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C650 incitement to fire

Ji yunning has always been aware of his adoptive father's ambition. He has been locked up for several years because of Ji Xiaohan's affairs. I'm sure he's also very reluctant. In recent years, he seems to have converged all his ambitions in prison, but Ji yunning has sent him several materials and many books about business war. Ji Yun

Ning feels that his adoptive father will come back again.

However, I didn't expect that he would be so impatient. Soon after he came out, he would start his revenge plan. "Daddy, should we think about this again?" Ji yunning doesn't want to help him. She's just afraid of losing the rich and comfortable life in front of her. She's more afraid that Ji Lin's chance to fight back will fail. At that time, she will really become an accomplice, and the consequences will be very serious.

"What else? Do you still love Ji Xiaohan? Can't bear to do it? " Ji Lin immediately looks at her sarcastically. She feels that she has moved her heart towards Ji Xiaohan and doesn't want to hurt him.

Ji yunning's expression was a little pale, and she immediately shook her head: "no, daddy, I have no feelings for him for a long time, and he has been disappointed with me for a long time."

Ji yunning was really cold hearted when he thought of his cold and heartless attitude when she took the initiative to go back to China to find him last time. At one time, she was the most trusted woman he relied on. But now, that woman has become Tang youyou. Ji yunning is really not willing. "Then what are you waiting for? How did I educate you before? I'd rather destroy what I didn't get than give it to others. Since Ji Xiaohan is so merciless to you, why don't you forget him? If you really do that, it's not my daughter. "

Ji Lin immediately fanned the fire of hatred in her heart, hoping to persuade her into his camp.

As expected, Ji Lin's words hurt Ji yunning. Her face became more stiff and white, and her hands were squeezed together subconsciously. Ji Lin continued to fill in the fire, sneering: "do you remember that you once held 5% of Ji's shares? My father liked you so much that he gave you the equity. Do you know how much 5% is? Nearly 30 billion yuan. If you help me succeed in seizing power, I will give

30% equity. At that time, your wealth will be beyond your imagination. " When Ji yunning heard about 30% of the shares, her heart was boiling. Her eyes flashed brightly. She dreamed that she would take back the shares she owned, which really belonged to her. When she was only eight years old, the old man liked her so much that he gave her 5% of the shares of the company. At that time, she was young and didn't know what the shares represented, But now, she has grown up. If she didn't help her dad to lure Ji Xiaohan five years ago, she would have angered Er Lao. I'm afraid that she now holds 5% of the equity, which makes her very rich.

Looking at the flash of light in her eyes, Ji Lin knew that her agitation was very effective. Then, he continued to stab her: "Ji Xiaohan liked you so much in those days. I thought you would marry him eventually. Unexpectedly, he turned around to sleep with other women and two children just because you made such a small mistake. Xiaoning, don't cling to the empty love anymore. Only money can give you a sense of security and better quality Life, Ji Xiaohan is so callous. You took care of him for so long, accompanied him, encouraged him to walk out of the black shadow, but he turned around and forgot you. Now he doesn't even want to see you. Look at

, are you really willing to let this man continue to dominate your life? Can you really see him holding other women in his arms, doting on her, loving her and hurting her to the bone? "

"Please, daddy, don't talk about it. I don't want to hear that!" Ji yunning is now a thousand arrows pierce her heart. Her face is white with pain. She covers her ears and doesn't want to hear another word.

Of course, she was not reconciled. When she saw that Ji Xiaohan was so fond of Tang Youyou, her heart was as painful as being cut by a knife. What made her jealous was that the old lady even recognized Tang Youyou, and secretly warned her not to destroy the feelings of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou.

Why? Obviously, she fell in love with this man first, and this man once moved to her. Now, she can get nothing. Even the eyes of the man looking at her are cold. Ji Lin saw her scream in pain. He knew that his words played a role. He immediately reached out his hand and patted her on the shoulder. He comforted her and said, "Xiao Ning, don't be sad. Daddy doesn't say these words to hurt your heart anymore. Daddy just feels unworthy for you. You have paid so much, but he doesn't love you. It's really chilling."

"Daddy, just come out and I'll have my back!" Ji yunning is full of dependence on Ji Lin in an instant, and she cries out sadly. "Xiaoning, please help daddy. Daddy really needs your all-around talents. Don't waste his effort to educate you, OK? You are daddy's proudest daughter. Daddy will find you a better man than Ji Xiaohan. He will marry you in the wind and light. " After Ji Lin stabbed Ji yunning, he became a caring father again. Ji yunning bited his lower lip bitterly, and the bottom of his eyes showed a light of resentment: "Daddy, I will listen to you in the future. I will do what you want me to do. I will let Ji Xiaohan have a look. What a mistake it is for him to abandon me. I will make him regret it. I will step on Tang youyou at the foot of

to ask for mercy."

Ji Lin was very happy to hear her powerful words. He immediately reached out and hugged her: "it's my well-educated daughter. Well, with your words, daddy will be at ease."

"Daddy, do you have any idea?" After Ji yunning calmed down, he asked him curiously.

Ji Lin nodded: "yes, my people have already started to act. Now I just want to let Ji's shares fall, so that I have the chance to buy more shares."

"Daddy, the group seems to have made a big mistake these days. Did you do it?" Ji yunning has also been paying attention to the company's trend. Knowing that the company's secrets are leaking and the losses are not small, Ji Xiaohan is very angry and personally investigates this matter. "That's right. I did it. I tried it while he was taking care of Tang youyou. I didn't expect the effect was good. I heard that Ji Xiaohan has been trying to put out the fire recently? Hum, this is just the beginning. Next, there are more good plays waiting for him to watch. " Ji Lin's face suddenly turned ferocious. It seems that he can't wait to give him a good look.