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C1394 romance with her once

Lan Yanxi found that Ling Mofeng was really sincere to her, and compiled the information of some people she might meet in the future, and also carefully analyzed them one by one, so that she would take less time in her future work. Detours, less touch of minefields, just sorting out this large amount of information is already a laborious task. Now, I have accompanied her here for more than two hours of Ding Dong, not really love her Man, definitely has no patience.

When everything was over, Lan Yanxi became dry and hurriedly took his cup to drink water.

Ling Mofeng still looked at her with a gentle look and asked, "Did you write down what I said?"

"Roughly remembered, but some will still be forgotten!" Lan Yanxi can only tell the truth, after all, although her memory is good, it is still a bit embarrassing for her to write down these things.

"It's okay, just remember some, and don't understand it later, you can ask me!" Ling Mofeng laughed warmly, but did not force her to be a good student who listened carefully.

"Ling Mofeng, are you all preparing for me? It must take you a lot of time?" Lan Yanxi looked at him with a touch of affection.

"No matter how much time it takes, I hope you have the ability to protect yourself." Ling Mofeng said softly.

Lan Yanxi turned and flung into his arms, hugged him tightly, and kissed his lips at his neck: "Ling Mofeng, thank you, you are so kind to me, I really do n’t know How grateful you are. "

"You don't need to be grateful to me, all of this is what I should do for you." Ling Mofeng's slightly stiff arm, then gently landed on her back, patted gently, and Wen Yan answered.

"No, there is nothing that should be done, it's all because you care about me, you will do it!" Lan Yanxi's eyes rose again, how lucky she was to meet such a good man, Make her want to spend her whole life loving him.

"Well, it's just to help you point out the reefs on the road ahead. Are you moved like this?" Ling Mofeng felt that it was all he should do, but he moved her to cry, and he felt a little uneasy.

Lan Yanxi sat up from his arms, blinked a little bit embarrassed, and endured the tears that she wanted to flow. Indeed, how could he behave so fragile and lack love, this man would laugh. alone?

"Next, we have a few hours of free time. What do you want to do?" Ling Mofeng looked lazy, and this rare relaxation made him smile.

"You decide, anyway, my mind is messy now and I can't think of any tricks." Lan Yanxi is still digesting what he just said.

"Otherwise, let's watch a movie together. Couples seem to prefer to get together to watch a movie, listen to songs or something!" Ling Mofeng proposed with a light smile.

"You mean, accompany me to the cinema?" Lan Yanxi's eyes lightened slightly.

Ling Mofeng Jun's face remained blank for a moment, and he only hesitated for a moment. He suddenly pinched her waist: "If you want to go, I can go with you!"

"Isn't this convenient? Your identity is special." Although Lan Yanxi wanted to go to the cinema with him to watch a movie, it was disturbing, after all, he was not an ordinary person.

"There is no inconvenience. No one can recognize us in overseas costumes." Ling Mofeng confirmed this idea. After all, he had been her boyfriend for such a long time that he never even had the opportunity to accompany her to go shopping Now, it's just a movie, he must satisfy her anyway.

"Then let's go now." Lan Yanxi also looked forward to it and was able to sit in the cinema with him in hand, and that feeling was still very happy.

Ling Mofeng took out his mobile phone and called Deputy Lieutenant Chu, asking him to arrange this matter, including buying and selling movie tickets to him.

"Sir, is this appropriate?" Vice Admiral Chu expressed a shocked expression, apparently not expecting that Mr. Vice President would like to have romance.

"Cheng Yuan's injury should be better, you go with her." Ling Mofeng said with a smile.

Chu Yan's face warmed up, and she was finally grateful: "Thank you sir, then I will arrange it now."

Hanging up the phone, Lan Yanxi looked at him with a pair of beautiful eyes, "Did you know what?"

"What?" Ling Mofeng asked knowingly.

"Deputy Chu and Cheng Yuan, are they dating?" After Yan Cheng was injured last time, Lan Yanxi never had a chance to visit her again, and she was still worried about her.

