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Tang Youyou and Ji Yanhan spent two days abroad. Xia Weiwen thought of two cute little grandchildren and urged them to return home.

Tang Youyou and Ji Hanhan also had to leave to return home. The night before returning, Tang Youyou went to the study to find Xia Weiwen, asking him to check his body and take medicine on time, and not to work too hard. summer

Wei Wen listened to her words, and Lan Yue had persuaded him like this before, but he always forgot while listening, he always felt that he was young and in good health. can

Now, Tang You came to tell him that he suddenly remembered that he was also fifty years old. It was time to rest. He wanted to live for a few more years and spend time with his daughter and grandson.

In the early morning of the next day, Xia Weiwen, while Tang Youyou was still sleeping, found Ji Yanhan for a walk in the garden.

Ji Hanhan came to him, but he did not take himself too seriously. After moving from the hotel to the Xia family, what should he do, and he will not feel constrained. This may be the heart of Xia Weiwen. Hate turns into another relationship.

"Dan Han, I want to talk to you for a while, can you?" Xia Weiwen said softly.

"Speak!" Although Ji Huanhan still looked cold, he was still good at talking. summer

Viven thought for a moment, and said, "I want to transfer the company to yours and leave it to you to take care of it later." "

why? When Ji Xunhan did not expect Xia Weiwen to open his mouth, he gave him a company worth ten billion yuan, which surprised him.

Xia Weiwen smiled a little embarrassedly: "Just as I am courting you, I hope you can be better with Yoyo in the future, you are going to accompany her for a lifetime, I ca n’t accompany her for so long, the company gives you I am also assured that originally I was going to train Yoyo directly, but she was young and a woman, and she was so burdened with it, I was afraid she couldn't handle it. ""

Pressed on me, you are so relieved? "Ji Yanhan's words are like mocking, but not malicious.

Xia Weiwen smiled awkwardly again: "You have good ability, and Ji's family has a good reputation in your hands. I believe you must be able to take over my company."

"I can't do it!" Ji Yanhan resolutely refused.

Xia Weiwen froze, "Don't you look at a small company like me?"

"Of course not. Companies that can make money, regardless of size, in my eyes, I know your company is still very profitable." Ji Yanhan answered with a straight face. summer

Wei Wen nodded: "I can make a little money, but if I let the company manage it for others and pay dividends to Yoyo every year, I'm still very uneasy. I may be chaotic because I care. In the future, but everything is not comprehensive, don't laugh! "Ji

Han Han stared at him, then said lightly: "I envy you, and have a good father!" Xia

Wei Wen froze for a moment, thinking of his friend Ji Nan, Ji Yanhan must be extremely disappointed in him.

"You also have a good mother. Unfortunately, Yoyo is gone!" Xia Weiwen sighed softly.

Ji Yanhan's expression also stayed a little, the default.

Xia Weiwen shook his head and sighed: "Well, I don't force you on this matter, if you really don't want to, I think of another way!" "

Ok! "Ji Yanhan remains firm on his mind. Eat

After lunch, Tang Youyou and Ji Hanhan are about to leave, and Xia Weiwen stuffed Tang Youyou many gifts, as if all the gifts that hadn't been sent out for more than 20 years were put into her daughter's hands. Don

Looking at these heavy boxes, Yoyo stayed a bit.

"Dad, you send me so many things again, I ca n’t use so much, you still keep it!" Tang Youyou moved to cry, but he could n’t cry, for fear of making his father uncomfortable. summer

Wei Wen stood next to him with a smile and said, "Not much, it's very rare. Take it home. It's all things that girls love. What an old man keeps doing." Tang

Youyou had to accept all of them, and Ji Yanhan stood beside him, watching the tears that the woman was holding back, unable to say anything in her heart.

Before, he always thought that he and his son would take care of this woman next time, but now he has another father, so he is petting her, I am afraid that one day she will be precious, and he needs to use more strength to pet her Row. with

Dad said goodbye, the car door closed, and the car drove outside the gate of Xia's house. Don

Youyou's face was a little tight, and suddenly I heard a low voice from the man: "If you want to cry, just cry, I don't laugh at you!"

Tang Youyou endured tears for a long time, and the inexplicable slipped down, staring at him angrily: "If you want to laugh, I have no opinion!" Ji

Han Han really laughed, Tang Youyou was angry.

I said no opinion, now the opinion is very big. "

Why are you laughing? Tang Yuyou asked directly.

Ji Hanhan continued to laugh again, and reached out and carried her whole body into her arms: "I laugh because I am happy for you, but not to laugh at you!"

"But you clearly laugh at me and cry!" Tang Youyou ignored him. season

Han Han resigned his hands helplessly: "Well, I just don't laugh!" "

I really hope my dad can live in the country, and it will be convenient to meet him in the future! "Tang Youyou reached out and wiped a tear, and sighed."

But his company is here, and he can't go back! "Ji Yanhan didn't know what he thought, really wanted to let Xia Weiwen return to live in the country? Will he and his mother often come and go again to attract gossip?

I have to say that Ji Hanhan is still selfish, but this selfishness is struggling. season

My father and son have not had a good life in the recent past. Ji Yan found a few old departments in his company. He wanted to win them over, but he did n’t expect that Ji Yanhan did n’t know what to do. People's hearts pulled to his side, this was called Ji Yan almost wanted to kill with a knife.

Ji Yihan's methods seemed to be able to pass through the sky, blocking all his paths of revenge. true

This nephew was too underestimated. He didn't strangle him when he was young, but now he has hardened his wings and has become a hegemon in the sky, leaving him no room to play. season

Shang Qing watched Dad come back in frustration, and he frowned, "Persuasion failed again?"

Git! Ji Ji punched on the sofa, gritted his teeth in disgust: "How many ways did he carry on my back?" "

"Dad, is your brain aging? Why do I have a premonition to fail? It seems that everything we do falls behind Ji Yanhan? Even knowing Tang Youyou!" Ji Shangqing laughed at himself, completely Ignore the dark expression of my father's cannibalism. "

Then you have the patience, just grab me that woman. Ji Ji said angrily.