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Yang ChuChu's body is still slender, even though she has been pregnant for four months. From behind, it looks like she is not pregnant, but turning around, it highlights.

Luo Jinyu looks at her walking back and forth in front of the floor to floor window. He has a smile on his eyes. Although some people in the company are chatting, saying that he is crazy about staring at his wife, and even taking his little wife with him during working hours, it's hopeless.

Luo Jinyu doesn't care about these people's gossip at all. He likes to take her with him.

"What time do you get off work?"

After watching the night scene for a while, Yang ChuChu turned around and caught the man's eyes on himself. She asked him with a hot face.

"It's almost time to get off work. I'll clean up. Are you tired?"

Luo Jinyu said, and quickly cleaned up the night brought by his mother.

"Not tired."

Yang ChuChu shook her head, and then she whispered, "otherwise, I won't come tomorrow. I'll wait for you at home. Your mother doesn't seem to like me coming here to disturb your work."

"You won't disturb me."

Luo Jinyu listened, and his voice and color were worried: "my mother's idea doesn't mean that it's my way of looking. Don't take it to heart."

"I know, but we can't change your mother's mind. She thinks I'm disturbing you."

Yang ChuChu may be too young. He cares about what elders say and doesn't know how to get along with them.

"If you don't want to come to my place, you can go to your mother's place to play. I'm not sure you're at home alone."

Luo Jinyu thought that she was tired of staying here, so he wanted to change her environment.

"Well, that's fine. I'll go to my mother tomorrow and discuss our marriage with her."

Yang ChuChu nodded, and the corners of his mouth rose again.

Luo Jinyu sorted out the documents on his desk, which led Yang ChuChu to leave the office.

As soon as they arrived at the hall, two reporters rushed to the door. Apparently, they were squatting here to catch the latest news of Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu.

They have been squatting here for nearly five hours. They have come since dark. At this moment, it's almost early morning. They finally wait for Yang ChuChu to come out. They naturally want to hear some latest news.

"Yang ChuChu, it's said that you can know the condition of the fetus in four months. Could you tell me whether you are pregnant with a little princess or a little young master?"

"Your fans are very concerned about your recent developments. Can you tell us about your next work arrangement?"

"Will you continue acting?

I heard that you received a costume script last time. Can you tell us the story development? "

Those reporters are very professional. When they rush in, one person asks a question. The speed makes Yang ChuChu's ears buzzing.

Luo Jin frowns and immediately protects Yang ChuChu.

Meanwhile, on top of two black cars waiting outside, four bodyguards in suits rushed in.

They came quickly and stopped the reporters' inquiries.

"Hurry up, don't disturb Miss Yang's life."

Those reporters were suddenly excited and shouted: "Yang ChuChu, we have been squatting here for more than six hours, and we haven't eaten a bite of dinner, can't you answer a few words?"

When Yang ChuChu saw the frantic faces of those journalists, she was actually disgusted. She respected everyone's work. However, she knew these journalists and had a bad reputation in the circle. She specially dug up the black material history of some artists to copy and gain popularity.

They must be squatting here. They must also want to find something to copy from themselves.

"Yang ChuChu, what are you pretending to be, can't you say something?

You think we don't know. You had an affair with your boss before. "

Those men saw that Yang ChuChu didn't answer, and immediately got a little annoyed. What they said was hard to hear.

Luo Jinyu was still suffering from the disturbance of these people. After all, it's their job.

But when he heard their slander questioning Yang ChuChu's reputation, he immediately got angry and ordered the bodyguards: "tear their mouths."

The bodyguards immediately executed his orders. They slapped the man who was talking in disorder and numbed his eardrum.

Luo Jinyu steps up to them and warns in a cold voice: "don't let me see you, you have seriously disturbed my life."

Yang ChuChu is a person who doesn't want to make trouble. Seeing Luo Jinyu angry for herself, she hurriedly pulls his arm.

"Well, leave them alone. Let them go. Let's go home."

"Luo Jinyu, you may not know what kind of woman she is, just look at her mother..." "I'll pay for the medicine."

Luo Jinyu doesn't wait for them to finish, but directly gives another order to the bodyguard.

At the door of the company, there were several screams immediately. The reporters were beaten with swollen faces and blue noses, which was very sad.

When they are finished, Luo Jinyu has left with Yang ChuChu.

Those reporters who were beaten, now shaking their hands and legs, lie on the car and start to do something.

"Did you record it?

Damn it, I've smashed all my machines. There's not a hundred thousand. "

"It's all recorded. Fortunately, our mobile phone hasn't been found by them."

Although one of the men was tearing his mouth, he still had a proud face: "after a beating and a heat smell, did we make money or lose?"

"Anyway, Luo Jinyu is too heavy. He's stupid for a woman."

"Let's put these recordings online and see how he explains them to people, hum."

Those men also have resentment in their hearts. In addition, they are envious of Luo Jinyu's successful business and marry a popular female star. Naturally, they want to be a demon from him to see if they can make a fortune. Isn't there a saying?

The rich and the rich are in danger.

Yang ChuChu is holding the warm palm of the man nervously. She is still looking back frequently to see the entrance of the company hall.

"You should let your bodyguards do it gently. Don't really hurt them. They are not fuel-efficient lights. They may take the opportunity to copy something bad."

Yang ChuChu said anxiously.

Luo Jinyu is angry and has a handsome face. He comforts: "it's OK. This kind of person should teach. Don't think anyone's privacy can be peeped at. What do you owe them? What are their qualifications to profit from you?"

"I know, but I still don't think it's necessary for me to have the same understanding with people like them. They just talk cheap. Let them say what they want to say..." "No, I won't allow them to speak ill of you."

Luo Jinyu's face is more ugly and cold.

Yang ChuChu listened and was moved to say, "thank you for protecting me. In fact, I've been numb since I heard so much. My mother also said, let me not worry about those people. They have dark and vicious minds, so they will take the same mind to see other people's lives. If there is sunshine in their hearts, they will only illuminate others, It's warm. "

"Your mother is right. Don't take it to heart."

Luo Jinyu loves her very much. She has endured so much from childhood, but she is still optimistic about life.

"I won't think much about it. I'm just worried about you. Maybe I shouldn't have come to provoke you. If you marry a famous girl like you, maybe your life will be very peaceful. No one dares to disturb you easily. But if you marry me, I'm an artist. I bring my own gossip, which inevitably brings you in."

Yang ChuChu's eyes flashed a color of self reproach. Before, she only felt that her love would be vigorous and regardless of anything. Now, she felt that she had a lot of things to think about.

"What do you say that for?

I never despised you. "

The man's heart was shocked, and he quickly put her in his arms.

"I just feel sorry for you sometimes."

The more deeply he loves and cares, Yang ChuChu realizes that it's not right to call a door open.

"I don't want to hear any more such silly words. What we have to do now is to look forward to the birth of our children."

The man's thin lips pressed against her forehead, deep and comforting.