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C2028 see the future mother-in-law

On the highway, Ji Tingyan is chatting with feting. There are fruits and snacks prepared by men for her. Ji Tingyan was a very disciplined person and seldom ate snacks at home. She doesn't know why. On the way, she seems to be unable to stop. She may have appetite as soon as she is relaxed.

"There's a service area in front. Do you want to stop and open a section for me?" Ji Tingyan is also worried that she is too tired to drive. She wants to share it with him.

"It's OK. I'm in good spirits." Tie Ting has a professional quality, and he has already trained his amazing willpower. These hours' drive is not worth mentioning to him at all.

"Come to the service area later. Let's buy two bags of noodles." Ji Tingyan said with a smile that she would eat at home, but when her father saw her, she would read her a few words.

"Good." Tie Ting smiles and nods.

"Don't you think the instant noodles are not delicious and nutritious?" Ji Tingyan didn't expect him to agree. She had some surprises. So she met someone with the same hobbies as herself? "How can it not be delicious? I used to eat it when I was training. It tastes good." Although feting is the president of the company, he is not arrogant at all. On the contrary, he lives a simple and grounded life.

Ji Tingyan chuckled and tied Ting's side eyes to look at her. She asked in a low, dumb voice, "what are you laughing at?"

"Nothing." Ji Tingyan hides this little worry. She is happy because her life style is similar to hers.

There are not many people in the service area. When feting and Ji Tingyan get off the car and walk into the supermarket, everyone's eyes are attracted. The woman is elegant and delicate, and her face is beautiful. It's rare to see her. The man who walks with her is tall and has extraordinary temperament. At first sight, he is not an ordinary person. Both the appearance and temperament are very matched, which gives a person a natural pair Feeling.

Ji Tingyan bends down and chooses her favorite taste. Mei Mou drips around and looks at the man.

"Take the same one, and make it up to your taste." Tie Ting eyes light, including her doting. Ji Tingyan quickly unpacked the package, poured boiling water on it, and then covered the food waiting time.

Tie Ting is sitting opposite her. Her eyes are deep. She looks at the girl's natural movements. Her lips are thin and her lips are light. Miss Ji Jiada had a good time.

Three minutes later, the two began to eat noodles. In this sparsely staffed service area, a bucket of instant noodles became a rare delicacy. Feting and Ji Tingyan ignored the surprised eyes of the people around them and drank some soup directly.

"Sit down, I'll get a water glass and decorate it with hot water for you to drink on the way." Tie Ting got up and took out a heat preservation cup from the car.

Ji Tingyan looks at the mountains and barriers opposite her. The cars passing by at a high speed from time to time on the road are in a good mood.

Tie Zheng saw that she was holding her chin, staring at the distance, dazed. He took a breath, subconsciously took out his mobile phone, and secretly took this picture.

Such a beautiful woman, tie Ting can't believe it belongs to her.

Ji Tingyan slowly turns her head to look at the man, and tie Ting hides her mobile phone behind her in panic, as if she is doing something ugly.

When I secretly photographed my girlfriend, I was so guilty that I couldn't help laughing at myself.

After a short rest, the two people continue to drive forward. The scenery is beautiful all the way. After passing a mountain road, the sky suddenly drifts with snowflakes, and the light white snowflakes fall down. The beauty is just like the fairyland on earth.

Ji Tingyan takes out her mobile phone to record the scenery.

After a few hours' drive, the car got off the expressway. This is a coastal city. The coastal Avenue is very wide. There is a beach beside it. Many people stop and walk to the beach with their mouths dragged.

Ji Tingyan sees several lovely little girls passing the traffic lights. She has a mental movement. She can't help but look at the handsome side of the man's face. In her mind, there is a figure of a little girl. She doesn't know if she was cute when she was a kid.

This is the company of feting's mother. After her husband died, she used her thin shoulders to support a company. Now, both sons have grown up, and the pressure of feting's mother is small. Now her biggest wish is to see her two sons find a girlfriend to start a family and business.

However, after years of waiting for her mother, her two sons were still, and she almost gave up. Until, she heard the doorbell ring, tie Ting holding a beautiful woman standing in front of her.

"Xiaoting?" Tie mother looks surprised.

"Mom, I'm back. This is my girlfriend. Her name is Ji Tingyan." Seeing her mother, feting was also very excited. He quickly introduced Ji Tingyan to her.

"Hello, aunt." Ji Tingyan immediately greeted her politely.

It's hard for her to believe: "Xiaoting, I'm not dreaming, are you taking my girlfriend home?"

"Of course not, mom, I didn't say hello to you in advance, just wanted to give you a surprise." Tie Ting saw his mother's face stupefied, he couldn't help laughing, it seems that he let his mother down so much that her mother doesn't believe him now.

"Don't look for a girl to come back and act for me like your brother." Tie mother laughed and scolded her gently, then said to Ji Tingyan, "your name is Tingyan, isn't it? Come in and have a seat. You're welcome. It's the same as your own home. "

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes and tie Ting look at each other, and tie Ting shrugs, saying that she doesn't know about her brother's behavior.

Ji Tingyan looks down and Snickers. Unexpectedly, tie Xun is so funny.

She lives alone and has two nannies to take care of her daily life. It's going to be dark now. Soon after she got home, she saw her son gave her such a big surprise. How could she not be happy? She asked the aunt to quickly open a table of rich dinner to entertain the daughter-in-law from afar.

Ji Tingyan put her present at the table and said shyly, "Auntie, when I first met you, I prepared some gifts. I don't know what Auntie likes. I bought them all at will. I hope you will like them."

"Why do you still shop? Xiaoting, you don't stop me. My mother doesn't want anything. She needs two daughters in law. " Tie mother just entered the door and looked at jitingyan. As a mother-in-law, she saw her daughter-in-law in the future for the first time. To be honest, she was also nervous. She was afraid that her two sons would meet with misdemeanors. But after a look, she felt that the gentle beauty in front of her eyes was really in line with her heart. The eyes of the eldest son were really good. She chose such a beautiful girlfriend.

"I can't stop her. She has to buy it." As expected, home is the most relaxing place. In front of his mother, his role returns to his son, and he becomes lazy. Ji Tingyan's pretty face is red. What her mother-in-law said just now makes her heart thump. She doesn't know whether she will like her or not. She is still very worried.