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When Mu Shi Ye brought these cute and colorful toys over to his daughter, the little guy was indeed moved.

He immediately threw away the bottles in his hands, and the two short hands impatiently grabbed the cute little dolls that Mu Shi Ye handed over.

When Mu Shi Ye saw that his daughter had finally been duped, a complacent smile appeared on the enchanter's handsome face.

Pei An Xin watched as his daughter caused trouble for Mu Shi Ye, but did not help. Instead, he just watched, wanting to make this man pay for whatever feeling of heartache he felt.

"This won't do … Cheng Cheng, Daddy will bring you out to buy a lot of toys right now, okay? This is for dad to keep. " When Mu Shi Ye saw the little fellow reaching out its hands to grab his most beloved model, his handsome face almost fell off.

"I want... "Play!" When the little guy saw that he was holding the model up high and didn't give it to her, she immediately stamped her foot and cried out in a childish voice.

Seeing that Xiao Budian was about to cry, Mu Lin immediately snatched the model from his brother's hands and gave it to him.

Mu Shi Ye saw that this fellow did not directly take the model and was about to put it in his mouth, so he hurriedly looked towards Pei An Xin for help.

"This thing is poisonous, we can't let her eat it. Hurry up and persuade her."

Pei An Xin was originally watching the show from the sidelines, but when he saw the little fellow opening its mouth to bite him, he walked over and gently advised: "Cheng Cheng, this is not something that can be eaten, if you eat it your stomach will ache, let go."

"Mummy, eat …" If the little fellow felt that he couldn't eat it, then the Mummy would definitely be able to, so he passed it over.

"Mummy won't eat, Mummy is full!" Pei An Xin coaxed her and pointed to his stomach.

The little guy swayed its little body and walked in front of Mu Shi Ye.

Mu Shi Ye's handsome eyes suddenly opened wide. This little fellow wouldn't treat this as food, right?

"Daddy, eat …" The little guy's hands were aching as he held them up. He was thinking anxiously, "Why isn't Daddy eating yet?"

Mu Lin immediately gave his brother a meaningful glance. "A child is playing with you, I'll let you eat. Just pretend to eat it, otherwise, she'll be angry."

"I... "Fine!" Mu Shi Ye really didn't know that there were so many strange things about him that his handsome face creased into a frown.

He pretended to open his mouth in an attempt to eat, but the little guy directly stuffed it into his mouth and giggled incessantly.

Mu Shi Ye was about to collapse this time, he immediately vomited, the strong smell of plastic almost made him vomit.

The little guy saw that he was really vomiting and smiled even more happily. Suddenly, it felt that its daddy had fun, so it walked over and patted Mu Shi Ye's face with its little hands.

Mu Shi Ye turned around and saw the pink face under the sunlight. It was as exquisite as a little angel that had fallen into the mortal world.

The sunlight shone down from behind her, causing Mu Shi Ye's heart to feel like it was about to melt.

Although the little fellow was a curious baby, very mischievous and a little naughty, Mu Shi Ye only wanted to hug her fiercely and give her a light kiss.

This time, when Mu Shi Ye reached out to hug Cheng Cheng, the little guy obediently didn't refuse his embrace, and only observed him with a pair of jet-black eyes that blinked.

"Daddy!" Mu Shi Ye immediately and gently coaxed her.

"Daddy!" Although the little guy couldn't finish his sentence, he could clearly hear the words coming out of his mouth.

Mu Shi Ye's thin lips instantly curled up as he laughed incomparably happily, "Good girl!

Mu Lin watched from the side and instantly felt a lot better. She had the urge to give birth to her own child to play with him.

"Congratulations, you've succeeded in making her happy. Come here, help me carry some things." Pei An Xin suddenly said.

Mu Shi Ye carried her daughter and followed her to the side of the carriage. Pei An Xin placed a heavy bag in front of him and said, "I have to travel tomorrow night, for three days, during these three days, the child will be handed over to you to take care of. As the father of her daughter, I will always be worried about you, and you will definitely take care of her carefully.

"Hey, Xin, what do you mean? You just gave Cheng Cheng to me, and you're going on a business trip? Shouldn't you have stayed with me for a few days? " Mu Shi Ye was shocked to the extreme.

Pei An Xin looked at him and shrugged his shoulders, "I can't help it, my job is very important, although Cheng Cheng is also my most important treasure, but doesn't she have you now? As your father, you must take good care of her. Wait for me to come back. "

"What exactly do you do? You still need to travel? " Mu Shi Ye immediately frowned.

"You know my profession. I'm an interior designer now, and this time there's a very big project. My boss gave it to me to talk about, and if it succeeds, I can get promoted. I really value this opportunity." Pei An Xin told him in all seriousness.

"It's just a position as a designer. Is it more important than your daughter? I can give you anything you want. " Mu Shi Ye was immediately angered by her words. He felt that she had abandoned her daughter just for a chance to be promoted.

After Pei An Xin heard this, his small face instantly turned cold: "Not everyone can choose their birth. You are a Young Master of the Mu Family, of course you would look down on the position that I have struggled for.

"No, I'll bring …" Mu Shi Ye said anxiously.