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Dinner was enjoyed by the fire. Suddenly, Zhang cau took out three bottles of wine from his backpack and laughed, "I only have three. It's not enough. Mr. Nangong, you and Muyun share a bottle."

"Thank you!"

Nangong Yao took over, opened the beer and handed it to Mu Yun: "pay for it."

Muyun took it over and took a sip. It was very sour and refreshing. It's a great enjoyment of life to drink the cool and clear wine in this kind of mountain.

"Is it good to drink?

Pay me back. "

Nangongyao snatched it directly, and then he looked up and drank from the place where Muyun had drunk.

When Li Qing saw her, she secretly turned a white eye. She really didn't like this kind of show loving occasion. Because she didn't have a boyfriend, of course, she would have this kind of mentality. It was because she was not the most popular woman, she had a gap in her heart, and she really liked nangongyao, so she was all sour.

After drinking the wine, everyone was tired. Zhang cau said, "let's go to have a rest first. I'm here to watch the night."

Nangong Yao immediately said, "I'll take turns with you. You stay for the first half of the night. I stay for the second half of the night."


Zhang cau smiles and nods.

There are only four tents in total. Muyun plans to squeeze in with Li Qing, but now it seems that she can only sleep alone. Li Qing and Xiao Chen have shared one.

It's dark around. Muyun lies in the tent and turns over. Looking through the tent, he can see another tent not far away from her. Is nangongyao asleep now?

Although there is a fire nearby, the light of the fire is not strong. Muyun can't sleep. When listening to all kinds of sounds of nature, time passes by. Muyun's sleepiness comes. She is going to sleep. Suddenly, she hears someone pulling the zipper of her tent, and she sits up in surprise.

"It's me!"

A deep male voice came.

"Nangong Yao, what are you doing if you don't sleep?"

Murun also asked him in a low voice.

"If I say I'm afraid of the dark, do you believe it?"

There was a smile in the man's voice.

Muronton was so angry that he wanted to laugh. He bit his teeth and said, "of course not."

"But I'm really afraid of the dark."

Nangong Yao had the cheek to climb in. Next second, he lay down.

Mu Yun is biting her lower lip. Her pretty face is burning in the dark. The tent space is not big. She has enough sleep alone. But when Nangong Yao's tall body comes in, she feels extremely crowded.

"Moyun, I want to sleep with you."

Nangong Yao reached for her arm, in a pitiful tone.

"I'm not used to being with people."

Mu Yun wants to push him away, but as soon as she reaches for her hand, the man gently pulls her, and she lies on his body.

The man sends out the low voice laughter, Moyun is a little embarrassed, he is intentional at all.

"Nangong Yao, can you point your face? My friend is still there."

Mu Yun is angry and anxious, but also helpless. Now she dare not even speak loudly, as if she is whispering to him. The atmosphere is more delicate.

"No, I've been told that if you want to pursue someone you like, you have to be cheeky and stick to it."

Nangong Yao is a blatant hooligan now. He really enjoys the feeling of huddling in a small tent with her. If it's such a beautiful day, what's the meaning if it's not with her?

Mu Yun is going to be angry and laugh at his words. Where does he hear the fallacy.

"That's OK. Anyway, my quilt is thin and it's cold here. It's good for you to be my heater."

Mu Yun is not polite to him either. He pushes directly into his arms and turns his back on him. The man is really warm.

Nangong Yao saw her gentle side lying in his arms, warm, happy and satisfied.


Nangong Yao saw that she had not spoken. He called her name in a low voice.


Muyun can't sleep, and her brain becomes clear again. She feels his fluctuating heart beat against his solid chest, and gradually has some inexplicable ideas in her mind.

"What are you thinking?"

Nangong Yao couldn't sleep either. He wanted to whisper something to her.


Mu Yun closed her eyes tightly, unwilling to admit it.

"But I'm thinking of you."

Nangong Yao sticks to her ears and speaks sweet love words.

"What do you want me to do?

Am I not by your side? "

Mu Yun feels bored and funny for no reason.

Nangong Yao said lazily, "it's one thing to miss you. It's one thing to be around you."

"In my opinion, it's one thing."

Moyun's voice is even lower.

Nangong Yao suddenly reached out his hand and held her gently. Muyun was shaking and tensed into a string.

"Don't mess about."

Moyun almost bit his lips to warn him.

"Don't mess around. I want to paste it closer. It smells good on you."

Nangong Yao said that he would not, but his mind has been confused thousands of times.

Mu Yun really can't help him. She suddenly felt that the labels of nobility, gentleness and elegance attached to nangongyao could all be torn off. It's more appropriate to directly affix the four words "rogue".

Nangong Yao's heart is racing. He never thought that he would be so close to her. His cells are jumping all over his body. He is doomed to sleep tonight.

Think of a few years ago, he came to school to find her, at that time, he also wanted to have the cheek to meet her.

But many external factors prevented his behavior. To this day, he felt that nothing was more important than holding her in his arms.

Muyun is still sleepy. I don't know if it's warm. People will relax. She relies on his chest vaguely, closes her eyes and falls into sleep.

Nangong Yao also closed his eyes, but he didn't fall asleep, just quietly feeling the warmth.

Murun sleeps in a daze and hears a low voice: "murun, do you want to see the sunrise?"

When Mu Yun opened his eyes from his sleep, he saw Nangong Yao's hands on her body, smiling, "you..." Mu Yun is surprised for a while, and then he is ashamed to use his knee to gently push him.


Nangong Yao makes a groan. This woman's hands are not light.

Seeing that his handsome face was wrinkled, Mu Yun found that he didn't seem to pay attention to the importance. He immediately worried that he was really hurt, so he asked, "are you ok?

I didn't mean to. I just wanted to protect myself. "


The man made fun of her on purpose.

Mu Yun's face was dazed, and she was at a loss. Then she burst out a sentence: "is it really bad?

If not, let me see. "

This time, it's Nangong Yao's turn to be a fool. I don't know who is in the routine.

"Do you really want to see it?"

The man lowered his voice and his eyes darkened.

Moyun picked up his eyebrows and said, "yes."

Nangong Yao is going to talk at once In the middle of it, he's embarrassed.

"Forget it. I'll show you when I go back this time. It's out of time. It's sunrise."

Nangong Yao chuckles.

Mu Yun immediately climbed out. Nangongyao put a bucket of water he had brought from the hot spring pool in front of her: "wash yourself first."

Mu Yun Leng Leng Leng, looked up to see the man's dark eyes crawling red blood.

"How many hours did you sleep?"

So early also helped her to bring water back, indicating that the man did not sleep at all.

"Sleep for two hours. I'm in good health. Don't worry about it."

Nangong Yao was immediately satisfied. She looked at her eyes and was really distressed.

Muyun's mood has changed. She has always felt that only the eldest brother in the world is her own dependence, but the man in front of her eyes also gives her a full sense of security.