"Don't you see it long ago?" Ling Mofeng's thin lips touched her forehead: "Cheng Yuan fits Chu Ling very well, and they can definitely get along well."

"How is this person Chu Chu?" Lan Yanxi asked curiously.

Ling Mofeng nodded surely: "Of course he is a very good person, loyal, responsible, courageous, and also very gentle and careful. Cheng Yuan will follow him and he will be happy."

"Really? Are you exaggerating a bit? Do you say him so well because he is your subordinate?" Lan Yanxi expressed skepticism.

Ling Mofeng Jun's face froze, and he smiled helplessly: "Well, I admit that I am a little selfish, but Chu Yan is really good, let Cheng Yuan contact him to know."

"Well, when I have a chance to meet Cheng Yuan, I will tell her face to face." Lan Yanxi laughed, finally relieved.

"Yanxi, their feelings, let them decide for themselves, you don't have to comment too much." Ling Mofeng was afraid she had a gossip heart, and quickly whispered.

"I know!" Lan Yanxi vomited his small tongue at him, got up and went out.

An hour later, Ling Mofeng and Lan Yanxi came to the city center by car. The theater was on the third floor in the building. Ling Mofeng and Lan Yanxi's cars were parked in the parking lot on the first floor. The time card was just right. , And Cheng Yuan walked over quickly, the two did not wear work clothes, they really look like a couple in love, make people envy.

Lan Yanxi and Cheng Yuan are already very good friends, and naturally they will not feel polite. However, when Ling Mofeng stepped down from the car, Cheng Yuan and Chu Yan looked shocked, and their instincts showed their awe. , Lowered his head and shouted sir.

"Everyone is free, let's go!" Ling Mofeng wore a peaked cap and a mask. Lan Yanxi wore a long hair and wore only one mask. Cheng Yuan and Cheng Yuan walked hand in hand, Ling Mofeng and Chu I followed behind them.

"Yan Xi, I'm so nervous and excited. Mr. Vice President is behind us." After all, Cheng Yuan doesn't have the generous temperament of Lan Yan Xi. She is a soldier, obeys military orders, and respects leadership. This is her job. Therefore, she still couldn't relax herself too much.

"Relax, he's human, and he can't eat people. He just said it was more casual, so you treat him as a friend." Lan Yanxi didn't take Ling Mofeng's honorable status seriously. Here, that's why Cheng Yuan is so persuaded.

Cheng Yuan thought about it, and Lan Yanxi also made sense. Watching movies is a relaxing time, and she should not be nervous.

Ling Mofeng looked through the brim of his hat deeply and tenderly at the girl walking in front of him.

The laughter from time to time made the corners of the man's mouth rise up.

In the crowd, Ling Yanfeng still felt Lan Yanxi was very beautiful and charming, and she could see the freedom and happiness of young girls nowadays.

Arrived at the cinema, Lan Yanxi and Cheng Yuan ran to buy food, Chu Yan has been nervously and vigilantly beside Ling Mofeng, doing protection work.

Lan Yanxi and Cheng Yuan soon held a large bucket of popcorn and a few hot drinks.

"Coffee!" Lan Yanxi held popcorn in her arms, and freed up and handed Ling Mofeng a cup of hot coffee.

"Do you have to eat or drink?" Ling Mofeng couldn't help but whispered.

"Everyone is like this!" Lan Yanximei blinked.

A group of four people entered the movie theater. Chu Zheng, a big man who was upright, even picked a love movie with a little artistic temperament. Therefore, there were almost a pair of pairs of little lovers on the field. Count more.

When Ling Mofeng and Lan Yanxi stepped in, their expressions were slightly awkward.

Chu Ye also felt that he had picked the wrong film, and was about to say a few words of apology, but Ling Mofeng patted him on the shoulder: "You two find a place to sit by yourself."

Chu Yan had to sit down with Cheng Yuan in the upper left position, while Ling Mofeng and Lan Yanxi picked a corner with few people.