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C1491. Get her over here

Next to him, a little boy immediately handed Ling Mo Feng a cute hand drum: "uncle, I can play with this toy for my sister!"

Ling Mo Feng smiled and thanked him: "little friend, can you help this aunt coax her little sister? She seems to like you very much! "

The man stooped down, reached out and touched the little boy's head gently, and asked him with a light smile.

The little guy who was still crying just now stopped crying when he saw the colorful little hand drum. He grinned and stretched out his short hand to catch it.

Ling Mo Feng gave the child back to the mother. She held out her hand and took her daughter back. When Ling Mo Feng went away, she was relieved. It wasn't a dream. It was really the vice president.

It is said that he is a good leader with temperature. It was not a rumor, it was true. She really felt his care and warmth.

Ling Mo Feng walked all the way to see the injured people, but also sad.

When he came to the last rescue shed, Ling Mo Feng just bent down to talk to a wounded man. The man hid his hand under the quilt. Suddenly, a pistol came out and shot Ling Mo Feng fiercely on the chest.

This scene came so suddenly that no one reflected it. Everyone was shocked. Fortunately, Cheng Yuan reflected it the fastest. She fired two shots at the man in a row. The man died in a flash.

"Sir..." Everyone nearby was scared and rushed forward to care for Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng retreated two steps and got shot, but there was no blood flowing out. However, such a close shot made Ling Mo Feng's chest dull and painful. After a while, he slowly came back and raised his hand to swing to the people around him: "I'm ok, I'm wearing bullet proof clothes, he didn't hurt me!"

Fortunately, when Ling Mo Feng came, he took very good protective measures, so at this time, when the other side shot at him, he was not fatal, but he was hit by the bullet, still in pain.

"Sir, it's too dangerous to get out of here!" Cheng Yuan is also scared to death. If something happens to Ling Mo Feng in her hand, how can she explain to Chu lie and how can she face Yan Xi.

When this happened, the scene was immediately alerted. Some innocent people were quickly transferred, leaving the scene, and someone began to investigate the dead.

Ling came back to the safe leisure room. He took off his clothes and took the bullet from the bullet proof vest. The bullet was actually about to penetrate the bullet proof vest and touch his skin. Fortunately, everything was safe.

Lingmo Feng knew that this was a very dangerous trip, but he didn't expect that he would die. If there were not a group of loyal subordinates who would follow the people to the death, he really didn't have confidence and could leave here alive. But maybe this is the charm of faith. Only by uniting, can we retreat together. He is not afraid of harm, just afraid that people will cool.

Ling Mo Feng is in danger in the disaster area. At this moment, in the urban area more than 200 kilometers away from him, blue microfiber is staying in the hotel. She stands in front of the glass window, looking at the darkness in the distance, wondering where Ling Mo Feng is now and whether she has reached the disaster area.

In fact, she can drive to find him now, but she is afraid of death. Yes, she is really afraid of death. She dare not drive alone. She is also afraid of Ling Mo Feng's safety. She is afraid that some gorgeous and cheap goods around her will take the opportunity to win his favor, borrow the life of care, gain his trust, and fear that some women will be superior.

Blue fiber is very boring, so when she's not happy, she won't make others too happy, so her first thought is blue Yanxi.

Blue cilia sneers from the corner of his mouth, takes out his mobile phone, quickly presses a message with his fingers, and sends it directly to blue Yanxi's mobile phone, and deliberately matches a view out of the window.

"Guess where I am?" The content of blue fiber is conveyed to blue Yanxi's mobile phone.

Lanyanxi now took a bath, had dinner, dressed in a nightgown, sat cross legged on the bed, repeatedly brushing the relief situation, hoping to have the latest news released, so as to give her a peace of mind.

At this moment, it's early morning, but lanyanxi is not sleepy at all. The more she brushes, the more she is energetic.

She thought it was Ling Mo Feng who sent the tone of the text message from her mobile phone. She reached for her mobile phone and saw the name of blue fiber.

She was shocked. Why did blue fiber send such news to her suddenly in the middle of the night.

"I'm not interested to know!" LAN Yanxi returns to her deliberately so as to encourage her to tell the truth.

With a sneer, LAN Xianxian knew that Lan Yanxi was indifferent to Ling Mo Feng. She was so angry that she had to stop guessing with fun and said directly, "Ling Mo Feng brought me here for disaster relief. Aren't you really jealous?"

LAN Yanxi's face changed suddenly when she heard this sentence. She really wanted to call directly to make it clear, but in the end, she resisted it. She could not show the real reflection, otherwise, all the previous disguises would be wasted.

"Is it? What are you doing there? I don't think you have any charity! " LAN Yanxi continued to jeer at her.

LAN Xianxian sees that Lan Yanxi even cares about her. She doesn't want to send any more messages, so she calls LAN Yanxi directly.

Lanyanxi expected that she would definitely call to show off. She deliberately waited for a long time to answer.

"Why don't you know I'm playing games?" LAN Yanxi was very impatient immediately. He deliberately pressed on the computer keyboard and pretended that he was playing the game.

"Lan Yanxi, if you let Ling Mo Feng know that you don't care about him at all, he will be very cold." Blue fiber sneered.

"It doesn't matter if so many people care about him, more me and less me. I wonder what are you doing there? I don't believe that Ling Mo Feng took you there. You must have followed him secretly. What do you want to do? You won't be clear about your relationship with him until now. I can remind you, don't spoil my engagement banquet with him. " LAN Yanxi sneered and sneered.

"Lan Yanxi, are you selfish? You don't care about him or love him. Why should he marry you? I tell you, even if I follow him secretly, it also proves that I am sincere to him. Wait, I will let him know how much I like him. At that time, let him mention it to Grandpa, and marry me directly instead of being engaged to you! " Blue slender one face complacent sneer.

"Hey, don't mess with him. He is your future brother-in-law. You have to deal with him. You are shameless and immoral!" LAN Yanxi immediately scolded her angrily.

"Why, I'm afraid of you at last, LAN Yanxi. I can't blame you for that. You don't know how to cherish him. Have you ever heard of the saying" the moon comes first near the water? "? Ling Mo Feng is here alone now. As long as I take care of him gently, he will surely remember me deeply. Wait and see. This is my chance to reverse. I will never miss it! " Blue fiber is more and more extraordinary, but this is what she thought and expected.

"Blue fiber, I'm going to be engaged to him soon. I warn you, stay away from him!" LAN Yanxi immediately shouted angrily.

"What? Are you in love with him? Jealous? " Blue fibril immediately laughed and was in a good mood.

"It's not about love. It's about my life and death. Of course, I need to pay attention to it. If you dare to destroy my marriage, I'll go to Grandpa and file a complaint!" LAN Yanxi is also worried about Ling Mo Feng's comfort at the moment. At the same time, he is really worried that the blue fiber will make the black hand. If Ling Mo Feng doesn't take precautions and wins her move, it will ruin his reputation.

No, she would never let blue fiber do such shameless things.

"You go. If you are not afraid to be angry with Grandpa, you will go. I am afraid that you will not succeed. Unless you come to me now and keep watching me for a moment, I will start when I find the opportunity!" LAN Xianxian suddenly has a vicious plan in his heart. If LAN Yanxi comes here without invitation, I don't know if he will annoy Ling Mo Feng. After all, Ling Mo Feng has a common relationship with her. If LAN Yanxi does something he doesn't like, he may even hate her more.

LAN Xianxian loves watching LAN Yanxi do stupid things.