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Daddy, court my Mummy!

Tang You You was serving the food for the children, but upon hearing his words, her movements immediately slowed down, a pair of flustered eyes blinked, why does this man keep on calling her by her name, calling her so distractedly, is she that familiar with him?

Or was he just putting on an act in front of his aunt?

This man really knew how to pick up a few nice words. However, she was very confident in her culinary skills. She believed that this man definitely didn't lie.

"Aiya …" Mummy, didn't you put too much salt in this dish? Suddenly, Tang Xiao Rui shouted loudly.

Then, she grabbed the spoon and quickly picked up the vegetables.

Tang Xiao Rui's words caused everyone present to be somewhat stunned.

Soon after, Tang You You realized that the man from before had also eaten this dish.

His son said it was too salty, but why did the man say it was delicious?

Cheng Wan Lian also quickly picked up his chopsticks, frowned, and ate it: "Sou Sou, this bowl of food is really a bit salty, I need to go in first."

"Alright …" Tang You You felt like his own voice was floating, damn it, how could there be salt in his voice?

And the one with the richest expression was Ji Xiao Han. Just now, he took one, and it was indeed salty, but he endured it and did not say anything, not expecting it at all … Everything had been seen through by his son, this little b * stard.

Tang You You lowered his head in shame, and didn't even dare to look at the expression of the man opposite him.

Why is this man giving me face like this? He clearly doesn't taste good, but he actually said it was good. Now that he's done it, I've already slapped his face.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin reached out to hold the cup of water, then let out a light cough to cover up his awkwardness.

It wasn't easy for him to curry favor with this woman, but unexpectedly … The result was this.

What a shame!

This little episode was ignored by everyone just like that. Dinner continued.

Cheng Wan Lian was not one to talk too much. Although she had some things she wanted to say to Ji Xiao Han, but seeing that his temperament was too good and that she was not Tang You You's mother, she endured it and did not say anything.

After dinner, they sat on the sofa for a while. Then, the family of four decided to go back.

Tang Xiao Nai started to get sleepy again, her little head was shaking, and her eyelids were about to fall.

"Daddy, hug …" The little guy immediately crawled into Ji Xiao Han's embrace, planning to sleep.

Tang You You held her son's hand, and her daughter who had fallen asleep, she walked downstairs.

Tang Xiao Rui was also a little tired, his mind not working properly as he followed Mummy and his father down the stairs like a log.

"You take the children and go back first, I'll drive myself!" When they reached downstairs, Tang You You decided not to follow Ji Xiao Han anymore.

Ji Xiao Han did not insist, "Alright, drive carefully yourself."

Tang You You didn't expect him to suddenly be concerned about her. She didn't say anything, only 'En', and passed her son to him.

After getting in the car, Tang You You did not immediately drive. Instead, she sat in the car and stared blankly for a while.

He had to admit that Ji Xiao Han's current performance was getting better and better. He didn't have the initial overbearing attitude towards her, nor the cold and vicious aura that she loathed. He seemed to have become easier to speak with, and had even been concerned about her just a moment ago.

Why was he doing this?

Tang You You really couldn't understand what this man's intentions were.

Forget it, no matter how surprising this man's performance was, Tang You You would never make any changes to him.

She would not actually give it to him for the sake of her child.

Returning to the villa in Ji Family's villa!

After Ji Xiao Han put his daughter on the bed, he took the initiative to lead his son to a bath.

The two of them were soaking in the bathtub.

"Daddy, you seemed to have eaten all of Mummy's cooking today. Is it really that delicious?" Tang Xiao Rui imitated his father and placed his two small arms on the edge of the bathtub, he raised his pair of cunning big eyes and stared at his father while laughing.

"Who said that!" Ji Xiao Han wouldn't admit that he liked to eat the food she cooked even if he was beaten to death.

"I saw it all, don't even think about reneging on it. Honestly speaking, Xiao Nai and I love to eat the food made by Mummy the most. It's really delicious, Mummy can even cook a lot of delicious dishes." Tang Xiao Rui smiled proudly.

"Is that so? I didn't see it. I thought she was stupid and didn't know how to cook anything. " Ji Xiao Han was clearly shocked in his heart, yet his mouth pretended to be cold as he replied.

"Daddy, you're the fool. If my Mummy didn't know how to cook good food, Xiao Nai and I would have already starved to death and wouldn't have been able to see you." Tang Xiao Rui curled her lips and glared at him unhappily.

After Ji Xiao Han heard it, he laughed out loud: "You're right, I really want to thank your Mummy, she brought you two up, so she must have suffered a lot, but unfortunately, I want to be good to her, and she doesn't appreciate my kindness. Son, aren't you very smart? "Can you help Father think of a way?"

"Daddy, are you courting my Mummy?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately stared at him suspiciously.

When Ji Xiao Han heard the two words "pursue", he instinctively tensed up. After that, he immediately realized what he was doing, and his handsome face sunk again: "I just want to thank her, and also want to thank her, and not because I want to pursue her, but you know who you are in Mummy, I gift her with my gifts, and it's not like you want it. Giving her money, and feeling that I've insulted her character, she is truly strange."

"Daddy, I feel that it's better if you don't give us anything. Otherwise, my Mummy will think that you're playing some tricks to steal my sister and me away. This Mummy is very sensitive to this sort of thing." What Tang Xiao Rui felt was, that if Daddy only wanted to be grateful to Mummy and not to interact with her, then everything would be alright. Otherwise, if Daddy infuriated the Mummy, Daddy would only deserve it.