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C1277 she comes to warm him

Lanyanxi put the milk on the table and watched the man looking at her tenderly, with a smile on the corner of his mouth. The feeling of being watched made lanyanxi's heart beat faster and his face red.

She has always felt that men look at her eagerly, and even It contains some ambiguous factors. Big

home is an adult, and mutual affection is also normal. What's more, a lonely man and a few girls are alone in a room, and they don't want to be separated at all. Isn't that a saint? "

would you like to take a bath?" Blue words and beautiful eyes flash twice, not to see him, only asked softly. "

How do I wash it? My wound can't touch the water. It's OK to wash my feet! " The man saw her face shy, there is always a trace of itch in the bottom of his heart, I don't know which words blurted out, then turned to the indescribable direction.

"Then I'll bring you a bucket of hot water!" LAN Yanxi turned around and went to the bathroom. Not long after that, she came to him with half a bucket of hot water. The next second, she squatted down and stretched out her little hand to catch the man's leg. The man's face turned red and gently avoided her little hand.

"I'll do it myself!" Ling is still very embarrassed. Although he said he was a big man, he should be informal. But in front of the woman he liked, he asked her to help take off his shoes and socks. He was still very embarrassed. "

I don't mind, what do you mind?" LAN Yanxi saw that the man was shy and immediately laughed.

"This kind of thing, not good trouble you, you go to the bath!" Ling Mo Feng's face is still hot. He urges her in a low voice. "

well, I'm going to take a bath. Wash your feet yourself!" Lanyanxi didn't force him either. She turned to her Pajama pajamas and decided to take a bath. By the time LAN Yanxi came back from his bath, Ling murfeng had emptied his foot water and had already sat on the bed with a mobile phone in his hand. He seemed to be looking at things seriously. See

to blue Yan Xi come in, Ling Mo Feng's eyes slightly stagnate. Blue

Yanxi is a girl who loves beauty. So, in the evening, she washed her head and came out. At the moment, she came in whistling as she wiped the long dripping hair: "it's so cold in the corridor!" Ling

Mo Feng asked wordlessly, "since it's so cold, how can you wash your hair? Are you not afraid of getting sick in the evening?"

"It's OK, I'll blow it right away!" What lanyanxi can't stand most is that her hair is oily, so she must take care of it whether it's cold or not. She took the hair dryer, sat in front of her dressing table, and began to blow her long hair. Her long hair is as long as her waist. It's dark and bright, showing a little natural big wave. She blows her hair seriously, but she doesn't find it at all. The eyes of the man behind her are deep again.

The girl's whole body seemed to give a sweet smell, very sweet and pleasant. Ling Mo Feng stared at the woman who blew her own hair. Her fingers gently lifted her long hair. There was an unspeakable style, which made him want to close to the past and kiss her beautiful hair.

Lanyanxi's nerves were always big. She didn't know that the man behind her had wolf nature in his eyes, just as she was staring at the prey, and she wanted to catch a bite.

Lanyanxi quickly sent a long hair to blow dry. She stretched out her hand and held up the hair on her forehead. Turning around, she startled Ling Mo Feng, who had already lost his mind. His eyes were misted and his handsome face became hot for no reason.

Maybe it was because the light in the room was dimmed by Ling Mo Feng. LAN Yanxi didn't notice his shy expression. She went directly to the other side of the bed. When she wanted to lie down, Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice, "sleep on my side!"

Blue words and beautiful eyes slightly surprised to see the man quickly moved to her side.

"Why, is Mr. vice president warming my bed?" LAN Yanxi had seen his intention, and immediately narrowed her beautiful eyes and smiled happily.

"Don't you mean to be afraid of the cold?" Ling Mo Feng remembered what she said, saying that she was easy to get cold hands and feet, so he took the initiative to warm her bed. "

thank you so much, I'm not welcome!" Lanyan Xili then went around and was lying in. It was really a warm feeling, which drove out the cold winter and warmed people's hearts. "

How do you sleep? You can't press your wound! " Lanyanxi found that it was not good to sleep alone, so he turned his face to look at him and asked. "

I can only sleep on my side!" The man finished saying, also lie down, the body that side passes, right at her this side.

In fact, Ling Mo Feng just warmed the bed on the side she was going to sleep on. When he went to sleep on this side, he could face her. Sometimes, a man's careful machine can also be used on his beloved woman. Blue

Yan Ximei's eyes blinked a little twice. It's over. Did men sleep in front of her all night? "

that Are you cold? Do you want to lean over some? " LAN Yanxi found that the man was sleeping on the edge of the bed in a very regular way, and did not squeeze towards the middle, so she had to take the initiative to ask him. "

is that ok?" Ling Mo Feng's quiet eyes brightened slightly, but he was ecstatic inside. Of course, he was happy to hear that she didn't mind his leaning over.

"Of course, you are injured like this. Can I still be afraid of you?" LAN Yan and Xili laughed out loud. He felt that he was a gentleman. He wanted to bully him. Ling

Mo Feng picked up his eyebrows slightly and said with disapproval, "that's not necessarily true. Once a man goes crazy, he doesn't care about anything!"

LAN Yanxi's petite body slightly shakes for a while, is it really like this?

After Lingmo Feng finished speaking, Jianshi suddenly approached her. Lanyanxi wanted to repent. It was too late. "

I'm sleeping. Good night!" LAN Yanxi is still not used to having another person around her. What's more, she is a Ling Mo Feng full of male danger. She instinctively turns her back to him and forces herself to close her eyes and fall asleep. Ling

Mo Feng was in a ecstatic mood just now. At the moment when he saw her turn around, Jun's face froze. How can a woman be so unfriendly to him?

Can't you tell that what he said just now was intended to frighten her?

Her defensive sleeping posture really hurt Ling Mo Feng.

In his mind, of course, Ling Mo Feng had to test her again, so he reached out and put his arms around her slender waist, and his healthy body was directly pasted in the past.

Lanyanxi couldn't sleep at all. Her head was awake. Every movement of a man, including his steady breathing, she could feel it clearly, not to mention the warm big palm that suddenly appeared at her waist. She trembled all over, and then tightened herself.

"You What are you doing? " LAN Yanxi asked him nervously.

"Nothing, you are so warm!" Ling Mo Feng's deep voice came from behind her. "

do you feel cold?" LAN Yanxi is slightly shocked.

"Well, it's a little bit. It may be that I lost too much blood and lost my vitality. I didn't feel cold before, but I felt extremely cold tonight!" Ling Mo Feng is very aggrieved and self mocking. As soon as his

voice stopped, he felt that his back was facing his small body, and she turned around fiercely. Next second, she directly reached over, hugged his healthy waist, and pressed her warm body into his arms. His pink face also leaned over: "is it still cold?" Ling

Mo Feng's face is flattered. Is this woman so gullible? He pretended to be pitiful, and she felt so sorry for him. "

well, it's warm!" Ling didn't dare to do any more evil. He straightened up and let her lean on him.

Lanyanxi now has no distractions in her heart. When she heard him say that her vitality was greatly hurt, she only had heartache. In the warm quilt, LAN Yanxi soon fell asleep.

Ling Mo Feng is facing the crisis of insomnia. Maybe he thinks more about it, and the content is rich. Who makes a girl with sweet fragrance in her arms? It's a quiet breath, sweet but not greasy. It's always stimulating his nose and making him want to sleep well, which is impossible.

The breath of the girl in my arms is even. It can be seen that she is sleeping deeply. Ling Mo Feng sighs silently. Sure enough, it's hard to do something bad.