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Lu xuanchen's face changed. He took a sip of the wine and didn't answer. After

Ji Ren sighed heavily: "this Tang youyou is Jijia's little grandma. What else do you think about her? Do you really think that she will give up Jishao and run back to you? You don't have to dream this unrealistic dream any more. I feel desperate for you. "

"Touch!" A glass smashed on the floor in front of the agent. Lu xuanchen's face was gloomy. He came over and grabbed the agent's lapel. "I don't want you to talk nonsense anymore!" After

Ji Ren's face was blue and white. He looked down and saw that Lu xuanchen had stepped on the glass slag on the floor. If he hurt his foot, it would be too much.

"OK, xuanchen, let's stop quarreling. I'm wrong. I'm not good. I shouldn't speak ill of your goddess. My mouth is cheap. Let me go first. Be careful of the glass!" Lu

xuanchen stepped back, and suddenly there was a sharp pain in his heel. He looked down and saw that the glass dregs had been inlaid in his white socks, which immediately dyed a bright red. "

Oh, my ancestor, my young master, you have hurt your foot!" The agent saw it and screamed.

Lu xuanchen frowned, went to the sofa and sat down. After

Ji Ren quickly cleaned the glass debris on the ground, and then quickly found the medical box, which was half kneeling in front of Lu xuanchen, lifting his injured leg. "

you are very expensive now. If you miss the trip of a day, how much money will our studio lose? You can't ignore your safety in the future." Agent said while helping him remove the glass slag, stop the blood, and wrap gauze. Cheng and Lu xuanchen didn't hum. His eyes were always warm, like a pool of stagnant water.

"I know it's impossible for me to be with her all my life. I don't need you to remind me!" For a long time, Lu xuanchen seems to have survived, and his eyes have recovered their luster. Ji Ren sighed: "I've never seen such an infatuated person like you. Let your fans know that you're such a dedicated person. I'm afraid you're crazy!" Lu

xuanchen lowered his head and his eyes were slightly red: "of course she supports my dream!"

The agent knew that he was exposing his scar again, reached out and patted him on the shoulder, comforted him and said, "if you are a woman, you can't count after that. Don't think so much." Lu

xuanchen lies on his back on the sofa and says to his agent, "go back, I'm going to have a rest!" As soon as Ji Ren left, Lu xuanchen lay down for a while, reached for a novel beside him, and read it carefully. This

is a new urban romance drama. The reason why he took this drama was that he had read this novel before. The life experience of Jue's hero and heroine was very similar to that of Tang youyou. When the director said that he wanted to audition with him, he was very excited. He just tried it.

Therefore, Lu xuanchen put a lot of personal feelings in the play. He hoped that the woman who married into a rich family to be a young grandmother could see the play he starred in in person in his spare time, and could find some shadows that could accompany him all the time.

Tang youyou's work is getting busier and busier. Now she's Jijia's little grandmother. Her identity has been raised, and even her fame has been rising. I don't know who has hyped it up again. The people who asked her to do the design have also raised the price.

Tang youyou has a lot of lists on hand, so she really decided to go back to work. In the afternoon, she looked through some entertainment news on the Internet, because on the day of marriage, she heard Yang ChuChu mention that Lu xuanchen's recent development momentum was good, and Tang youyou wanted to care about his current situation as a friend.

Of course, it's only limited to seeing his news reports. She won't take the initiative to contact him. There is a personal interview with Lu xuanchen. He is holding two microphones and sitting on a sofa. I don't know if he has embarked on the road of performing arts. His hair style and temperament have changed as a whole, and they are getting younger and younger. There are even some temperament of big boys. However, the hero he plays in the play is the performance of the powerful group. The two contrasting personalities attract more and more fans More.

Tang youyou's eyes fall on Lu xuanchen's face in the video. It seems that he still retains a little shyness and shyness when he was a teenager. It may also be that the host keeps asking his personal emotional questions, which leads to many times that he can't answer them. Jun's face is a little red.

Tang youyou's heart is a little sore, so he quickly turns off the video. I don't know if he's guilty, or if he really loves him. Shortly after Tang youyou turned off the video, Ji Xiaohan called her. "

there is a party in the evening. You should prepare it! Attend with me. " The voice of a man is as deep and gentle as ever. "

OK, come and pick me up!" Tang youyou answered softly. "

are you busy at work?" Asked the season owl lazily. "

How are you? I'm the most lazy person. I'm not tired!" Tang youyou said mischievously. "

that's good, you're going to be tired, I'll be distressed!" When a man talks about love, he is very smooth.

Tang youyou chuckles. "

it's so sarcastic. I'll finish my work first, so that I can accompany you to relax in the evening!"

"OK, I'll go!" The man said hang up, but never hang up, Tang youyou had to hang up first. Xiao Han stares at his cell phone and half basks in the sun. OK, this woman really hangs up. I don't know if I'm married. Ji Xiaohan feels left out by Tang youyou.

Before he was married, he felt that this woman cared about him in all kinds of ways. Even hanging up the phone was a long time ago. But now, she hangs up very quickly, someone is very sad. In the afternoon, Ji Xiaohan went to pick up Tang youyou early because he had a banquet to attend.

Every time Tang youyou attends a banquet, his dress is selected in a Gaoding dress shop. This time, it's no different.

When Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou arrive at the dress shop, the clerk introduces the new products to them. Don

you have a good figure, so you don't need to choose clothes specially. Almost every upper body has a good effect. Tang

youyou looks at a black gauze skirt. The hem is very soft and flexible like a cloud. She likes this feeling very much, walking with wind.

"Is this unconscious neckline too low?" The man's hands around his chest, his eyes on her back and forth, finally, he found a problem. "

No, not at all!" Tang youyou turns to the mirror for two times, and feels this kind of degree is acceptable.

"I can see half of the scenery, and others can see it!" Season owl cold Mi Mou, slightly dissatisfied.