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C1494 where to sacrifice?

Hearing that Ling Mo Feng was angry, LAN Yanxi stayed in the same place, his face was taut and uneasy.

Blue fibril stood beside him, his hands around his chest, with a funny expression. Ling Mo Feng was angry. Blue Yanxi was afraid that he would not have good fruit to eat.

"Since I'm here, of course I have to see him, but How angry is he? " LAN Yanxi made a deliberate action of swallowing saliva and asked the adjutant nervously.

The adjutant smiled awkwardly and politely, and replied, "he smashed all the cups at hand. He must be very angry. Take care of yourself, Miss LAN!"

"Poof!" Hearing such a reply, LAN Xianxian couldn't help but laugh and look at LAN Yanxi with a pair of peach blossom eyes, as if he had foreseen her tragedy for a while.

"It's a waste. There's a shortage of resources here. He broke the cup." LAN Yanxi murmured. After two steps forward, she turned back sharply. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on the blue fiber.

The smile on blue microfiber's face was too late to be recovered. Blue Yanxi caught a figure. Her smile froze immediately.

"It's you What you call me here on purpose is to see my jokes? " LAN Yanxi suddenly angrily pushed forward a step, but LAN Xianxian was a little guilty, so the whole person backed back two steps.

"I didn't force you to come here with a knife on your neck. It's ridiculous that you don't want to come. Now it's my fault." Blue fibril turned away his face, a tone of sarcasm.

LAN Yanxi's face was angry, and he said angrily, "it's you. You are so disgusting!"

LAN Xianxian, who had a ghost in her heart, was scolded by LAN Yanxi by pointing to her nose. She didn't dare to contradict her words. Yes, she was malicious with her heart, just wanted to see LAN Yanxi's joke.

"Eldest lady, do you need me to accompany you in?" Uncle Yu is nearby. He is more worried because he doesn't know. If the two young ladies fight, he will throw out the blue fiber without hesitation.

Lanyanxi is also playing for lanxianxian and the people around her, but she is confident in her heart. Even if Ling Mo Feng scolds her, she will suffer. Who let her come here without saying hello? She is willing to be scolded.

"Uncle Yu, you wait for me here. I will come when I go!" Of course, LAN Yanxi doesn't want uncle Yu to follow her. She can communicate with Ling Mo Feng.

The adjutant led her to a nearby house, where Ling Mo Feng now lives and works, surrounded by a circle of Guard soldiers. When LAN Yanxi entered, he met Cheng Yuan and several responsible persons coming out of it.

When the two friends met, their expressions were very surprised. Cheng Yuan grabbed her hand and said happily, "Yan Xi, I didn't expect that you also came."

"I didn't think so!" LAN Yanxi was embarrassed.

"Go in!" Cheng Yuan winked at her.

LAN Yanxi blushed even more, as if she had discovered some secret.

Lanyanxi went in and found that it was an office that had been cleaned up temporarily. It was very simple and crude. There was no air conditioning in it, and a basin of charcoal fire was burned. It was the only thing for heating. Ling Mo Feng was sitting on the sofa next to him at the moment, holding a cup of newly brewed coffee to refresh his mind.

He held the cup and stared at the girl who came in, as if to say, who let you come here?

Lanyanxi was not able to be empty hearted. She immediately lowered her head to the man's deep and unpredictable eyes. She wished she could bury her face in her broad down jacket.

Ling Mo Feng wanted to scold her for a few words. Seeing her shrinking her head and wringing her hands together, he couldn't remember a word he wanted to scold her. He had to throw the cup in his hand slightly on the desk, get up and walk towards her.

"Ling Mo Feng, I'm sorry!" LAN Yan hoped to see him coming, so he had the courage to look up at his eyes and found that there was a circle of melancholy around his eyes. It was because he didn't have a good rest and it was heartbreaking.

Ling Mo Feng said nothing, and the first action he took was to tear her into his arms, put his strong arms around her shoulder, and bury his head in her neck.

Lanyanxi was waiting for him to blame herself, but she didn't expect that she would get such a warm hug from him. She was at a loss.

"Ling Mo Feng..."

"Don't talk, let me depend!" The man's voice is still angry, but the request is not willing to refuse, he must be too tired, so now I want to borrow her shoulder to lean on it. LAN Yanxi really didn't dare to say anything more. He stood still. After a while, Ling Mo Feng released his hand and let her go. Then he reached out to take her little hand and found that it was cold. It must have been freezing.

"Come and have a fire! Warm up! " Ling Mo Feng said softly.

LAN Yanxi couldn't resist the temptation of the charcoal fire. She was so cold that she wanted to sit next to her.

Just as LAN Yanxi sat down, the man turned around and poured her a cup of hot water: "drink some water!"

