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When Ji Xiaohan saw that she couldn't answer, he habitually bit her lips and attached them with thin lips. He kissed her at the corner of her mouth, touched her long hair and comforted her: "well, don't worry any more. As a parent, when it's time to be strict, he can't be soft hearted. He still needs to give the children some pressure." "

well, you're right. I'll give them a little pressure tomorrow." Tang youyou laughs, and then thinks about it carefully. When she was alone with her children, she used to be strict with her mother. She spoke to the children in a lot of ways with a life style tone. The two little guys didn't dare to be too coquettish under her majesty. But now, with Jijia's doting on the children, the two little guys don't seem to be so afraid of her.

Is it possible that the more people pamper, the more pampered they become?

Thinking of the way that Ji Xiaohan dotes on his daughter, Tang youyou feels that it's really difficult to make the little guy independent. "

What are you doing? Tomorrow is our engagement day. Are you happy? " Season owl cold eyebrows are all gentle color, think of tomorrow's engagement banquet, season owl cold or very satisfied, finally want to announce to everyone, this woman belongs to him. Let the men who are still remembering her die early. Don

the corners of his mouth are inexplicably high, and he nods honestly: "of course, I'm happy. I'm afraid I can't sleep tonight."

"Oh? Can I help you? " Ji Xiaohan grabs the point of her words and asks with evil spirit in her ear.

Tang youyou is speechless, but he is still smiling: "well, I'm afraid you're exhausted and can't cope with tomorrow's situation."

"Are you questioning me?" The man felt a little dissatisfied, his eyebrows were slightly held, his fingers were dangerously against her small chin, and with a little effort, she lifted them up, and her thin lips had already come up. Don

youyou has a moment's blank in his mind. Although he has kissed countless places, he has a new experience every time. He always feels that he has been kissing all the time. Don't separate. Why doesn't Xiao Han want to keep kissing? But I'm afraid it's choking her. Don

the long and beautiful face exudes pieces of pink, and the man still wants to let her go. "

I'm going to take a bath, wait for me!" The man always can pull out her heart lake easily.

Wait for me, as if all the sweet words have been said.

Tang youyou's heart throbbed. Seeing the man's back disappear in the bathroom, her bedroom became empty. She didn't know what to do for a moment.

At this time, her cell phone message rang.

Tang youyou takes a look and finds that the person who sent her the message is Lu xuanchen.

She was stunned for a moment, but picked up her mobile phone and looked at it. "Congratulations!" There were only two very simple words, but they expressed the other side's affection for her. Tang

understood the weight of these words in a long time. She sighed and flashed Lu xuanchen's appearance when she was young. In the sun, she was a young man in white with a clean and simple smile, which helped and protected her. If you want to

to these things, Tang youyou is inexplicably blocked. She feels that she still owes Lu xuanchen a lot of affection and waiting. Season

Xiao Han opens the door of the bathroom, and sees Tang youyou holding a mobile phone, standing in front of the floor to floor window, staring out of the window. His eyes sink, and his long legs come straight to her. Don't know if his suspicions are always accurate. As soon as he comes, he directly takes the cell phone in her hand. Don

youyou was shocked. Looking back, he found that he had already bathed and was covered in a gray Nightgown, which made him more and more tall and arrogant. "

you..." Tang youyou wants to get back his cell phone, which is a delusion, so he has to stare at him.

Ji Xiaohan opens his mobile phone, looks at the information directly, and then raises his mobile phone to show her: "still so simple, why not delete this information? And leave evidence for me to catch? "

Tang youyou's original insensible emptiness of heart. At this moment, hearing his question, she smiled bitterly: "he just sent me a message of blessing. It's not worth your fuss."

"What do you say?" Ji Xiaohan hands back her mobile phone: "you're dazed for him, don't I have the right to be jealous?"

"Ji Xiaohan, can you make some sense?" Tang youYou can't laugh or cry. He should be jealous of this kind of thing. Is it sour.

"I can talk about other things, but I don't have to talk about this!" Season owl cold domineering like despotic tyrant, depressed face answer her.

"Don't be angry, I was just thinking about something when I was a child," he said

"You grew up with him as a child? You're thinking about him, aren't you? " Ji Xiaohan immediately linked the two things together. Tang

youyou: "..." "

don't think!" Season owl cold suddenly pulls her to the bosom, overbearing way: "you can only think of me!" Don

youyou laughs directly. How could she fall in love with such a domineering man? Is it self inflicted?

"Well, I just want you. You're right in front of me. What do you want me to think?" Tang youyou is speechless. However, his domineering appearance is charming. "

don't think about doing it in another way!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he immediately hugged her. Don't

know if it's because of the text message just now, Ji Xiaohan is more and more cruel to her. Tang youyou just wants to cry without tears. He begged several times, and then he let her go. After falling asleep, the man's big palm still holds her waist and keeps her away from half a minute.

Season owl cold is staring at the sweet sleeping woman. Her heart is calm. Only when she is quiet by his side, his heart will not be so nervous and flustered.

It's early morning!

Ji Shangqing is not sleepy. He takes a bottle of wine and sits on the balcony. The cold wind blows. He is a little sane.

Although he knew there would be a good play tomorrow, he still couldn't sleep and was in a mess. He is like Ji Lin, but not like him. Sometimes, he hates his narrow-minded and ambitious mind, but he can't get rid of this innate character. As a result, Ji Shangqing was upset.

Tang youyou is going to be engaged to Ji Xiaohan. This is the source of Ji Shangqing's upset.

Although he knew that they were embracing each other and sleeping at the moment, and that they had already been integrated, he could tell himself that they just slept together and had no real marriage relationship, which was a little comfort. But at the moment, they are going to be engaged, which changes this relationship in a flash, and Ji Shangqing's mood is not happy.

"You won't be together, I know!" Ji Shangqing sneers and mumbles, as long as that thing bursts out, they can't be engaged successfully.