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C1355 jealousy

Qiao Zhuo's special concern for LAN Yanxi made the atmosphere of the whole box a little weird. Everyone exchanged a look knowingly. There are always many stories between young single men and women. Among these people, there are people who come from the past and people who are full of novelty.

LAN Yanxi's expression froze for a long time. At last, he looked at Ling Mo Feng with the corner of his eyes. The man seemed calm, but his aura was much colder than before.

He put out his hand to lift the glass of red wine on the table slightly unsavory. After a sip of thin lips, he slightly threw the glass back on the table.

Zhang Lu is watching this funny play. Ling Mo Feng gets angry, but it doesn't mean that he really likes lanyanxi. It may also be that seeing lanyanxi close to other men makes him extremely upset.

It's like a fierce beast. Even if he doesn't want to eat the prey, he's not willing to share it with others. Ling Mo Feng may be in this state. After all, he's a man, or such an excellent and proud man. Even if he doesn't love lanyanxi, he's already encircled this woman in his circle. He'd rather not have her, but never let other men To touch the woman who belongs to him.

LAN Yanxi hears the sound of the man's falling the cup, and his heart jumps. It's over. This time, he really annoys the man. What's the name of the damn JOJO.

She and he are a nodding friend, and suddenly show such concern for her, don't they He is really from the old president's side. He deliberately used this opportunity to test her relationship with Ling Mo Feng?

LAN Yanxi thought of it, and her pretty face was also angry. She stared at JOJO angrily.

But JOJO was not at all ashamed. He took the glass of blue Yanxi's wine, touched it with a colleague beside him, and began to drink it.

When everyone felt that the atmosphere in the box was dull, everyone's relaxed state of mind was suddenly tense. Finally, we knew what the reason was. It turned out that the vice president's face was not very good-looking.

"Cheng Yuan, I'll go to the bathroom!" LAN Yanxi wants to escape, so as not to make Ling Mo Feng more angry. Cheng Yuan immediately asked her softly, "do you need my company?"

"No, I'll go myself!" LAN Yanxi said this quickly, and walked out of the door.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were still smiling, but those smiles were cold.

Everyone dared not speak loudly at the scene. Zhang Lu quickly enlivened the atmosphere. Ling Mo Feng turned around and asked the adjutant Chu for a cigarette. However, instead of ordering a cigarette in the box, he took the cigarette and walked out the door.

When Qiao Zhuo and Zhang Lu saw Ling Mo Feng's move, they were somewhat surprised, because Ling Mo Feng always gave people a warm and elegant image, as if they had never been used to smoking at the dinner table.

But just now, he took a cigarette and walked out of the door. It seems that his mood is really depressed.

Ling Mo Feng took the cigarette just to find a reason to come out. Sure enough, as soon as he came out, he saw LAN Yanxi's figure flash across the corridor on one side. He directly cut the cigarette between his hands and walked towards the direction of her disappearance.

LAN Yanxi goes to a corner nearby where there is no one. Turning around, she sees Ling Mo Feng. Her beautiful eyes dye a happy smile. She has a premonition that this man will come out to find her.

Ling Mo Feng quickly stepped in front of her with long legs. With his long arms extended, the door of a box next to him opened. He directly pulled her wrist and walked in.

Lanyanxi didn't expect that the strength of the man would be so great. She was almost thrown in by him, and her back was tightly attached to the cold wall in the next second.

"Ouch!" LAN Yanxi was unprepared, and her back hurt a little. She immediately cried out in a coquettish voice. But next second, her ear was the voice of the man closing the door tightly. She closed her mouth immediately in fear. She had beautiful big eyes and looked at the man with a twinkling uneasiness.

Ling Mo Feng's breathing was obviously aggravated. Her eyes were as deep as the sea, and she stared at her expression: "what's the relationship between you and that man?"

Obviously, Ling didn't remember who JOJO was. In his memory, there was no such number one person. So when JOJO came to care about LAN Yanxi, Ling was so nervous, angry and jealous.

"What's the relationship? I knew you were going to misunderstand. I'll answer you now. I have nothing to do with him. I just know him. " LAN Yanxi answered him seriously, but she didn't seem to explain clearly enough.

"Yes? That's how he cares about you? " Ling Mo Feng still can't forgive the behavior just now. He hasn't stopped drinking for this woman. Why did the man take his chance?

LAN Yanxi couldn't help crying and laughing, but shrugged his shoulders: "he may just like me. He told me before, but I refused him. I didn't expect that he would come here to take my wine glass, Ling Mo Feng. Do you believe me? I have nothing to do with him. "

Ling Mo Feng saw that her anxious eyes were red, and he was about to cry. He stepped back and relieved her of the oppression. His fingers twisted a little discontented on her white face: "I will let him go!"

"You Do you really want to do this? " LAN Yanxi chuckled. He didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to be so cute and childish.

"Of course, I will never allow someone like him to be around you." Ling Mo Feng's mental activity just now is not to let Qiao Zhuo go. He wants to chop the bastard's hand.

"Although I think it's a bit inhumane for you to do so, but you can transfer him to another place. I'm actually troubled." Lanyanxi really doesn't like Qiao Zhuo's behaviors. If you like someone who interferes with each other's life, you will become selfish.

"Yan Xi, are you well?" Ling didn't want to waste his precious time alone on others. He put his hand to her forehead and pasted it. He saw that her forehead was warm and cool, but he still loved her.

"No, there are two days left!" LAN Yanxi was relieved and liked his gentle eyes, which made her feel his care and warmth when she was in a foreign country.

"Then you should take your medicine on time..." Between men's words, thin lips have been attached to her slightly raised mouth corner, and she wants to kiss her mouth corner gently and gently.

"Don't It will infect you! " When lanyanxi knew what he wanted to do, he was scared and hurriedly reached out to push him away. He was still ill. In case of infection, it would not be very good.

Unfortunately, the more she wants to refuse a man's kiss, the thin lips that the man just lingered at the corner of her mouth are instantly covered on her lips, deepening the kiss.

Lanyanxi's brain emptied and her whole body was tight and straight. She pushed her two small hands on her chest and pulled his skirt tightly. She had no strength to push him away. She could only pull him to her side.

Ling Mo Feng is going crazy. He holds her tightly and doesn't want to loosen it.

LAN Yanxi's brain is dizzy. He can't stand stably. He can only touch his chest soft and feel his gentle and domineering kiss. I really hope that time will stay here and not flow away.

"Hope!" Men's thin lips, leaving her lips, against her ears, whispering her name, tender like water.

"Well!" Lanyanxi is also very emotional at the moment. She feels that she can care about nothing, even life and death. She just wants to be with him.

"My plane leaves tomorrow morning, tonight Do you want to be with me? " Ling Mo Feng asked in a low voice in her ear.

"Really?" LAN Yanxi shivered a little and immediately pushed him away. His eyes were enchanted and looked at him: "where do you live tonight?"

Ling Mo Feng saw that the whole excited person was awake, and his thin lips could not help lifting up: "don't worry, I will arrange it, I just want to hear your answer."

"Nonsense, of course I want to be with you. Send someone to pick me up in the evening!" LAN Yanxi was relaxed.