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Wang Rong thinks that he has got the right context for young girls. As long as she smiles and has a sweet mouth, she will like to hear more praise words. However, he obviously overestimates his practice. Lanyanxi doesn't realize how beautiful his praise words are. In contrast, she is inexplicably disgusted.

"My mother is back. Just tell her!" LAN Yanxi turned around and left without a moment.

"Well, won't we have a meal?" Wang Rong immediately pursued two steps and warmly invited each other.

Lanyanxi has gone faster. She can't say what she feels. She's too lonely to be alone. Looking for someone to accompany her is at least a kind of spiritual comfort. She doesn't know how to evaluate her mother's aesthetic concept. She was too old, too young, and glib. It's not reliable.

Lanyanxi didn't meet her mother all the way. She didn't receive her mother's call until she drove away. She just said a few words and hung up.

In the president's office of Jishi group, Gao Yue didn't expect jixiaohan to come to her again for a chat.

She was struggling with Ji Xiaohan with her true feelings before, but now she feels that her sincerity is not enough. She has to work harder to seduce her. Mei Jie is a ruthless woman. She broke into her house that night and said those words to her, which made Gao Yuejue's self have no turning back. She can only succeed, not fail.

"The senior director is a little distracted today. Don't you know what's the matter?" When Ji Xiaohan saw Gao Yue come in, his expression was not quite right. He had no previous natural sense at all. Even his eyes were evasive.

Ji Xiaohan knows the mind of watching people best. He thinks Gao Yue may have changed his mind.

"What did Mr. Ji just say? I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well recently. I don't pay enough attention." Gao Yue hides ghosts in her heart, so there is always a sense of emptiness between her looks.

She is afraid to be seen through by Ji Xiaohan, because once she fails, she may fall into the abyss.

"Is it? Since you are not feeling well, please take a leave and go to see the doctor. " Season owl cold light smile.

"No, it's important!" Gao Yue, of course, lied. She was in good health, but she was about to break down. She was so stressed that she didn't sleep well for days.

"If the senior director has any difficulties, you can tell me that caring for subordinates is also part of my work!" Season owl cold hook lips chuckles, that enchantment inborn a face, make Gao Yue even more eyes a daze.

Gao Yue forcibly shook his head and let reason return: "Ji is really a good boss. He cares about his subordinates so much. In fact, I don't have anything to do, but women are always inconvenient in those days."

"Oh!" Ji Xiaohan is a married man. He knows and understands.

Gao Yue wants to show weakness inexplicably at the moment, because she can't help Ji Xiaohan get the old president's schedule, but she promised to help him bravely before. At the moment, she is afraid that it will become a joke.

"Then go back to the office first, and pay attention to the rest!" Ji Xiaohan knows that Gao Yue may have nothing to tell him today, so he has to let her go.

When Gao Yue stands up from the chair, she suddenly feels dizzy. She almost falls down. Ji Xiaohan is far away from her, so she has no chance to show anything. Gao Yue takes a deep breath, turns around and leaves in a panic.

As soon as Gao Yue left, Ji Xiaohan called in Lu Qing, his assistant.

"This Gao Yue seems to be different from the previous one. Please help me to stare at her and see what's going on." Season owl cold calm facial expression says.

Lu Qing guessed, "young master, do you think Gao Yue was forced by the old president to be in a hurry? Did you panic for a while?"

"It's also possible that last time I had a meal with her alone, I was afraid that the old president would put all the conditions on her and force her to go nowhere!" Season owl cold sneer ridicule.

"That's what she asked for herself, too long!" Lu Qing doesn't love her at all.

"I don't know what new order the old president gave her, but I'm sure one of them will take my life, so I may not see this woman again in the future."

"Don't worry, young master. I'll take care of the future contact with her!" Lu Qing replied quickly.

"You should also be careful of her. Don't be plotted by her. I don't know if she will jump the wall in a hurry because she is in a trance!" Season owl cold deep voice admonishes.

