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It's more than 10 o'clock in the evening. Yang ChuChu holds his hands on his chest and shrinks in a corner, waiting for the assistant to drive to pick her up. She didn't know why she left because of her temper. She could explain something to LOM. But Luo Mu's words still hurt her heart, which was hidden in the bottom of her heart.

Is it her fault that there is no father? Is it mom's fault? Yang

her clear and inexplicable eyes are sore. She has never wanted to go back to see her mother as anxious as this moment. She does not want to let her mother suffer another wave of coldness because of her relationship. "

clear!" The voice of men's anxiety came from behind her. Then, a tall figure approached her. Luo Jinyu hurriedly dressed in a suit of clothes and ran after her.

Yang ChuChu hurriedly turned his face to one side and held back the rotating tears in his eyes. However, his voice was more depressed than usual: "how did you get down? Your mother just returned home, you should accompany her well! "

"Well, I'm sorry!" Luo Jinyu comes over, but he can't hold her as naturally as before. He can only look at her with his eyes and heart ache, and apologize to her in a low voice.

"Why do you want to apologize?" Yang ChuChu said with a sneer. "It's well known. Your mother didn't hurt me!"

"Well, don't do that. I know you're upset. My mother didn't mean to say that. She didn't know you were at home..." "

if she knew I was there, wouldn't she say that, let alone think that? Luo Jinyu, don't come to comfort me. I know that I am born in a single family, and I have no right to contradict anything, because this is the truth! " Yang ChuChu clearly wants to hold back the tears, but why does the emotion roll down when he is excited?

"Clearly, I don't care about your birth or whether you are a single child. Don't laugh at yourself like this, OK? I will persuade my mother well! " Luo Jinyu extended his long arm and held her gently shaking shoulder to comfort her.

However, Yang ChuChu, who is usually docile, suddenly shakes off his big hand and looks at a car coming in front of him and says, "my assistant is coming, go on!"

"Delicate..." Luo Jin Yu Jun's face was stiff, and he shouted her name in a low hurry.

Unfortunately, the stubborn figure has been running towards the car that just stopped.

Yang ChuChu opened the door and sat in, then let the assistant drive.

The assistant's face was covered with a circle of expression: "clearly, Mr. Luo has come after me!" "

leave him alone, go!" At the moment, Yang ChuChu is very fragile. She doesn't want to hear him say sorry again. She feels that every time he says it, she suffers once. Luo

when Jin Yu hurried after him, the black car had already sped past him.

"I'm done. Will I offend Mr. Luo?" The assistant's face was frightened.

At the moment, Yang ChuChu went out of the sky. She didn't hear the assistant's help. She was very stuffy inside.

Just now, he was angry, so he didn't listen to what he said. Now I want to come, I'm still too angry and not rational. Luo Jinyu's sincere pursuit of her to apologize proves that he still thinks of himself very important, but he willfully doesn't want to listen to what he said. "

How can this happen?" Obviously don't want to hurt him, but accidentally, but still hurt his heart, Yang ChuChu will face buried in his palm, for a moment uneasy.

When the assistant saw her like this, he was shocked and immediately concerned about her: "you are fine, are you ok? Did you quarrel with Mr. Luo?"

"I don't want to fight with him, but I can't control my own temper!" Yang ChuChu laughed bitterly. Many people scolded her for being naive. Maybe she was the right one.

"You can call him to explain. I think Mr. Luo loves you so much. No matter what your temper is, he will definitely tolerate you." The assistant said with a serious face. "

really? Do you think he will really tolerate all my shortcomings? " Yang ChuChu is not confident. No one is born to be angry. She doesn't know where Luo Jinyu's bottom line is. However, she believes that if she continues to be unreasonable and willful, sooner or later he will be bored.

The happiest thing for two people who love each other is not to test the bottom line to prove how deep the love is, but not to create pressure for each other. The best state is to have a relaxed relationship between them. Yang

is very sad. She knows the truth clearly, but why can't she do it well?

At this time, Luo Jinyu's mobile phone called.

Yang ChuChu looks at the leaping name and suddenly doesn't dare to answer his phone.

"It's very clear. Is it Mr. Luo? Why don't you take it? He must be very anxious. " The assistant thought she was in a daze and didn't hear, so he reminded her deliberately.

Yang ChuChu sighed, opened the screen of his mobile phone and answered his phone. "

be clear, will you stop being angry?" This is the first time that two people have encountered such a problem when they get along. The previous skirmishes are all fun, but today, Luo Jinyu obviously feels the seriousness. "

I'm not angry, Luo Jinyu. Sorry, I shouldn't have been angry at you just now." Yang ChuChu blamed himself in a low voice. "

it's OK. As long as you don't get angry, just go back to have a rest. What's the matter? Let's talk about it tomorrow. When you get home, send me a message!" Luo Jinyu knew that she was also dizzy just now, and would not care about her at all.

"Well, I'll hang up first!" Yang ChuChu said, he really hung up the phone, just backlog in the chest that sullen, inexplicably disappeared.

Sure enough, there is a big misunderstanding. As long as we let each other go one step and make it clear, we won't be confused in our hearts. The most taboo between lovers is suspicion. Luo

Jin Yu holds his mobile phone and leans against the elevator wall, feeling tired for a while.

Back home, Luo's face looked ugly: "with that girl, you don't even want your mother, do you? Well, I'll go now. It's not in your way! " "

mom, don't do this, sit down, let's talk!" Luo Jinyu quickly reached for his mother's arm, held her shoulder, and let her sit on the sofa. Later, he went to make a cup of tea.

Looking at her son's serious appearance, Luo Mu sighed uncontrollably, took the tea and began to drink: "what do you want to talk to me? How long have you been with Yang ChuChu? " "

it's more than half a year!" Luo Jinyu replied in a low voice.

"For a long time, you still kept it from me and your father? What a talent! " Lom turned pale.