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C1718. This is the man of his dreams

It's Dusk in a beautiful and quiet small village. On a flat and broad grassland, a number of bonfires have been raised. The blue smoke has been floating to the sky. It's hard to tell which is the cloud and which is the smoke.

Next to it is a very clear stream, winding down from the mountain, passing through the green and luxuriant forest, with dingdong spring water, which does not freeze all year round, and is the living water source of the whole village.

At this moment, the three neighboring villages, the young people staying at home, all came to beat the bustle.

This is an activity in a small village and an important dinner party for young people to have an opportunity to communicate. Therefore, young people who want to end their single life begin to prepare early in the morning.

Ling wennuan has also integrated into this small village. When she heard that Xia ninglan had left here, she felt a lot relaxed. In the next days, she really wanted to enjoy every bit here.

"You see, my brother has a haircut on purpose. It's so ugly." Xiaoyu and lingnuan are standing on the stone beside the village's only way. They knock on the melon seeds and watch the pedestrians walk by.

Ling wennuan watched Xiaoyu's legs shaking, which was very similar. She learned to do the same. After two shakes, she was not strong enough, so she had to recover her gentlewoman's ability to sit.

"Warm sister, will your boyfriend come?" Xiaoyu saw that she kept looking at the end of the road, guessed who she was waiting for, and asked her smilingly.

Ling warm face son some bashful, she spit a melon seed skin, some gas resentful said: "he does not come, I with him."

"Wow, how warm sister is!" Xiaoyu looked at her admiringly.

Ling wennuan is more embarrassed. How do you feel that you are not a good girl?

Some cars came and some motorcycles were refitted on purpose. They drove by very loudly. Lingnuan and Xiaoyu were deaf. They covered their ears and stared at the young people.

"Warm sister, let's go. It's time for us to change. It's time." Xiaoyu took a look at the sky and lived in the village for a long time. She was a little vague about the concept of time. The point of distinguishing time was to see if it was dark.

Ling didn't wait for mu Weicheng. She was a little depressed. However, she didn't want to spoil Xiaoyu's interest. Seeing her appearance, she should be a boy.

When Ling wennuan and Xiaoyu returned home, they saw that Cheng Hui had also changed a set of boy's special clothes. The upper body was divinatory symbols, and the lower body was wide leg pants, showing strong arms, which could show the adult male strength.

Xiaoyu makes a grimace at his brother. Cheng Hui feels embarrassed and scratches his head: "Xiaoyu, don't dawdle, let warm change clothes and play. It's almost time."

Ling warm immediately blessing: "brother Hui, I wish you tonight. "

Cheng Hui was even more embarrassed. He stared at his sister angrily:" Xiaoyu, are you talking in disorder again, otherwise, how can warmth know what I think tonight? "

Lingnuan spits out her tongue, turns around quickly and hides in the room. It's over. Is she selling Xiaoyu indirectly?

Xiaoyu is a living overlord. She is at home, but she walks sideways. Although elder brother blames her, she is not afraid at all. Instead, she puts her hands on her waist and answers with a face that is not convinced: "elder brother, warm sister is also our family. Why can't she know?"

Cheng Hui can't quarrel with her sister, so she has to admit defeat and wave her hand: "well, I'm not really angry again. I'm going to take a step first. You're ready to come here as soon as possible."

When Xiaoyu returned to the room, Ling Nuan smiled sheepishly: "did you tell me your brother's secret? I think he's embarrassed. "

Xiaoyu said with a smile: "don't pay any attention to him. It's not a secret in our family."

Ling Nuan and Xiaoyu changed their national costumes respectively. Ling Nuan was clumsy and could not tie her hair. Xiaoyu helped her to braid several thin braids on her head, and tied several very bright feathers on the tail of the braids. They were colorful and showed a girl like beauty and vitality.

