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Bai Yiyan's appetite has decreased a lot recently. The whole person is thin, and occasionally she is dizzy.

Liu Xiaoxing came in with her mobile phone, saw her reach out to press her head again, and hurriedly came to care: "Xiaoyan, you are really stubborn, I want you to go out to see a doctor, you can't live or die, you can't do this."

"I don't want to make trouble for him any more. This is home and not abroad. I can come up with it. Although I'm not a star for a long time, my face is easy to recognize. I must have a cold again. Just drink more hot water!" Bai Yiyan knows that her face will cause trouble. She doesn't want to go out at all. "

I asked lengfei to go out and buy you a pregnancy test stick. I think you may be pregnant. Xiaoyan, you are pregnant with Ji's son. I should congratulate you!" Liu Xiaoxing and Bai Yiyan have been together for a long time, and they have the feeling of friends for her. At this moment, they feel that she is pregnant, and her hard life is over. Yi Yan's expression is complicated. She doesn't know if it's a happy event. She feels that her life is difficult to control. Where is her future? She feels so fuzzy.

Leng Fei pushes the door in and hands the medicine he bought to Liu Xiaoxing: "I asked the doctor. A woman is pregnant, so she can't take the medicine randomly. Now I only buy a pregnancy test stick."

Bai Yiyan took the pregnancy test stick and went into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out pale. "

How about that? What is the result? " Liu Xiaoxing asked in a hurry.

"Two bars!" Bai Yiyan has a hunch that she may be pregnant. When she was in the small town with Ji Yueze, neither of them paid much attention. "What do you mean by the two bars?" Liu Xiaoxing is also an unmarried woman, now her face is covered. Cold

Fei explained: "two bars means pregnant!" "

really? Xiaoyan, are you really pregnant? " Liu Xiaoxing was delighted and shouted. However, Yiyan did not dare to taste the joy. The sadness at the bottom of her eyes was more serious. "

Xiaoyan, what's the matter with you? Not happy? You have a baby. You and the kids with fewer seasons must be very beautiful. " Liu Xiaoxing holds Bai Yiyan's arm and whispers.

"Of course I'm happy!" Bai Yiyan said with a wry smile and tears in her eyes: "little Liu, lengfei, can you keep this secret for me? Don't tell him now. Let me think about it again!"

Liu Xiaoxing sees Bai Yiyan's expression. She pinches the palm of her hand in fear. Then she says dryly: "that Xiao Yan, it may be too late. I just went out and called Ji Shao. If there is no accident, he may It's coming! "

"What?" Bai Yiyan didn't expect Liu Xiaoxing to have called Ji Yueze. Her face was stiff again. Half an hour later, Ji Yueze really came, and he came with a middle-aged man.

Ji Yueze stepped into the living room, with a beautiful face and joy: "this is Dr. Xu, let her show you!"

Liu Xiaoxing is next to her finger, pretending to be aggrieved. Bai Yiyan doesn't blame her. She cares about everything. Xu

the doctor asked a wave of questions every day, and there was a pregnancy test stick as evidence. To be sure, Bai Yiyan was really pregnant, and it has been two months. "

Xiaoyan, I didn't expect you to be pregnant. On the way here, I thought I was dreaming. Now with Dr. Xu's affirmation, we really need to have children." Ji Yueze's endless joy has automatically generated a small face in his mind. With such a good gene, the child must be a beautiful little guy.

Bai Yiyan nodded and smiled: "Yeah, I didn't expect it. It's just that this kid is too good at timing. We are like this now. I don't know how to meet him." "

Xiaoyan, do you remember what I told you before? With children, we can go and ask grandma to make it. My grandma likes children best. " Ji Yueze is now thinking of a solution. "

is that ok? Will your grandmother feel that I have this baby on purpose to beg for her forgiveness? She must think that I have the means to play tricks on her. " Bai Yiyan is not as optimistic as Ji Yueze at the moment. Her mentality has changed. She can't expect good things to fall on her. "

no matter what my grandmother thinks, the child has already been born, she will be more or less tolerant." Ji Yueze feels that what she said is reasonable. It seems that this matter can't be solved.

"Otherwise, let's not ask her for forgiveness first. I'll give birth to the baby." Bai Yiyan really didn't dare to see the old lady again. She still remembered that when she first entered the gate of Ji's family, the old lady liked her very much. At that time, even she felt that she could marry into Ji's family to be her granddaughter-in-law in the future. Unfortunately, whether it was shallow or not, she became the one she hated the most along the way.

"Well, you're pregnant now, and you're weak. Let's not talk about it first. I'll change your place to live and find someone to help you with your health. I can't hurt you any more." Ji Yueze looks at the emaciated and delicate woman in front of her. She is extremely distressed. If she didn't meet her at the beginning, her life might be different. But it's just because she was forced to leave by her bullying one time and another that she was not allowed to leave that she has today's life. He should take full responsibility. "

OK, listen to you!" Bai Yiyan can't make her own decision at the moment. She trusts him completely.

Ji Yueze reaches out and embraces her gently. Doctor Xu and Liu Xiaoxing look embarrassed and wait outside the door.

Bai Yiyan gently closed her eyes, greedily breathing the air with him. She was very familiar with his breath.

"I'll discuss with Siyu and ask her to do me a favor so that I can come to accompany you every day!" Ji Yueze's brow is slightly twisted and starts to think of a way. She is pregnant and can't let her live alone. He must accompany her and experience all this together. "

Miss Yang is such a good person, so help us." Bai Yiyan has a good impression on Yang Siyu. She suddenly feels that there are more good people in the world. Only good people don't do evil can show that bad people are too bad.

"Yes, she is very nice!" Ji Yueze nodded in favor.

Ji Yueze gets up, dials up a phone and asks Yang Siyu for something. Yang Siyu readily agrees. Bai

after hearing Ji Yueze's words, Yiyan stood up in surprise: "how can you let her live with us?"

"Yes, I'll find a bigger villa. Then we'll all live together, and I can accompany you every day!" Ji Yueze is more and more brave now, maybe because he is happy with his children. "

in this way, will it be too difficult for others!" Bai Yiyan can't laugh or cry. She always feels that this method is risky.