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Chen Jiajia was shocked when she saw the old lady pushing the door in. Fortunately, Ji Yueze reflected quickly and introduced her. Chen Jiajia woke up and smiled immediately: "Hello, grandma, I'm Ji Yueze's friend. I'm just here for the time being." The old lady didn't believe them, but she felt that it was very thoughtful to let such a beautiful woman live at home.

Chen Jiajia has a good figure, tall and slim, and excellent temperament. Although Yang Siyu is also a beauty, she has been oppressed by Chen Jiajia for her temperament and body. The old lady's eyes are not clumsy, which can be seen naturally. "

it was Ozawa's friend. There's nothing else. Take a rest earlier, Ozawa. Help grandma go downstairs!" The old lady immediately gave her grandson a dignified look. "

grandma, slow down!" Ji Yueze is also in a cold sweat. If the old lady doesn't pay attention to Chen Jiajia, or Bai Yiyan, who is hiding in the quilt, makes a sound, it's hard to clean up today's scene. When

the door closed, Chen Jiajia could not help clapping her chest and gasping: "I'm scared to death."

Bai Yiyan was also nervous. When she heard the door closing, she waited for a long time. Then she peeped out her head from the quilt and asked softly, "is the old lady gone?"

"It's time to go downstairs, Xiaoyan. It's really exciting for us." Chen Jiajia couldn't help laughing at herself.

"Yes, it's very dangerous!" Bai Yiyan also breathed a sigh of relief, but her heart was inexplicably sad. No matter she and Ji Yueze, or Yang Siyu and Chen Jiajia, people who love each other so clearly have to be separated.

"It's OK. Today's robbery is a kind of hiding!" Chen Jiajia comforts her with a smile. At this moment, outside the hall downstairs, Ji Yueze takes the old lady to the gate. "

grandma, why don't you drive in the car and go so far!" Ji Yueze asked deliberately. The old lady snorted: "it's not that you don't let me worry. I want to check the layoff. It really makes me find out the problem."

As soon as Ji Yueze's face stiffened, he immediately asked, "grandma, what problem do you see?" The old lady stopped and looked at him gravely: "do you have such a beautiful female friend in your house? Does she have any problem thinking about it?"

"No problem thinking and speaking? She is also very congenial to Si Yu! " Ji Yueze was stunned and replied. "

congeniality? I'll say that your man has a brain. Even if you have no opinion on thinking and speaking, I have an opinion. It's too messy for you to live together like this. Besides, that woman looks much more beautiful than thinking. If she has any idea on you, wouldn't she want to block her heart with thinking? " The old lady is not easy to fool. She can see the problem at a glance. Ji couldn't help laughing: "grandma, you think more. Jiajia is not that kind of person. Besides, she doesn't like my model, so don't worry!" "

How do you know? In case she really treats you... "

"Grandma, they have boyfriends, but It's just that her boyfriend hasn't returned to China. They love each other very much. They will never mess with me. Just relax. " Ji Yueze explained a few words and sent the old lady to the car. "

does she really have a boyfriend?" The old lady was a little surprised.

"It's true. Besides, her boyfriend and I are also friends. We have a moral bottom line and won't mess around." Ji Yueze closed the door for grandma, told the driver a few words, and watched the car go away. Ji

Yueze can't help shaking her head and sighing. Grandma is getting older, but she's not confused at all. She even parked here. No wonder they didn't find her coming. Season

the more Ze he goes back to the living room, the more nervous he is. "

send the old Buddha away. Don't panic." Ji Yueze looked at the five women sitting in the living room, and he suddenly shrugged his shoulders: "if my grandmother knew that a man and five of you lived in the same villa, I don't know how to scold me."

"What did your grandmother just say?" Yang Siyu asked curiously. Season

Yue Ze's face was full of tears and laughter: "my grandma thought Jiajia was too beautiful, which will affect our emotional development."

Chen Jiajia's face was stunned, but Yang Siyu burst into a smile and said triumphantly, "that's natural. How can my vision be poor?" Chen

Jiajia gave her a white look: "it's not your poor vision, it's my poor vision!" "

Jiajia, you can't save face for me!" Yang Siyu immediately leaned over and shook her arm: "well, I admit, you have poor vision and chose me as an ordinary looking woman for a lifetime."

Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei can't help but look at each other. "

if you look ordinary, what are you and lengfei? Can you stop hitting people like this! "

Bai Yiyan sat on the sofa and watched them bickering. Her face was full of laughter and she felt very interesting.

Ji Yueze came to her side and held her hand: "OK, everyone, stop quarreling and go back to sleep. Today's event is purely accidental. Leng Fei, next time you go outside and install a probe, don't let my grandma make a surprise attack."

"Okay, I'll take care of it!" Leng Fei nodded. Guest

on the plane, LAN Yanxi leaned against the window and looked out at the clouds, hoping to see some strange pictures. Unfortunately, she had been staring at the clouds for more than half an hour. The clouds are still those clouds. As for the magical pictures, they only exist in her brain hole.

In the chair opposite her, Ling has read a lot of documents and is signing with a pen. He looks serious and takes this place as his office completely, which is not affected at all. Blue

Yan Xi turns his eyes secretly, looks at the man with his eyebrows lowered, and looks at the documents at hand carefully. When he first sees his state, he feels a little handsome for no reason.

LAN Yanxi lost his mind at the moment. He didn't find the man sitting opposite. He had already looked up at her.

"What are you looking at?" Until he heard the man's low voice, LAN Yanxi woke up like a dream. The whole person was not at ease. He took care of his hair with his hands, and his white face was also flushed.

"When you work, you are so serious. You are not affected by the surrounding environment at all. Won't your ears hurt?" LAN Yanxi immediately asked him curiously. "

of course, it will be affected, but it's just a small problem and won't interfere with my thinking!" Ling Mo Feng said lightly.

"My grandfather has always praised you as a man with great ability and talent. I didn't believe it before. I felt that you were deep under the camera lens. But now it seems that the impression you gave me really changed. It turns out that you really think about your work 24 hours a day, which is hard for ordinary people to do." LAN Yanxi tells the truth, but makes the man's brow tighten.