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C795 season's sadness

The man suddenly hugged and let Tang youyou tighten her body. She was still wearing a man's trench coat in her hand. He suddenly hugged her. She felt his head clinging to her neck and frowned slightly.

She knew that at the moment, the feeling of men holding her was not because of passion. She could feel the feeling of men holding her back, which seemed very uncomfortable.

What's the matter? Did he quarrel with the old lady?

Tang youyou didn't know how to comfort him, so he had to stretch out his hand and pat him twice on his strong back. He asked softly, "what's the matter?"

"Let me hold it for a while!" The man's voice is very low, with a touch of unspeakable grief.

Tang youyou had to stop saying anything and reached for him in response.

At this time, the old lady's voice came from the stairs: "what are you two doing here? There are children at home. You two adults are not so decent! "

The old lady's voice scared Tang youyou directly. She hurriedly nudged Ji Xiaohan.

When Ji Xiaohan also heard grandma's voice, he was tense. Then he released Tang youyou and turned to the bedroom.

"What's the matter with this child?" The old lady was shocked to see that Ji Xiaohan didn't even say hello to her.

Tang youyou quickly chuckled and said, "he may be a little tired from his work. Grandma, don't mind!"

"What do I care about him? He didn't know how many times he was angry with me since he was a child." The old lady said with a smile that she would not care about any temper of her grandson.

Tang youyou chuckled: "I'll see him!"

Later, Tang youyou took his coat and walked quickly to the bedroom.

Opening the door, I saw that the man was sitting on the sofa with a dejected face. His eyes seemed to be dyed red. Tang youyou was shocked when he only saw them.

"You What's the matter? " Tang youyou could not help but walk to his side and asked softly.

"I'm fine!" Ji Xiaohan looks away, afraid to let her see the tears falling from her eyes.

Yes, strong as Jida boss, I can't help crying to be a child when I hear the news that grandpa is leaving.

"Are you in a bad mood? If you don't want to say it, I'll go out first. You can be alone. " Tang youyou finds that his mood is not right at the moment, so she is also very sensible and does not disturb him.

"Well!" Season owl cold really needs a quiet moment.

After Tang youyou turned around and left, Ji Xiaohan couldn't control his sad mood and cried directly.

From small to large, Grandpa's image in his heart is always tall and indestructible.

When dad left, grandpa took the place of dad to teach him, help him, take him step by step to today's position, and become a strong man like him.

He always thought that Grandpa could stay with him for a long time. When he was confused and confused, he could go to him directly for advice. Unexpectedly, he would come so suddenly and so quickly, and he had no preparation.

Grandpa is an indispensable family member in his life, tutor, elder generation, but also the light to illuminate his future. Ji Xiaohan's heart is full of scenes with Grandpa before. Grandpa scolds, encourages, criticizes and praises him. Every picture is full of kindness and kindness.

The mood in his heart was constantly stirring. Ji Xiaohan cried for a long time before he stopped the sad mood. He got up, went into the bathroom, grabbed the cold water, and washed away his embarrassed appearance.

Standing in front of the mirror, looking up and watching the cold water falling from his face, Ji Xiaohan finally suppressed the sadness and restored his original appearance, but the deep red eyes are still difficult to eliminate.

Tang youyou went to check the children's homework. As soon as the two boys came back, they were reviewing the homework assigned by the school.

One of them is English education. Maybe when other children are struggling to learn, these two little guys have no pressure at all.

"Mommy, look, I cut it, isn't it beautiful?" Ji xiaonai happily takes out the handmade flower and holds it up to get mommy's affirmation and praise.

"Well, it's beautiful, but you should also be like my brother. First color the flowers, then cut them, so it's more beautiful!" Tang youyou found that when it comes to practical ability, a son is a strong point.

Ji xiaonai tooted a small mouth: "brother, the color you painted is so ugly, the flowers are pink!"

Ji Xiaorui turned away his mouth and said, "I don't know much. This kind of flower is purple!"

Tang youyou sits next to the two children. Occasionally, he points out and praises them. The little guy is very happy.

However, Tang youyou is a little absent-minded. She feels that something must have happened to Ji Xiaohan. What she knows is that his mood just now makes people feel like he is going to collapse.

I love the way he looks.

"Mommy, a little friend's Mommy brought her sister here today. Her sister is so small, just like the little orange sister, but it's lovely!" Ji xiaonai is doing manual work at the same time, and her mouth is still breaking.

"Oh, really? Do you want orange little sister? " Tang youyou immediately asked with a smile.

"No, I'm thinking, do you want mommy to give me a little sister to play with?" Ji xiaonai said solemnly.

Tang youyou was directly amused by her childishness: "do you want mommy to have a sister just to play for you?"

"Yes, she'll be my little attendant, my little tail, and I'll be her sister!" Ji xiaonai said in an excited and happy tone.

Tang youyou is speechless. This little guy wants to work as a waiter.

"Xiaonai, even if you have a sister, you can't bully her or play with her. You should protect her and cherish her, you know?" Tang youyou advised softly.

Ji xiaonai blinked: "well, then, did Mommy promise to give me a sister?"


"Mommy, you agreed. Please, I really like having a little sister!" Ji xiaonai immediately played her good at removing Jiao!

Tang youyou is embarrassed!

"Just promise her. I think she's serious!" Behind him came a deep male voice.

Tang youyou looks dazed. Looking back, he sees Ji Xiaohan standing at the door. He hears what she and her daughter have just said.

"Daddy, is it true? Can mommy give me a little sister? " Ji xiaonai is very happy when he listens to it. Daddy has agreed. That's for sure. Tang Youmei's eyes swept on the man's face and found that he didn't seem to have the same mood as before. Then he settled down and chuckled, "I remember you promised your daughter that you would not have another child!"