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C1035. It's hard for daddy

In the warm light, two small families came to sit on the bed with their short legs, looking forward to the cold season owl, two bright and beautiful big eyes blinking, not to mention how cute. Look at these two little guys, their tiredness and pressure seem to be relieved. Season

Xiao Han can't help sitting on her daughter's small bed, reaching out to touch her soft hair, smiling and asking: "xiaonai, daddy is a little busy recently, and can't spare more time to play with you, you won't be angry with Daddy, right?"

"No, daddy is so busy. It's just to make money for me. Grandma said that you should be considerate!" Ji xiaonai replied with a serious face, very sensible.

Season owl cold not from of bow head light smile: "small Nai, how do you more and more like the tone that your elder brother talks?" "

because I talk to my brother every day, I sometimes learn his voice and say, daddy, you don't know how popular he is in school..."

"Ji xiaonai!" A quiet voice came from the side, just promised to be good. How could you turn around and forget it.

Ji Xiaohan takes a look at his son with interest, then goes to see his daughter, and immediately asks, "xiaonai, what's interesting about my brother at school? Tell daddy he's curious! "

"Actually A lot of little girls give him things! " Ji xiaonai's mouth is small. The more she says it, the smaller the voice is. At last, only she can hear it clearly. Ji

Xiaorui hurriedly explained anxiously: "no, I didn't receive what they sent. Mommy said that I can't take others' things at will, which is very bad!" Season

Xiao Han looks at his son's nervous red face, then he chuckles: "what's wrong with being able to make people like you? Don't be shy, don't be afraid, daddy is a person who can understand. " Ji Xiaorui thought that Daddy would teach him a lesson. Unexpectedly, he encouraged him to be so open-minded. Ji Xiaorui looked surprised.

Ji xiaonai also silly Huhu of ask: "Daddy, be liked by a lot of people, is really a good thing?"

Season owl cold good-looking sword eyebrow picked slightly: "right, not everyone can have this kind of charm."

"Is daddy also liked by many people?" Ji xiaonai immediately asked curiously.

Season owl cold quiet Mou turned for a while, smile reply: "should some people like me!" In front of children, someone's narcissistic character has also converged. "

will daddy like them? For example, which aunt is beautiful and which sister is beautiful, will daddy like it? " Ji xiaonai doesn't want to hang out with Daddy. She's really curious. Ji

Xiaorui's big eyes narrowed at once. He stared at daddy from the Yin side, as if to hear his answer. Ji has felt the danger from his son's stare. He immediately laughs and gently replies to his daughter: "xiaonai, daddy only likes your mommy. How can he like others? No! "

"Doesn't Daddy like me and my brother, either?" Ji xiaonai's face is aggrieved and her mouth is flat. Season

Xiao Han found that his daughter's brain circuit seemed to be a little straight, and he didn't know how to turn around to think about problems. Alas, who is it like?

"Of course, dad likes you and brother, but it's different from my love for your mommy. We call it love. It's family love for you!" Ji Xiaohan wants to explain it to her daughter so that she doesn't get confused again.

"Oh, is love important, or affection important?" Ji xiaonai is really a question baby. He is curious about everything and wants to answer everything.

Ji Xiaohan can't help being asked by her. It's like someone asked his mother and girlfriend who they should save first. No answer is the best answer.

Ji Xiaorui shakes two calves and is watching daddy's good play.

But unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan turned his eyes directly to him: "Xiaorui, you will answer this question."

When Ji Xiaorui's face was stunned, he immediately complained: "Daddy, you can't answer. Why do you call me to answer? I don't know what love is!"

Ji Xiaohan also wants to give his son a problem. Unexpectedly, the little guy is so smart that he throws the problem back to him. He is handsome and stiff, good boy. "

Yes, my brother doesn't have anyone he likes yet. Daddy, my brother can't answer." Ji xiaonai laughs. It's a sense of achievement that makes daddy embarrassed. Xiao Han can't laugh or cry. OK, he thinks it's more and more difficult for him to educate his children. What should he do?

"Xiaonai, daddy is here to tell you bedtime stories. I just saw a story about magic castle. Do you want to hear it?" Ji Xiaohan is quick to change the subject. "

don't want to listen, I want to hear daddy answer the question just now." Ji xiaonai is not as good as before, she is also black. Xiao Han really wants to hold her daughter's little face and kiss her on her little forehead. At this time, Ji Xiaohan's cell phone rang, almost as timely as saving lives. He took out his cell phone and looked at it, and immediately said, "xiaonai, Xiaorui, go to sleep first, and daddy will take a very important call!" "

who called?" Ji xiaonai was immediately dissatisfied.

"It's your uncle!" With Ji Xiaohan finished, he quickly opened the door and walked out.

The two little guys stared for a long time. Ji Xiaorui showed his hand: "look at you, scared daddy away!" "

daddy can't answer my question. How can he educate us in the future?" Ji xiaonai's mood of bravery and worry suddenly rose. "

you fool, daddy can't answer, not don't want to answer!" Ji Xiaorui immediately scolded. "

you are stupid! Ignore you, I'm going to sleep! " Ji xiaonai directly put the quilt on her body, held her little sheep toy and closed her eyes. Ji

when Xiao Han went out, he answered his brother Ji Yueze's phone. "

What's the matter?" Ji Xiaohan is worried about what's wrong with him. "

brother, I found Bai Yiyan!" Ji Yueze's voice came very quietly. "

When did it happen? How did you find her? " Ji Xiaohan was very surprised. He thought that it would take at least a year and a half to find someone. Unexpectedly, he found it within a month. Is this fate? "

I didn't hope to withdraw from the Internet bar on all sides, but who knows, fate is so ingenious." Ji Yueze's tone is full of pride and happiness. "

Where is she?" Season owl cold not from ask.

"I have settled down in a small town and applied for a job as a teacher in a school. I have a good life!" Ji Yueze said with sarcasm.

"Then you find her and you mess up people's lives." Ji Xiaohan knew that his brother's work style would never be calm.