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C1803 here comes love

The soft and sweet lips of a woman are blocked up, and the man's big and strong body is shocked. He never thought that his first kiss would be lost so suddenly.

Mu Yun is really curious. Every day, in books and on TV, she is witnessing a beautiful love story after another. She has not experienced it yet. She says she doesn't expect it. It's a fake.

Mu Yun's astringency made her feel like she didn't understand anything except the thin lips of the man. After grinding for a while, she felt bored, released her hand and let him go.

"No feeling."

Mu Yun is a little disappointed. How can he not feel that the sky is spinning and the head is blank, just like the feeling of being crossed by the current?

Nangong Yaoyou Mou slightly Zheng, looking at the woman as if suddenly lost interest in him, his heart a panic, the next second, she will withdraw the woman ferociously to her arms.


Mu Yun is so tightly hugged by him, and her skin is close to each other inch by inch, which makes her heart string disordered, and her beautiful eyes stare at him with annoyance: "nangongyao, let me go."

Nangong Yao's eyes were burning, warm and fiery, and his thin lips raised a sinister smile: "Muyun, are you allowed to bully me?"

Mu Yun didn't expect that this man should be so mean. She was just curious. When she touched his lips, he would eat her.

"I'll remind you to be measured."

Mu Yun's face is blushing. Her heart is beating like a drum. She can't believe it. Just now, her heart is flat like water. Why now There is a very nice cold smell on the man, like mint. It's clear and cold. It's also mixed with the hormone smell of the adult man. When it hits Mu Yun's heart, she can't help blushing. Her ears are also hot and uncomfortable. Her hands, subconsciously, are in the middle of each other.

Nangong's eyes were shining with deep affection, and she was locked in her shy appearance, which was very charming and throbbing.


Suddenly, the man's voice became hoarse, and he whispered her name to her ear.

Mu Yun's face was immediately turned away, afraid to accept his charming voice.

Nangong Yao looks at her to avoid herself, not angry. Instead, she kisses her blushing earlobe directly with her thin lips "Nangong Yao, I will not be responsible to you for my ugly words in the front......" Mu Yun is playing with fire when she sees him. She is a girl who is just starting to flirt. She also wants to explore things between men and women. So, if something happens now, Mu Yun will not be afraid. She can be responsible for her actions, but she is not necessarily responsible for this man.

The man's action is fierce and stagnant, his eyes are stained with a touch of melancholy, and he stares at her as if she has changed her calm expression: "I will be responsible."

"I don't want you to be responsible for adult games. I understand the rules. You are very handsome and meet the standards in my mind. When I am with you, I don't think I will suffer losses."

Mu Yun said, he once again heft up the toes, soft lips stick to the men's lips.

Nangong Yao's heart is like a fire. She is sad. The woman in her arms is his love. But her words hurt his heart. On the one hand, she is active and enthusiastic, on the other hand, she is cold and indifferent.

Nangong Yao wants to push her away and make her words clear, but her lips are too soft for him to push away.

The night was gathering and the atmosphere was warm.

Mu Yun finally felt the heart tremor. At the moment, he was forced by a man on the wall, and his brain was blank.

Just as she reached out her finger to touch the man's belt, a phone ring broke it all.

"Your cell phone rings!"

Muyun took the lead in pushing him away.

Nangong Yao breathed heavily and was a little upset. Who would have chosen the time to call him?

"I don't want to take it."

Said the man in a hoarse voice.

"You'd better take it, I'm slow."

Mu Yun turns around, walks to the kitchen, takes out a bottle of ice water, turns it on, drinks two quickly, douses the heat inside.

Looking at the man's shirt half open standing in the living room, looking for his cell phone, she couldn't help laughing.

Even across the shirt, she knew that the man was in great shape, and now he can't move his eyes.

Nangong Yao looks at the mobile phone and answers it quickly. However, her eyes are attracted by the woman leaning against the kitchen door. Her long hair is scattered and she is lazy. For Nangong Yao, she really wants to rush over again.


Nangong Yao adjusted his breath and spoke in a deep voice.

"It seems that Miss Siqing has come to the moon, sir."

Over there, a maid nervously reported it to him.


Nangong Yao was stunned. Obviously, a young man didn't really understand these things.

"Miss Siqing ran down just now and said that she had some blood. She was afraid. I think she's just getting old and she's starting to come to the moon."

The maid is an aunt in her forties. Of course, she knows that it's a symbol of a girl's growing up.

"Then How to deal with this? "

Nangong Yao is still worried, but he can't care about such things himself.

"Don't worry, sir. I've explained this to miss Siqing. She also knows it. But she said she wants to come back and has been crying."

"I see."

Nangong Yao hung up the phone, looked up, and Jun's face was full of apologies. "There's something wrong with Siqing. I may have to go to see her."

"Well, you go."

Moyun does not hold back.

"I'm sorry."

Nangong Yao, afraid of her anger, whispered.

"You're not sorry for me. When everyone is in a hurry, go back and have a look."

Mu Yun is really not angry. On the contrary, she feels that the call is timely. Otherwise, she will be afraid of her crazy feeling of wanting to experience the affairs of men and women.

"See you tomorrow. I'll wait for you at the gate of your school at noon tomorrow."

Before Nangong Yao left, she had made a reservation for tomorrow.

"If you have something tomorrow..." "It's OK. The most important thing for me now is to be with you."

Nangong Yao directly interrupts her words, takes a long leg and walks to her face. Her long messy hair is trimmed by long slender fingers. Next second, his thin lips take her breath.

A few seconds later, Mu Yun's face was stunned, and the man patted her face gently: "from now on, I will actively pursue you, hoping you won't bother me."

Mu Yun eases her mind and listens to his words. Her heart is in a mess.

"I haven't been actively pursued by any man. I'm not afraid if you let me go."

Mu Yun breathed in a hurry and looked at him without any weakness.

"Muyun, you seem to be different from what I imagined, but no matter which you are, I like it."

When the man has said this, he opens the door with a smile and leaves.

Mu Yun reaches out his hand to reach at the lips and is stunned for a long time.