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He's going to do it

Tang You You sat in the car, looking out the window at the sunlight, she suddenly felt that her life was indeed beautiful, she really shouldn't have sealed all the old things.

Throw away the baggage, live the simplest and lightest life, this is the ideal life.

Tang Xiao Rui walked over and said seriously: "Mummy, I just found out today that the building we saw when we got off the plane that day was Dad's company."

"Oh, how did you know?" Tang You You smiled and asked him.

"The Uncle Yuan gave me an introduction to the history of my father's family. When I read it, I realized that the building belonged to my father."

Tang You You stroked his little head: "Didn't you want to go in to take a look? "One day, let your father take you to see it."

"Is it grand?" Tang Xiao Rui could not help but ask curiously.

"Yes, very generous." Tang You You nodded in acknowledgement.

"Then when can I get dad to take me to the company? I really want to go and take a look! " Tang Xiao Rui was beginning to have his little dream.

"When your dad comes back, you can ask him!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he carried the information kit and walked upstairs.

"Mummy, did you know that the building belongs to father?" Tang Xiao Rui asked again, a little dissatisfied.

Tang You You stopped in the middle of the stairs. "Yes, I already knew that."

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier!"

Tang You You was startled: "I might have forgotten!"

Tang Xiao Rui, "..."

"Stupid Mummy!"

Tang You You shook his head and chuckled. Sigh, from the looks of it, it would be difficult for him to have a lofty image in front of the children in the future.

Tang You You sat on the balcony and spread the information on the glass table. The light above her head was bright as she carefully compared the guests that were invited.

Looking at the densely packed names, Tang You You felt dizzy, and didn't know what to do.

Fortunately, she had the help of her godmother, who had already helped her settle some of the important guests.

Immediately after, Tang You You began to arrange the seats for the less important guests one by one.

"What are you doing? So serious! " Just as Tang You You was reciting the numbers and name, a deep male voice came out.

Tang You You abruptly raised her head and unknowingly, Ji Xiao Han was actually standing in front of her.

"I've been standing here for a minute and you still haven't noticed me? When did I lose all sense of existence? " A certain someone was very sad and also very disappointed.

Tang You You hurriedly straightened his body and said somewhat embarrassedly: "I really didn't notice that you're here, why aren't you supporting yourself?"

"No one has ever needed my reminder before. You're getting bolder and bolder." Ji Xiao Han walked to her side and pulled a chair over to sit.

Tang You You could not help but chuckle, "Are you still so narcissistic? Your habit is not good, causing your son to be exactly the same as you.

"The reason for my narcissism is because I have the confidence and capital. Not everyone has the qualifications to do so." Ji Xiao Han explained boldly and confidently.

Tang You You shrugged his shoulders, "Alright, I won't argue with you anymore. You always have your own reasons, aren't you going to go downstairs and accompany your children? I'm busy right now. "

"What are you busy with? Maybe I can help! " Ji Xiao Han turned his body and looked at the names on her laptop.

"You won't be able to help me. I'll have to arrange the guest seats for you. Who knows which one of your identities will be more valuable?" Tang You You said a little proudly.

Ji Xiao Han glanced at them, and sure enough, he did not recognize many of them. Of course, he disdained knowing these people.

"It doesn't matter if the others are heavy or not, but you have to make the first six spots available to me." Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

"Why? I've already arranged everything for you. " Tang You You muttered. He felt that Ji Xiao Han was not here to help her, but was instead here to fill in the chaos.

"Because the ones sitting on these seats will have a greater background than everyone else present!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he started to recite. "I have already helped you invite brother Luo He Ning, sister Mu Shi Ye, and … Me and the child! "

"Ah …" Tang You You was completely dumbstruck, and looked at him with disbelief: "You … What are you doing here! "

When Ji Xiao Han heard her surprised expression, he actually asked her where she was going?

Was this woman scared silly?

"Isn't the press conference you're hosting supposed to be attended by me as your boyfriend? Furthermore, I believe that the two little fellows must also be extremely interested to witness the results of their Mummy's hard work for so many days. " Ji Xiao Han's explanation was extremely reasonable.

Tang You You became even more surprised, but after that, she realised that she had been too surprised, and quickly adjusted her expression: I didn't say that I despise you for coming, I just felt that for this kind of new press conference, with your identity as well as Young Master Luo and Young Master's, it's really not appropriate for you guys to come, right? After all, your people are too strong!

Ji Xiao Han rolled his eyes at her: "Don't you want to make this press conference as eye-catching as possible? Aren't you trying to make a name for yourself by selling your products? I invited my friends to support you, so you should be grateful to me.

It was only then that Tang You You realized that poverty had really limited the space in her imagination. What his godmother said was right, she still did not know how to use her connections, which was a huge weakness.

"To be honest, I really didn't think you would come here, so I didn't even mention anything to you about this press conference." It was only then that Tang You You realized that his experience in the work area was truly too little.

"You've already invited my younger brother. It wouldn't make sense if you didn't invite me, right?" Ji Xiao Han's gaze concentrated on her small face, and her voice revealed some sort of dumbfoundedness.