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C1806 worry about sister being cheated

Looking at the firm pretty face, Mu Weicheng's heart trembled. In fact, these days, she has something wrong with her. She likes to stay at his house late at night, until he pretends to drive her away seriously, Ling wennuan leaves involuntarily. But when he leaves, he sticks to him like a kitten and refuses to come down. Sometimes, Mu Weicheng will be treated by her The blood is boiling.

"Warm, our wedding date is in August, and there are four months..." As soon as the man wanted to explain, the thin lip was held by a finger. Ling was not happy and curled his lips. "I'm 22 years old. Do you really want us to wait?

I don't care. Tonight, I won't go home. "

Mu Weicheng's eyes flashed a helpless smile, on the one hand was a warning from his uncle, on the other hand was a soft threat from the girl in his arms. Mu Weicheng really felt that life was difficult.

"Well, you have to tell your brother that he asked me to get married."

Mu Weicheng reminds her of her black belly.

In fact, he has endured it for a long time. If he continues to endure it, he is afraid that he will get some kind of ugly disease.

"I'll tell my brother tonight. Don't worry. He can't do anything about you with me."

Ling warm very confident comfort him.

Mu Weicheng's eyes dimmed a few times, looking at her as happy as a child, he subconsciously only reached out and pinched her face, then attached to her ear and said in a hoarse voice: "warm, are you sure?"

"What are you sure about?"

Ling wennuan is puzzled by his words.

"Be sure to follow me tonight..." The man stopped talking.

Ling wennuan blushed, tooted his lips and said shyly, "I've kept you waiting for so many years. We're going to get married soon. I really can't bear to let you wait. Besides, I really like you."

Just when two people are not saying love words, suddenly, outside the box, Mu Yun comes in. She is not alone. Beside her, she still follows a tall and noble figure.

Mu Weicheng just teased Ling wennuan. At the moment, he was in the right mood, but suddenly saw his sister's side. There was another man. His mood suddenly froze. His eyes narrowed. How could sister bring a man here.

"Elder brother, I'd like to introduce him. His name is Nangong Yao. He's my partner at present."

After Muyun came, he introduced nangongyao directly.

Nangong yaojunmei's face was embarrassed. When he saw Mu Weicheng, he was still worried. What if the future uncle didn't recognize him?

"Xiaoyun, when did you make a boyfriend?

Why haven't I heard of it? "

Mu Weicheng is asking his sister, but his sharp eyes are staring at Nangong Yao. He has a good appearance, tall and elegant, and extraordinary bearing. He can judge whether a person is good or bad just by his appearance. Although he thinks his eyes are good, Mu Weicheng still can't see the man in front of his eyes.

Mu Weicheng directly delimits Nangong Yao in the area of dangerous people. If even he can't see through people, he must not be a good person, or he hides too deep. The city is deep and dangerous.

"Hello, Mr. mu."

Nangong Yao's heart is still very happy, because Muyun just introduced his identity as her boyfriend.

"What are you and my sister waiting for?"

Mu's eyes sank.

Mu Yun looked at the two men as if they were gunpowder. She immediately explained, "brother, don't scare him. I started to communicate with him yesterday. Don't you keep urging me to find a boyfriend? I've brought one home for you now. Why are you not happy?"

"Xiao Yun, is it such a way to make a boyfriend when you grow up in vain?"

Mu Weicheng is really going to be pissed off by his younger sister. All the men he introduced to her are excellent and know their roots and know their background. But she is better. When she sees them, she refuses to see them for various reasons, hurting the sincerity of many good men. When he is about to give up, his younger sister leads a man to his face.

"Elder brother, not everyone can be as lucky as you and warm. I think he's pretty good. I want to have a look at him first."

Muyun knows that elder brother must be worried about her, so he quickly defends nangongyao.

Nangong Yao immediately took out his business card and handed it politely: "Mr. mu, please rest assured that I am not a bad person."

When Mu Weicheng took his business card, he saw a row of English letters written on it. Mu Weicheng's English was very good. The English translation of that line came from the CEO of Jinshi Group.

"Jinshi Group?"

Mu Wei Cheng looks at him in surprise.

"What does Mr. Mu know about our company?"

Nangong's lips are smiling.

"I've heard that I only know that the company just changed the person in charge a few years ago, but I didn't expect you to be so young."

Of course, Mu Weicheng knows about this company, because it's a large company integrating oil and ore, and it's famous abroad.

Nangong Yao's eyes flashed. It seemed that Mu Weicheng didn't look up at himself.

Mu Weicheng admits that nangongyao is a very excellent person at present, but he doesn't want his sister to associate with such people. His sister is a teacher, and he wants her to have a stable family life. Therefore, he has introduced stable working men to her in the last two years. But now, his sister wants to associate with nangongyao, who lives abroad for a long time. This is to cheat his sister's festival Play?

"Mr. mu, today is your birthday. This is my wish. Please accept it."

Nangong Yao is holding a delicate box at the moment, he said sincerely.

Mu Weicheng is reluctant to take over, but mu Yun reaches for him and says, "I thank you for my brother."

Ling wennuan stood beside and didn't speak, but she could see that Mu Yun didn't seem to reject the association with nangongyao, which should be regarded as good news. Before, Mu Yun had put all men into her cold palace.

"Mr. Ling, I see you again."

Nangong Yao smiles at Ling Nuan and says hello.

Ling warms his lips and smiles: "Yeah, I didn't expect to see you here."

When Mu Weicheng saw that the women around him were smiling so brightly, he was inexplicably sour, and the vinegar brew kicked over like this.

"Do you know each other?"

Mu Weicheng frowned a little displeased. How dare you know Nangong Yaogang alone in the world?

"Yes, Mr. Nangong's niece is in my class. I have visited my family before."

Ling explained with a smile.

"Well, it's a guest. Mr. Nangong, please take a seat first."

Mu Weicheng also doesn't want to be too cold. Although he really doesn't like his sister's contacts with business people, Nangong Yao looks young, but his eyes are deep and unpredictable. He is worried that his sister won't be his opponent. If he plays with his feelings, he will really be in pain.