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C1559 broken dreams

Mei Jie died. She died in an unknown way. However, what she said before her death was recorded by the media. The media was not afraid of big things. They were afraid of nothing to explode. Mei Jie's words also pointed to the old president's name. Once they were exposed, the whole country became a sensation, and everyone was talking about it.

Although the old president called someone in time to kill his mouth, it was a pity that he was still a step late. Before she died, Mei Jie dug a big hole for him and almost buried him. The old president hated him so much that his heart would stop beating and he was too painful to breathe.

Mei Jie's powerful assistant has fallen into a miserable situation. Many people are beginning to be afraid. These people who are in panic are those around the old president. They are eager to get rid of their proud identity. Some people have handed in their resignation, some have asked for leave because of illness, some have prepared to flee the country through baggage and money. For a while, the old president's confidants have all done so The birds and the beasts are scattered.

Ling didn't seem to hurt the old president in this, but he was the invisible pusher behind the scenes, driving the evolution and fermentation of the event step by step.

Sin can't be hidden. Sooner or later, it will be revealed. Ling Mo Feng has always believed that even if he doesn't need to dig for evidence deliberately, the old president's failure is too much, enough to crush himself.

Those who have won the hearts of the people will be benevolent, and those who have won the hearts of the people will be merciful. This is the police training that Ling family's father has branded on Ling Mo Feng's heart since he was a child. He can never forget to be strict with himself, cultivate his body and mind, and infiltrate into everything he does, no matter how big or small, which is not against his heart.

This incident caused a panic in China. Many people began to ask the general office to give a reasonable explanation for why the politicians would kidnap innocent children, and how this kind of politics convinced everyone. This is the shame of the country and makes people uneasy.

Ling Mo Feng still talked to the old president alone for this matter.

The old president sat in his office, pale and decadent.

"You came to see my joke? Ling Mo Feng, you win, I lose, what do you want? " When the old president saw that he was not invited, he looked self mocking and sad.

"What don't I want? I just need you to stand up and give an account to the people who once trusted and supported you. " Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is gloomy, and his voice has no temperature.

The old president got up from the big chair, walked slowly and looked old.

"Account? What can I tell them? Ling Mo Feng, aren't you an excellent leader? Otherwise, go and give them an account. " The old president laughed sarcastically.

Ling Mo Feng looks at his indifferent expression. He holds his big hand tightly. If it wasn't for his good cultivation, he would really punch each other in the face to let him know what's next.

"I made a mess, just give you a chance to show, Ling Mo Feng, cherish it." The old president has fully shown that he is invincible if he is shameless.

Ling took a deep breath. It seems that he can't reason with the people in front of him.

"Well, I will cherish this opportunity." Ling Mo Feng gnashed his teeth and left.

Blue fibril stayed in the hotel for two days. Her mood recovered. Suddenly, she thought of the last time she left Li Changsheng out of the way. Her heart shook and her brain quickly turned around.

If she thought Li Changsheng was a pig before, her mind was full of shameful thoughts, but now, she feels that the family property of Li family makes his pig fly a layer of golden light, and blue microfiber doesn't want to lose the chance to become Mrs. Li.

LAN Lin brushed the card and came in. She was surprised to see that Lan Xian was changing clothes in the room, wearing a sexy little dress and a very delicate and charming makeup.

"Sister, are you going out?"

Blue fibril nodded: "yes, I want to ask Li Changsheng out for dinner. Last time I stood him up, I don't know if he was angry."

"Elder sister, Li Changsheng likes you so much, he certainly dare not be angry with you." Lanlin immediately praised her with a smile.

"I hope, I've already done this, and I don't have the qualification to pick up any more. Xiaolin, I've figured it out. As a man, it's almost OK. Since he doesn't have Ling Mo Feng's body, but he has money at best and at worst. Money makes people happy. I'm satisfied. I've decided that if Li Changsheng proposes to me, I will marry him as soon as possible." Blue fiber experienced this injury, the temperament has no frivolous pride, but look down on a lot, but also a lot of tolerance.

LAN Lin sneers at the bottom of her heart. Now she wants to go back and ask for the second place. Is it too late?

Blue fiber also wants to pick up a leak. Ha ha, she will never let her succeed.

If Li Changsheng knew that she had been strengthened by several men, I'm afraid that she would be extremely disgusted.

"Sister, I have to congratulate you." Lanlin smiled in unison.

Blue fiber has always felt blue Lin is sincere to herself, her lovely baby face gives a very sincere feeling.

"I'll go first." Blue fibril lifted the bag, and finally confirmed his dress. Then he opened the door and left.

Lanlin's face suddenly changed. She bit her fingertips and racked her brains. How could Li Changsheng know about it?

Blue fiber sat in the car, took out his mobile phone and dialed Li Changsheng's phone.

"Hello!" Li Changsheng's voice came unhurriedly.

"Changsheng, are you free at night? Last time I didn't have dinner with you, I've been very disappointed. Let's meet tonight. Please invite me to dinner. " Blue fiber voice is full of charming feeling, sweet and greasy. What men love most is women's voice.

"As it happens, I have something to ask you." Li Changsheng hesitated for a moment and finally agreed to come out for dinner.

Hearing what he said, LAN Xianxian immediately thought that he might propose to himself.

Because before, Li Changsheng was very anxious. She wanted to get engaged to her, but she didn't promise. She hung him all the time.

Blue fiber came to Li Changsheng's restaurant full of hope. It was a private club, and the restaurant was on the third floor.

Seeing this kind of place, LAN Xianxian's face immediately turned sour. She hated that men invited her to meet her in this place, which was neither formal nor valued, which made her feel slighted.

However, since it's here, blue fiber will naturally go to the restaurant and have dinner with Li Changsheng.

Blue fiber wriggled to the restaurant and saw Li Changsheng in a box.

"Changsheng, I didn't expect you to arrive before me." Blue fiber smiles and says hello.

Li Changsheng narrowed his eyes. When she came in, he immediately stared at her.

"Slim, you are beautiful today." Li Changsheng stared, his eyes full of bad intentions.

Blue fiber heard his direct praise and pretended to be coquettish: "do you always say nice things to all women?"

"Of course not. I don't know if other women are beautiful, but I've seen you." Li Changsheng said in a pun, got up and went straight to the blue fiber.

Blue fiber look a Zheng, see the man reach over, directly grasp her wrist, let her sit on his leg, together fell on the sofa beside.

"Li Changsheng, what are you doing?" Blue fibril has just been hurt by men, and has an instinctive rejection of men. Li Changsheng's touch makes her feel sick and nauseous, and immediately pushes him away with a black face.

Li Changsheng immediately sneered: "blue fiber, you don't need to pretend. What are you, I don't know?"

"What do you say?" Blue slender face suddenly changed, a pair of eyes fierce stare at Li Changsheng: "do you dare to humiliate me like this?"

Li Changsheng is also hard to hold back. He immediately stands up from the sofa and says with a sneer: "blue fiber, do you insult yourself or do I humiliate you? Don't you know how to count?"

"Li Changsheng, please make it clear to me." Blue fiber is sensitive, originally came with a good idea. Unexpectedly, in just a few days, this man's attitude is so bad and arrogant, she can't bear it.

Li Changsheng suddenly took out his mobile phone from the inner pocket of his coat, and his fingers searched it quickly. Next second, in the dead quiet box, there was a woman's voice, but it was not the normal call.

Blue fibril's face suddenly froze, trembled all over, and his face seemed dead gray.