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C514 hiding love in your heart

After hearing the old lady's words calmly, Tang youyou watched the old lady leave.

In fact, she did not know who to blame. Maybe it was fate that played a trick on people.

If she is not Xia Weiwen's daughter, everything is perfect. She has a husband who loves him, two lovely and sensible children, and two old people who respect her.


Tang youyou turns around and walks upstairs. She wants to see the two babies. Without seeing them for a long time, she feels extremely missed.

Before every night, she would come back to eat with the children. Only by making sure that they were really full, could she feel at ease.

Today, when this happened, my daughter said that she would go on a hunger strike. I don't know if they had eaten well in the evening.

When Tang youyou walked up the corridor on the second floor, suddenly she saw the door of the study open.

Instinctively, she turned to see that Ji Xiaohan was leaning on the door, with a glass in her hand, and her eyes were dark.

Tang youyou's heart palpitates gently. In this quiet night, seeing the figure of this man, her heart beats faster.

She loves him, even if it has reached such a standoff, but her heart still loves him.

Even more love, more miss him.

Tang youyou just stood at the stairway. There was a distance between them. The corridor was dark, but they could still see the sadness on each other's face.

Tang youyou tries to look away, because she knows that no matter how much she loves this man and thinks about him, she must restrain herself.

Just as Tang youyou turned to walk towards her room.

Behind her came the sound of men's footsteps. Then, Tang youyou felt the shadow in front of her. The tall body of the man had blocked her way strongly.

Tang youyou felt that her heart was beating faster, her breath was a little tight, her voice was low, and she asked unnaturally, "what are you doing?"

Ji Xiaohan looks down at her, her beautiful little face is pale, haggard and distressing.

The light of soft color is tinged with her facial features, but it has a kind of delicate and moving beauty.

"Long..." I don't know if he is drunk, his voice seems to have a touch of appeal, low, magnetic, full of warmth.

Season owl cold finger lightly falls in her chin place, but sees her gently will face side to open, hid his finger.

"What's the matter?" Tang youyou is obviously in a panic, but she pretends to be calm and asks him.

"Yes!" Ji Xiaohan can't wait to push her to the wall next to her. Her head is attached and thin lips kiss her lips.

Tang youyou's heart shakes fiercely. The familiar masculine atmosphere makes her tense.

It's ironic that she didn't have the strength to push him away. Even she wanted to reach out and wrap her hand around his neck to respond to him more actively.

No It shouldn't be.

The man's lips, with the mellow wine smell, make Tang youyou a little dizzy. She just stood against the wall and let the man find satisfaction in her.

Ji Xiao must be crazy. But when he saw her, he couldn't control his mind.

It's like having a beast in the body, breaking through all morality and reason, and just trying to make the most primitive response.

In the quiet corridor, two people's breath entangled.

I don't know how long it's been. Maybe it's not enough, but the breath has been disordered.

The season owl cold looses the big palm which holds in her small face, the vision is looking at her darkly, the voice is already low mute: "you are not angry?"

When the man let go of her, she seemed to wake up as if in a dream. She lowered her head and said to herself, "why should I be angry? I don't dislike you doing this to me!"

Hearing her words, Ji Xiaohan's eyes grew darker. He put one hand on her ear, and his tall body shrouded her in his own shadow.

Two people just keep a posture like this, there is no end to it.

"What did you do today?" Ji Xiaohan really wants to carry her back to his study, but he can only use his wisdom to restrain his impulse.

He knew that he could not hurt her any more. If he did that, he would be an animal.

Five years ago, he lost his mind to do it. Now, he is sober, he can't.

So, Ji Xiaohan changes the subject, thinking that today she and Lu xuanchen went to buy furniture together, he is upset and has to ask clearly.

"You can't care!" Tang youyou's little face was also cold for a few minutes. The bright red color just disappeared gradually.

Seeing that she was so cold, Ji Xiaohan sneered at himself: "it's true that I can't control it. Are you really going to move into Luo xuanchen's house?"

"So what? Are you angry? " Tang youyou looks up to see a trace of anger in his eyes.

Season owl cold expression froze, silent.

Tang youyou waited for a few seconds. When he didn't answer, he wanted to escape from his arms.

However, Ji Xiaohan suddenly pushed her back to her shadow again, and the other hand came over and trapped her: "you go to divorce your father and my mother!"

After hearing this, Tang youyou looked up and looked at him: "why don't you say it?"

"I said, my mother will not leave!" Ji Xiaohan's tone was full of remorse and hate.

Tang youyou is also a little inconceivable. She laughs sarcastically: "how many things have you done behind my back that I don't know, Ji Xiaohan, should you confess to me one by one?"

Ji Xiaohan looks at her face full of sarcasm. His eyebrows are wrinkled and his voice is low: "no matter what I do, I will not harm you. You know it!"

"Yes, you won't hurt me, but you won't love me, will you?" As soon as Tang youyou thought of the relationship between the two at the moment, her eyes were inexplicably red and she wanted to cry.

Yesterday in his office, she pretended to be strong and didn't cry.

But now, she really wants to cry.

"I still love you, just I hide my love here! " Ji Xiaohan suddenly grabs her little hand and pastes it to his heart.

Tang youyou only felt that his temperature was higher than that of ordinary people, and her heart beat very fast. She was very flustered. She wanted to withdraw her hand in a hurry, but the man grabbed it very hard to prevent her from breaking away and firmly let her stick it.

Tang youyou struggles for a few times. Seeing that he can't get rid of it, he has to give up.

"Ji Xiaohan, did I divorce my father and we would have a chance to be together?" Tang youyou's voice sounds desperate.

"I don't know, but if they don't divorce, we will be brothers and sisters. Do you want to be brothers and sisters with me?" After Ji Xiaohan finished, thin lips came again. Anyway, he doesn't want it!