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Ji Tingyan stares at tieting angrily. The man directly reaches out to hug her waist and takes her forcibly into his room. The decoration inside is very ordinary. It's all rattan tables, chairs and sofas. It's a simple big bed.

As soon as Ji Tingyan came in, she found that the man's arm around his waist suddenly tightened. Then, his tall body sat on the chair, bringing her into her arms. At this moment, Ji Tingyan sat directly on his leg, blushing.

Ji Tingyan struggles a little and hears the man's low voice: "don't move."

Ji Tingyan looks at him with beautiful eyes. Seeing that his eyes are heavy, she seems to want to eat people. She has no choice but to keep still.

Feting looked at her carefully. Her temperament was very special. She didn't like to be coquettish and frown like other girls. She was gentle like water, tolerant of all things, calm like ice, cold and independent. Feting liked the confident and independent temperament in her bones.

Ji Tingyan was a little embarrassed when he looked at her, so she buried her head on his shoulder.

"Why come to me?" The fragrance of the woman makes Bonnie's body tense. When her soft skin rubs gently on her neck, Bonnie has a feeling of being baked by fire. The blood in her body begins to accelerate and gather at a certain point. He can't stand it. His voice is hoarse.

"Come if you want, for no reason." Ji Tingyan's reply was still a little annoyed.

"Why did your big brother let you come here? Doesn't he know it's dangerous here? " Tie ting and his future uncle blame each other.

"My eldest brother may want to marry me out as soon as possible. When I go home this time, my mother arranges me to have a blind date." Ji Tingyan said stiffly that since she knew her identity, she didn't hide it from him. Let's just say it and see what he said.

The man shakes all over his body, pushes her away from his arms, eyes deep, and stares at her nervously: "so you're going to see them?"

"I've come to see you. I haven't seen anyone. You're also my date. My eldest brother wants me to come to you, and your grandmother wants me to come to you." Ji Tingyan chuckles, thousands of amorous feelings, all leap into her eyes, the man's mind shakes.

"I'm your date?" This identity, let the man dislike, he big palm bad lightly pinched on her waist branch: "why don't you tell your mother, you have boyfriend?"

"Where is my boyfriend? I'm not such a casual person. We've only known each other for a few days. We haven't reached the boyfriend yet. " Ji Tingyan deliberately annoys him, who let him see her joke.

The man's eyes narrowed, and he stared at the woman's stubborn mouth dangerously. Next second, he suddenly hugged her, seemingly domineering but actually gently threw her on the bed. Next second, he pressed his body to declare his sovereignty.

Ji Tingyan didn't expect that tie Ting would be even worse. Even if she pinched her, she still wanted to play macho?

She's not afraid. Cheng Yue has several boyfriends. Ji Tingyan feels that she has lived in vain for 28 years. What's the point? Besides, the man in front of her is very attractive. If she misses, she will be sorry for herself.

Tie Ting wants to hear her revolt, fear and push herself, but in fact, her soft waist makes him press. She doesn't cry or make trouble, or scold people angrily, but lies quietly, with beautiful appearance and blurred eyes, as if waiting for his satisfaction for a long time.

Tie Ting miscalculated. Instead of frightening her, she frightened herself.

"Nai!" His voice was low and rapid again.

"What? Is there no further step? " Ji Tingyan squints her eyes. The Queen's temperament is very clear.

Tie Ting's breathing is sluggish, and Jun's eyes are wide open. Then he laughs angrily: "are you thinking about the next step? Are you not afraid of me? "

"If I'm afraid of you, I won't come. If I come, I'm not afraid of you." Ji Tingyan answers him with great pride.

Tie Ting was a little frustrated. It was clear that he was holding her down. However, he was held down by her. No way. He was a man. It was not his personality to admit defeat, nor should it belong to him to be soft. He had been domineering for 30 years, and no one wanted to hold him back.

The man immediately reached out to unbutton her lapel. Today, Ji Tingyan is dressed like a lady. She is a strict dress reward. The button is directly tied to her neck. She doesn't need to show any skin, but she is full of femininity.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes smiled, but she still didn't move. Tie Ting bit her teeth secretly, and her movement accelerated. Soon, her white jade skin appeared like snow. In this rough environment, her white and flawless skin was like a piece of jade, which was so scarce that people couldn't move their eyes.

Tie Ting's breath gradually sank. He suddenly felt that he was a bit of a jerk. When she came, he wanted to eat her.

Ji Tingyan only felt a little cold. She subconsciously moved to his arms. The thin lips of the man kissed her fair skin, and she could not help shivering.

Ji Tingyan's brain is not afraid of binding thunder, but her body is honest. She is afraid.

Feeling her trembling, the man smirked triumphantly: "if you are afraid, you can stop."

Ji Tingyan is so ashamed and annoyed that she is teasing her again. She doesn't stop shouting. Some kind of girl has done her job here. Anyway, she wants to marry someone.

Tie Ting is really afraid of losing control of herself. This woman is afraid to die. She is as hard as a duck. She is hard. He only has to be soft.

He buttoned her up directly and patted her on the cheek tenderly: "xiaonai, will I have to obey you when I get married?"

Ji Tingyan is stunned. Why do men say that?

"I don't care about you, just leave me alone." Ji Tingyan is an independent woman in the new era. She feels that her love and marriage should go with the flow, rather than all kinds of restrictions, so there is no freedom.

Men just smile and don't talk. Is this woman ready to get married? In marriage, one side always needs to compromise with the other, otherwise, two strong people will lead to collapse until they have no strength to toss.

Ji Tingyan saw him sit up and sighed, wondering, "are you not interested in me?"

Tie Ting just pressed down the impulse, heard her grievance complaint, his eyes smiling coagulate her: "if so, will you be angry?"

Ji Tingyan brain a stop, immediately stood up: "farewell."

Tie Ting's frightened hand pulled her back to her arms and pressed her tightly: "where do you want to go? Don't leave if you come. I'll take you home for two days. "

"You take me back? Why? I don't want to go back. I want to be here all the time. " Ji Tingyan is not afraid. She is more afraid to leave him now.

"You can't be here. It's dangerous." Tie Ting is not discussing with her, he said seriously.

"So you're here, too? If you are in danger, I will be worried. " Ji Tingyan held him tightly with her backhand.

I feel that the woman's arms are too tight, the man's heart is satisfied, so fast, she can't leave him?