himself: "I don't know what kind of woman I will meet, and whether I can always treat her like you."

"Didn't you say you were going to marry a woman last time? Why hasn't it been put on the agenda? " Ji Xiaohan also stands up and looks at the whole garden side by side with him.

"That woman hasn't returned home yet. I heard that she will come back the day after tomorrow. To be honest, I really don't want to make such a rash decision on my marriage. Like you, I want to marry her because I love her." Ling Mo Feng frowned, and there was distress between his eyebrows.