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Tang You You stayed in the office, facing the crowd's gaze, and waited until the afternoon was over.

Just as she was about to get off work, Lam Tung, who had previously showed her his colors before, suddenly called her and told her to go to his office.

The moment he opened the door, the Lam Tung, who had been scared out of his wits, immediately rubbed his hands together, accompanied with a smile, and said in an incomparably remorseful tone, "You long ah, yesterday, my attitude towards you was not good enough, I'm sorry, this Li Fang Fang is truly courting death, if it wasn't for her threatening me, I wouldn't have said those words to you, please forgive me, if it wasn't for her threatening me, please forgive me, my lady.

I promise, in the future, I will definitely support you on the job to a great extent. After this lesson, I will also reflect on it seriously, and I will firmly uphold the principle of fairness as a superior. Lam Tung was truly worthy of being called a sly old fox. After suffering a setback and growing intelligence, he immediately showed the look of a good boss.

"It's time, I'm off work!" Tang You You did not want to hear any more of his nonsense.

Her emotions were actually quite complicated. She had always thought that her superior would have a good example.

However, Lam Tung completely overturned her perception of things. So it turned out that the person who was truly worthy of worship was definitely someone who would adhere to his or her principles no matter when, and not a fence-sitter.

Tang You You no longer cared about how far Lam Tung's career could go. In the future, she only wanted to do the work at hand.

They drove towards Ji Family's villa.

Just as she turned onto the road that belonged to the Ji Family Villa, a red sportscar charged towards her crazily.

Tang You You fiercely stepped on the brake, her entire body leaned forward, and barely stopped the car.

His heart shrank into a ball.

Tang You You pushed open the door angrily and anxiously, yet met a pair of provocative eyes.

Tang Xue Rou also walked down from the carriage, her beautiful face was filled with anger.

"Do you want to die?" When Tang You You saw that it was her, he immediately shouted angrily.

If she did not forcefully stop the car, Tang Xue Rou would have already gone to hell.

However, Tang Xue Rou casually curled her lips: "If you hit me, you won't be much better."

"You want to die, why are you dragging me into this?" Tang You You was simply furious at her.

Tang Xue Rou then suddenly walked in front of her, and pointed at her face with anger: "Tang You You, I have truly underestimated you, I never expected you to be such a shameless and terrifying woman, are you trying to take revenge on me? So she purposely stole Ji Xiao Han away? How can you be so vicious? "

Tang You You faced her rage and retorted, "Even if I wanted to take revenge on you, I have a reason to do so. Five years ago, you replaced me, enjoying a glorious life while I, who fled overseas and lived a tight life, if I remember correctly, asked father for money many times. You and your mother both tried to stop me from taking even a single cent. It was you who stole everything from me. "

Tang Xue Rou didn't expect that after Tang You You had lived abroad for five years, the moment she returned, her mouth was even more vicious than before, and she was rendered speechless.

"Since you mentioned this matter, shouldn't you think about how much of a debt you owe our Tang Clan?" If it wasn't for my mother accepting you and not rushing out of your house before you became a minor, would you still have had the chance to meet Ji Xiao Han? "You ungrateful ingrate, won't your conscience hurt?" Tang Xue Rou reprimanded her with sufficient reason.

This matter, was something Tang You You could not wipe away.

"Didn't I already repay the Tang Clan's kindness?" If I did not beg Ji Xiao Han to let you go, you would not even be alive right now. " Tang You You's voice became slightly softer.

"Are you begging him to let me go? Tang You You, I suspect that you did not plead on my behalf. Maybe the Quarterly remembered me and spared me, so you have put all your efforts in your hands, and you still have the nerve to hold on to it? " Tang Xue Rou sneered, and spoke with an unreasonable tone.

Tang You You knew that Tang Xue Rou was purposely trying to dilute her role in the battle, so she didn't mind.

"What are you trying to do by blocking my way today?" Tang You You asked with a cold smile.

I've found your piece of jade, but it looks like you don't need it anymore. You're already Quarterly's girlfriend, so rich and powerful are waiting for you up ahead. Tang Xue Rou laughed sinisterly, and said slowly.

Tang You You's face stiffened, then became deathly pale.