Xiaoyu did it by herself. After knitting several of them, she also tied the feathers. She couldn't help but whisper to Ling wennuan, "sister wennuan, I can't make up. Can you make up for me with your cosmetics?"

Ling wennuan is very happy of course. She is good at making up, so she quickly makes up Xiaoyu with a lovely and sweet look. Xiaoyu sits in front of the mirror and is stunned for a long time: "I have made up, and it's pretty."

Ling wennuan put on make-up for herself. After listening to her words, she couldn't help but chuckle. She almost fainted and dyed her eyeliner. She quickly wiped it off with a paper towel and drew again.

"Xiaoyu, you are really beautiful. You are also beautiful without makeup." Ling warm comfort her.

Xiaoyu was very happy.

Ling warm in order to match today's clothing, specially for their own a slightly thick makeup.

In fact, her facial features are quite suitable for this kind of gradually thick makeup, which can show some beautiful feeling.

Xiaoyu turned around and looked at Ling Nuan under the light. She couldn't help admiring: "Nuan sister, your eyes are so beautiful, just like the moon, they are bright again."

Ling wennuan was amused by her adjectives. She painted a gorgeous lipstick and sipped her lips: "thank you for your praise. Your eyes are beautiful, too."

The two girls boasted about each other and were very narcissistic.

"Come on, I hear the music." Xiaoyu grabs her hand and runs out. Behind them, she follows two local dogs of Cheng's family, as if they are escorting them. Even if there are other dogs coming up to pick up a shirt, they are soon suppressed by the two dogs.

But when they ran to the back of the village, the two dogs suddenly seemed to encounter obstacles and stopped, some of them stopped.

"Gee, what's going on?" Xiaoyu stopped at once and looked at her dog as if she was afraid of something. She turned her beautiful eyes and said keenly, "I don't think I'll meet a wolf? It seems that there are wolves around here. Many chickens in the family are missing. Warm sister, please follow me. "

Ling wennuan was happy at first. When she heard Xiaoyu's words, her face turned pale with fright. She hurried to her side. Xiaoyu was younger than her, but her body was stronger than her. She immediately took a thick tree pole from the side.

Just when the two girls were scared, a huge black figure suddenly appeared in the grass.

"Big black?" Ling wennuan could see at a glance that the dog was an admirer. She couldn't help shouting.

Big black walked over with elegant steps. He also had a collar around his neck. It's easy to identify that it's the dog of Mu Weicheng.

"Wow, this dog is so big. It looks like it has received professional training." At a glance, Xiaoyu saw that it was extraordinary. Ling warm heart a happy, big black here, that means Mu Weicheng has come?

The two dogs of Xiaoyu's family immediately turned around the big black, with a look of respect for it.

Ling wennuan couldn't help laughing. Even his dog is so powerful. He really has a fight with his master.

At this time, two figures, Mu Weicheng and Ba Tai, came along a side road.

"Uncle Batai is here, too!" Xiaoyu immediately laughed.

When Batai heard Xiaoyu call him uncle, he blushed instantly and couldn't help correcting: "Xiaoyu, can you not call me uncle? Although I'm several years older than you, I'm not married yet."

But Xiaoyu spits out her tongue: "who makes you so old and unmarried? I call it according to my generation. You are my uncle."

Ling wennuan's eyes fell on Mu Weicheng. He was wearing simple pants, black army boots, and a black T-shirt. The whole man looked very dignified and awe inspiring, just like Batai behind him, but he was wearing national clothes, just like Cheng Hui's.

"Batai, you and Xiaoyu go first. I'll go with Nuan." Mu Weicheng's eyes could not be moved away from Ling Nuan's body. He seemed to see the spirits in the mountains. In the dim light, she was not beautiful.

When Ling wennuan heard his arrangement, her pretty face suddenly became hot. Her hands were twisted on her chest. Her eyes were shining, but she did not dare to look directly at the man's burning eyes.

How witty is Batai? He immediately called Xiaoyu: "hurry up and don't disturb other people's good times."