LAN Yanxi didn't say a word, so he turned up and drank.

"Why not obey?" The man sat on the chair beside her, his eyes full of reproach.

Lanyanxi knew that he was sure to ask, and she felt very aggrieved, so she planned to tell the truth.

"I just decided to come over when I got a call from bluefiber. She said that if I didn't come over, she would try her best to seduce you. I was afraid that she would do such a shameful thing and rush to stop her. I was afraid that it would affect your reputation." LAN Yanxi said angrily.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly stunned. For a long time, he sneered: "where is her self-confidence? She dare to speak out wildly. Everyone here is busy with disaster relief, but she is idle. Do you want to come and seduce me? I've also aroused you. I'll find someone to throw her in the mountains and let her die for herself! "

"Really?" LAN Yanxi immediately turned his head to look at him, some surprises: "do you really want to throw her into the mountain?"

"She really annoyed me this time. If I don't kill her, it doesn't mean I can't punish her severely." Ling Mo Feng is too angry to bite his teeth. He tricked his beloved woman here. Blue fibril has already committed an unforgivable crime. If there is something wrong with blue Yanxi here, she is a capital crime.

"I think she's hateful, too, but her purpose is to lead me over and be severely punished by you." LAN Yanxi is naturally happy to hear that someone is angry for him.

"When I've saved the victims, I'll have her thrown up the mountain to feed the wolves!" Ling Mo Feng said.

"In fact, you don't have to ask her to feed the wolf. You can ask her to help. I'm sure she will work very hard to please you." Although lanyanxi hates her, she can't kill her. If she dies, her grandfather will be sad. Her uncle won't let her go. So, he will punish her, but he can do it in another way.

"You still want me to touch her?" Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows are slightly selected, and his handsome face is discontented.

"I didn't say to let you contact him. If you are here, she will work hard!" LAN Yanxi said softly.

"Yan Xi, I want Cheng Yuan to accompany you back to the city. Don't stay here. It's very dangerous!" Ling Mo Feng's face sank. He looked at her quietly. He saw her pretty face, which was not painted with powder. It was cold and red. He felt inexplicably hurt.

"I don't leave. I want to stay and do my best. I've learned simple nursing in school before. I can help bandage and apply medicine!" Since LAN Yanxi has come and saw him, he can't let her leave again.

"There are enough people here No need for your help! " Ling Mo Feng said the previous sentence, then stopped for a while. Obviously, he was lying at all, and his hands were not enough.

"Are you worried that our relationship will be exposed? Don't worry, I've improved my acting. I won't let you see. " Lanyanxi thought he was worried about it.

But the man suddenly reached over, took her small hand and whispered, "I'm afraid you can't stand such a crime."

"You can do it. Why can't I? Ling Mo Feng, I'm not as delicate as you think. I want to stay! " LAN Yanxi holds the other hand back, a pair of beautiful eyes, unswervingly looking at men's eyes, the light at the bottom of the eyes is like stars, shining and dazzling.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her dejectedly. For a while, his thin lips raised a light smile: "OK, if you want to stay, please stay here. I seem reluctant to let you go!"

"Why?" LAN Yanxi's pretty face suddenly turned red. Just now, he was able to look into his eyes. At this moment, he dared not. He lowered his head and let his long hair cover his face.

"No reason, just don't want to let you go, want to see you more!" Ling Mo Feng's mood at the moment is also very complex, because last night, he experienced life and death. At that time, he thought that she was the only one except his family. Others thought that he was not afraid, but he just put his fear in his heart. He was also afraid that he would die and would not see important people.

"It's killing the vice president when he talks about love." LAN Yanxi made fun of him with a red face.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her seriously. He took a sigh of relief, held her big hand tightly, and then released it: "I'll let Cheng Yuan follow you. If you want to help, you can help. You should also keep warm and cold. Don't get sick!"

"I brought a lot of thick clothes here. Don't worry, I'm ok. Then Then I'll go out and leave your work alone! " LAN Yanxi smiled at him mischievously. His little hand struggled for a while, and he took it away from his big hand.

Ling Mo Feng gets up and looks at her petite figure wrapped in a thick down jacket. Inexplicably, she is lovely and pure.

When LAN Yanxi went out, she suddenly thought of something. She came back and quickly touched the water in the water cup with her fingers. She slipped two times to both sides of her cheek and looked like tears.

"No laughing!" LAN Yanxi turned around and mischievously warned the man, then walked out quickly.

"Ah Hope! " Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought of something to remind her, but it was too late.

LAN Yanxi just walked out of the gate, and suddenly the water drops on her face were all frozen. She was shocked.

However, even if the water on LAN Yanxi's face becomes ice dregs, it doesn't prevent him from seeing the truth.

Crying? Scolded and cried?