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When Tang You You heard the old lady's words, her entire body shivered. How could she have the mind to think about her second baby right now?

They hadn't even gotten married yet, and furthermore, both she and Ji Xiao Han had not taken the final step yet.

Seeing Tang You You's troubled face, Ji Xiao Han tried to persuade him, "Grandma, why are you in such a hurry? When we have settled the matter of the wedding and we are truly married, can we think about it? "

Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian began to cry as she wiped her tears and said pitifully, "If my father's Mummy has a little brother and little sister, then he won't love me anymore, right?"

When the old lady saw that Tang Xiao Nai was actually still crying, she quickly took out some delicious food to coax him, "Xiao Nai, don't cry. Don't worry, even if you gave birth to Ol 'Three, you would still be our most beloved little princess!"

"Nope!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately looked away.

Tang Xiao Rui was smart enough to not say a word. In any case, being shameless and this sort of thing, was always Xiao Nai's job.

Seeing that she could not persuade Tang Xiao Nai, the old lady immediately turned to Tang Xiao Rui and asked: "Xiao Rui, what do you think?"

Tang Xiao Rui immediately curled his small mouth: "I don't have any objections, as long as Daddy's Mummy can be born!"

When Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting got to Tang Xiao Rui's side, she immediately turned around and stared at him: "Big Brother, you can't say that!"

Tang Xiao Rui could only shrug his shoulders: "I didn't say anything, Xiao Nai, don't worry, Mummy is definitely not willing to give birth to another child, the two of us will just let her bring her child out of the shadows!"

Tang You You secretly bit her lower lip. These two little swindlers were on her again.

After having a good breakfast, the word "second child" left him breathless.

Waiting for the old lady and the old man to send the children to class, Tang You You got into Ji Xiao Han's car.

Ji Xiao Han reached out to hug her: "Are you angry?"

Tang You You tilted her head and looked at him, a look of slight dissatisfaction on her face. "Are you thinking about the second child as well?"

"To the heavens and the earth, I definitely do not have such thoughts!" Ji Xiao Han raised his hand and swore.

He had promised his daughter that he would never let her live again. Furthermore, he had to keep his word. Otherwise, if he lost his lofty image in his daughter's heart, he would feel very uneasy.

"Then how are you going to explain it to your grandmother?" It seems to me that she is very persistent about this matter. " Tang You You sighed.

Ji Xiao Han frowned: "It must be because she was jealous when he went to chat with her group of old sisters that they gave birth to a second child. That's why he sees this matter as so important."

"Ah, if that's the case, then she said that she would bring me to meet those old ladies, wouldn't I be bombarded by them in turn?" When Tang You You thought about this, he became extremely afraid.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't resist laughing out loud. Seeing her bitter expression, he could only reach out and pat her on the shoulder to comfort her, "If they really said something to make you angry, you can push all of your responsibilities onto me. I don't care anyways."

Seeing that he was easy to talk to, Tang You You immediately whispered into his ear: "Then can I say that in your aspect?"

Ji Xiao Han's strong body trembled, his charming eyes darkened instantly, and his large palm struck her waist in a fierce circle: "Say that again!"

Tang You You was so scared by his dangerous expression that she did not dare say anything, and only chuckled to herself. "Alright, don't be angry, I was just joking with you, you said it, you can just put the blame on you."

"I didn't let you ruin my male pride." Ji Xiao Han frowned in dissatisfaction.

Tang You You could only obey, "Alright, I won't say anything, alright!"

However, Ji Xiao Han was not willing to let her off like that, he immediately whispered into her ear. "Whether or not I can do it, you haven't even tried it.

Tang You You's little face instantly flushed red, and she couldn't help but reach out to push him. She couldn't push him away, and instead, was hugged even tighter by him.

"Tonight, the two of us will eat outside. After dinner, we will give it a try!" Ji Xiao Han was extremely excited.

Tang You You frowned: "That fast?"

"Shouldn't you be faster? You have made me suffer! " Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up into a smile.

Tang You You could only nod his head: "Alright then, I'll have to see what time it is to accompany your grandmother in the afternoon!"

"No matter what time, I will come to pick you up. At that time, only the two of us will be out!" Ji Xiao Han didn't dare to bring the two little fellows along. Besides ruining the atmosphere, these two little guys didn't seem to know how to do anything else.

Tang You You could not help but chuckle: "Alright then, let's talk about this later."

Tang You You thought about how she would feel when she met Ji Yue Ze for lunch.

At noon, after Tang You You finished all the work on hand, he got Liu Xi's assistant to book a room near the company.

Tang You You calling Ji Yue Ze's Crazy Fa Kang Yi Le made her extremely happy, and he immediately started to dress up, rushing over to meet him.

Tang You You gave Ji Yue Ze a call, and his lazy voice transmitted over: "Give me the address, I'll rush over right now!"

Tang You You was glad that she did not have the airs of a Great Young Master and Great Star, and always had a tone that was easy to negotiate and talk with.

When Tang You You sent the address to him via text message, she went to the dining hall to wait for the two of them.

Because he had signed a large contract with Kang Yi Le, Tang You You decided that he would pay for this meal no matter what.

This was also a method to develop long-term politeness. Tang You You ordered all the signature dishes in the dining hall.

Kang Yi Le came over first, obviously she had dressed up meticulously. Once she came in, she immediately asked Tang You You: "Miss Tang, can you take a look for me? "Did I pick my clothes a bit too brightly?"

When Tang You You heard how she cared so much about his image, he knew that she must definitely want to leave a good impression on him.

"Miss Kang, this looks pretty good on you, really!" Tang You You was also speaking the truth. The dress that she meticulously selected also had a very sweet style.

"Miss Tang, I'm really excited and nervous. My palms are sweating." Kang Yi Li was not afraid of Tang You You making fun of her in front of him.

Tang You You smiled and comforted her: "Don't be nervous, we're just eating together."

"You're right, but I just can't control my nervousness. I don't know how to speak later, can you say something nice for me?" Kang Yi Le had the expression of a fan wanting to see his idol.

Just as Tang You You was about to nod her head in agreement, the private box's door suddenly opened, and a slender figure walked in low-key.