"Don't worry, young master, I will handle it carefully!" Lu Qing nodded.

"By the way, how is your relationship with Liu Xiaoxing developing recently?" After Ji Xiaohan finished talking about his business, he suddenly became concerned about his personal affairs.

Lu Qing's face was swollen and red. He reached out and scratched the back of his head: "OK, she She promised to be my girlfriend. "

"I wish you all the best. But, Lu Qing, do you want to think about leaving her for a while? Now you work for me. I believe that those who stare at me will also stare at you. You followed me before, and there was no weakness to attack. That's the most reassuring thing for me. Now, the situation is pressing. I hope you and your loved ones can protect my family at the same time People are safe, too. " Season owl cold finger is tapping on the table top, half think half concern of say.

Lu Qing's face suddenly turned pale and tense. He was a transparent man. Ji Xiaohan splashed a little, and he understood immediately.

"The young master reminds me that I have neglected this matter. Don't worry, I will discuss it with Xiaoxing." Lu Qing is scared out of a cold sweat. He is relaxed by the sweetness of his first love recently. It's like waking up in a dream when he hears the warning of Ji Xiaohan.

"Liu Xiaoxing's character, should be good, you have a good discussion!" Ji Xiaohan said with concern.

Lu Qing nodded: "yes, she is a very cheerful girl!"

After walking out of the president's office, Lu Qing called Liu Xiaoxing at the first time and asked her to have lunch together at noon. Of course, Liu Xiaoxing readily agreed.

In the dining room, Liu Xiaoxing, dressed in a playful and fancy dress, came running over like a beam of sunlight, and suddenly burst into the sight of Lu Qing. He was slightly stunned.

In fact, Liu Xiaoxing has no womanly character. She is easy-going. Sometimes she dresses cute and sometimes she is neutral. This is definitely not the right person for her mother-in-law to be a daughter-in-law.

However, Lu Qing likes the way she publicizes her personality, and she is free to ignore her eyes and live her own life.

"Lu Qing, why did you invite me to dinner suddenly? Didn't you just invite me last night?" As soon as Liu Xiaoxing sat down, he poured himself a cup of tea and drank it. He looked at the man opposite and asked.

Lu Qing looks up at her and hesitates. At last, he says bluntly: "Xiaoxing, I have some troubles recently. I want to leave you for a while. Do you agree?"

"What's the trouble? Say it, I'll help you! " Liu Xiaoxing deserves to be a good girl with good understanding. When she heard that he was in trouble, she wanted to help at the first time.

"This kind of trouble is not that you can help me. It's not a trouble. It's a very dangerous thing. I believe that the whole country is talking about the general election. The two factions are in constant dispute. My boss is also involved in it. I'm his most powerful confidant. I'm sure that I've been stared at for a long time. If I continue to communicate with you, I'm afraid it will affect you. So, Xiaoxing, etc After that, everything is settled. Shall we meet again? " Lu Qing had to explain to her the cause of the matter carefully.

"Alas, I'm so angry. Why do we have to fight for politics? How many people are involved? I'm really worried that you and your boss, too dazzling people, will be stared at as expected. " Liu Xiaoxing's face is very distressed. She and Lu Qing are in the stage of passionate love at the moment. All of a sudden, she said that she would not meet again. Where should I send her lovesickness?

"Xiaoxing, I do this for your safety. Don't object, will you?" Lu Qing looks at her anxiously, for fear that she will be angry.

"How can I object? You are for my sake. Of course, I can't make trouble without reason. Lu Qing, you must promise me that you are not separated from me because there are other women involved in our relationship." Liu Xiaoxing immediately looked at him seriously and said.

Lu Qing couldn't help laughing: "you don't have to worry about this. This kind of thing won't happen to us."

"If it's not a matter of principle, I promise!" Liu Xiaoxing's mouth was raised in a flash.