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C1379 the vice president is shocked

LAN Yanxi is so threatened and frightened that Ling Mo Feng will never give up. Qiao Zhuo's confession is very useful to him. Zhang Lu is like a cancer, which makes him want to get rid of it quickly. This incident happened to be a knife in Ling Mo Feng's hand, which can be directly stabbed into Zhang Lu's chest, and also make the general manager learn to be obedient once.

But once this matter is to be taken out to stab the old president, the news that Lan Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng are engaged will naturally be exposed, so this is what Ling Mo Feng needs to weigh at present.

In this matter, he first talked with the old man of the blue family alone, and called him to have tea together. The second old man sat on the throne. As a younger generation, Ling Mo Feng made a cup of tea by boiling water and showed the etiquette and cultivation of the younger generation. He wanted to win the approval of the old man of the blue family. Lao Zi Lan is a strict man. Although he is nearly seventy years old, his two sons still haven't taken the power of his speech in LAN family under his control. He is still the most loud speaker. That's the direct reason why LAN Yanxi can walk horizontally in LAN family.

The two uncles of the blue family are not equal to each other. If the blue master withdraws his hand and returns one day, the situation of blue Yanxi will be very unfavorable. Before the blue master considered not to leave the property right in his hand to this little granddaughter and not want her to be involved in the family's right and wrong. However, if a woman does not hold the wealth in her hand, her life may not be lucky Blessed.

The old man is going to book lanyanxi a strong wife's family first, so that she can have one side to protect her in this storm.

"Grandpa blue, please have tea!" Ling Mo Feng put the teacup in front of the blue man with both hands and said softly.

The old blue man took a sip of tea and said, "yes, it's delicious!"

Linglaozi watched his grandson praised and laughed twice.

"Your grandparents and grandchildren asked me to come over for tea, and said," is it about my granddaughter's wish? " The old man asked directly, shrewd.

Ling Mo Feng glanced at his grandfather, who motioned for him to say it, so ling Mo Feng told the old blue man that he was going to make the engagement public.

He also talked about what happened to LAN Yanxi in foreign countries. The old blue man had just brought a mouthful of tea to his mouth, but he almost didn't spray it out. He swallowed it forcibly, but he coughed. His face was red, and he put the cup on the table with force: "how could that old bastard hurt my granddaughter?"

"Grandpa LAN, the situation is so severe. I dare not hide it from you. I will do my best to protect Yan Xi's integrity. However, I'm very worried about the villain. If I disclose the engagement information between Yan Xi and me, I'm afraid that the danger will come from all sides. But if I don't disclose the information, Yan Xi's grievances and fears will be all Bear it. " Ling Mo Feng said calmly.

"Is there no other way to solve it? I didn't introduce my granddaughter to you to share the danger for you. You know, my son of the dead ghost left me this single seedling. Although Yan Xi is not a smart and intelligent girl, it's because she is stupid that I am more uneasy. " The old blue man was really scared and angry.

Hearing the words stupid, Ling Mo Feng couldn't help it. He was choked by a sip of tea and coughed again.

"Mo Feng, a bit of style!" Ling Laozi stares at his grandson with a serious face. He loses his temper like this. Be careful that blue Laozi is angry and cancels the marriage. Isn't his heart stolen by the girl going to be broken into pieces?

Ling Mo Feng used a lot of strength to resist coughing, a handsome face holding back the swelling of red.

If let LAN Yanxi hear her grandfather use these two words to describe her, I don't know how rich her expression will be.

"Grandpa LAN, Yanxi has a very good character and pure mind. It must be because you have protected her so well. You don't want her to bear the wind and waves. I will marry her to go home in the future. Naturally, I will protect her more carefully, pet her and avoid her being frightened. But at present, people are worried about this kind of thing."

Ling Mo Feng expressed his love for LAN Yanxi. He was afraid that the old blue man would cancel their marriage.

The blue old man sighed and stared out of the window. Suddenly his eyes turned red. The next second, he took the paper towel and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

This action, can frighten Ling's grandparents and grandchildren, blue old man is so sad and angry, doesn't it mean that the marriage will be yellow?

"When Yan Xi was 13 years old, she fell into water for several times and almost didn't come back. Do you know how hard it was for me to raise her so big? Every day seems to have been stolen from heaven. I'm afraid that she will have a long and short life one day. I don't know how to live on this old bone. " Blue old man is very sad, but also really worried about the safety of his granddaughter. He once lost it. Now, the mood of recovering from it is not what ordinary people can realize.

Ling Mo Feng's heart stopped. A pair of handsome eyes stared at the blue old man's action of constantly wiping the corner of his eyes. The nervous breath was slow. He hurriedly asked grandpa for help with his eyes.

Linglaozi is silent. After all, no one wants to have such an unforgettable and sad experience. People who have never experienced it can't comfort each other.

It took a long time for the old blue man to calm down. He continued to take a sip of tea cup: "after she was saved, I began to believe in it. I went to an eminent person to tell her fortune. The man said that she still had several robbers in her twenties. If she could live to twenty-five, her life would be rich and noble. I thought, I would introduce her to your Ling family, she must have There won't be any danger. You Ling's family is of good conduct. I trust you very much. Now, Mo Feng is interested in the girl in my family. She has a good love and a happy couple. Everything is perfect for my old man. It seems that Yan Xi has robbed her again. I don't know what kind of danger it is waiting for her. "

There was a cold sweat behind Ling Mo Feng. If he could, he would like to reach out and wipe his forehead. He should also be sweating.

Ling's father kept silent and made Ling Mo Feng want to cry. Is Grandpa here to fill up? His grandson is facing such a great pressure and test. Why hasn't grandpa said a few good words for him? Is it a grandson or not.

"Grandpa, it's the age of science, this superstitious thing..."

"Mo Feng, say less!" Ling Laozi yelled at him.

Ling Mo Feng was shaking all over, and then he found that he seemed to have said something wrong. The old blue man was concerned but confused and superstitious, but he was still exposing others. He really should be scolded.

"The fortuneteller also said that Yanxi's robbery must be experienced. Otherwise, I will not be able to bear her future life of wealth. I am afraid and anxious. Mo Feng, grandpa has no other meaning. At present, let's try to get through the difficulty together. Can you tell me what is the way? " The old blue man's astute eyes swept Ling Mo Feng's face. Seeing that he was kneading his hands to wipe away sweat subconsciously, he nodded his head with satisfaction. It seems that his performance just now was quite successful, which scared the young man to be honest. This also proves that Yan Xi has a position in his mind, which is the expression of love.

"Grandpa, I do have a way at the moment. It only needs two plays to complete." Ling Mo Feng quickly expressed his opinions.

After all, even if he is more confident in his identity and appearance, if the blue old man doesn't marry his granddaughter to him, he has no way at all. He can't rob or cheat. There is really no other way to do it except to change his heart.

"Tell me!" Blue old man is satisfied with this. If there is a way, it will be solved.

"I hope the two families have a engagement banquet, but at the banquet, neither Yan Xi nor I will attend. It is only the consent of the elders of the two families that makes others think of the marriage. If there is a quarrel between Yan Xi and me, naturally others will not pay attention to Yan Xi and this relationship."

The two old men looked at each other.

"Grandpa LAN, don't worry. It's just a temporary grievance. My feelings for her are not less than half!" Ling Mo Feng is charged quickly.