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After arriving at the restaurant and finding the private room, Liu Xi had long rushed over. Upon seeing Tang Xiao Nai, she was immediately overjoyed.

"Wow, this is the cute little princess. Come, let this grandma hug you …" Liu Xi immediately walked over and hugged Tang Xiao Nai.

"Hi grandma!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately greeted with a moe expression, appearing to be very polite.

"It's all right, little boy. All of them!" Liu Xi had an expression of understanding.

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes, and curiously sized Liu Xi up. Indeed, in her impression, the word grandmother didn't seem to exist.

Thus, she felt a sense of novelty.

"Grandma, are you my Mummy's mother?" Tang Xiao Nai was not as smart as Tang Xiao Rui, that was why she asked such foolish questions.

Liu Xi immediately laughed, "No, I'm your Mummy's adopted mother, but you can also call me Grandmother. I'm already a grandmother at such a young age, my life is really good!"

Tang You You who was at the side also smiled brightly as she listened to her godmother's boasts.

The two of them, along with the little fellow, began to eat.

"Wandering, godmother truly admires you. You raised your two children at such a young age. I'm afraid only you can experience the hardships you've gone through." Liu Xi looked at the sensible and obedient Tang Xiao Nai beside him, and only felt that Tang You You had taught her very well.

laughed bitterly, "It can't be considered bitter, right? There's happiness in suffering, and during that period of time, it was indeed difficult to endure, but now, everything has changed. Seeing that the two children are growing older, my heart also feels more and more at ease."

Liu Xi still felt that Tang You You was able to persevere and not hold back.

Halfway through their meal, Tang Xiao Nai immediately said with a bitter face: "Mummy, I want to pee!"

"Come, I'll take you to the bathroom!" Tang You You quickly put down his tableware and picked up his daughter from the child's chair. He held her small hand and walked towards the bathroom.

"Mummy, this grandma is doing well!" The moment Tang Xiao Nai left, he started to speak while beaming.

Tang You You nodded: "Of course, she treats Mummy well."

"When that Xiao Nai grows up, you have to treat her well!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately acted like a little adult.

Tang You You was very moved and consoled, "Alright, when my Little Princess grows up, we will all enjoy your blessings!"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately extended her small hand and tightly grabbed onto one of Mummy's fingers: "Mummy, I will definitely take care of you. Really, I promise!"

Mummy knows, you are the best! When Tang You You walked into the washroom, a woman coincidentally walked out from the other washroom. When she saw Tang You You, she was stunned for a moment.

Immediately after, she heard a little girl beside her say, "Mummy, can you hold me while I pee?"

Tang You You immediately reprimanded her softly, "No, I can't get into this kind of bad habit. I have to do my own thing."

"No, Mummy, I want to hug!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately became angry.

Tang You You really couldn't do anything about this daughter of his. Sometimes when she was young, it was absolutely against the law.

"Alright, Mummy will carry it!" Tang You You could only agree.

At this moment, the woman who was washing her hands took her time and secretly took out her phone.

After Tang You You finished urinating for Tang Xiao Nai and washed her hands clean, she took her little hands and headed towards the Walk Outside in the washroom.

Not far away, the woman who had already taken out her phone and made preparations had agilely captured the image of Tang You You holding onto her daughter's back.

Tang You You actually had a daughter?

What a big piece of news this was. It seemed like she was going to make a huge profit.

This woman was actually one of the assistants by Tang Xue Rou's side. Although she had already left Tang Xue Rou's side, but she felt that Tang Xue Rou would be very interested in the photo in her hands.

In order to get the money as soon as possible, the woman immediately called Tang Xue Rou.

"Xue Rou, I'm Little Li!"

When Tang Xue Rou heard about this deserter, she instantly became extremely displeased. "When I was in the limelight, you flattered me to the fullest. Now, when my anger has dropped, you still want to step on me?"

"Xue Rou, what are you talking about? How can I be someone who forgets his grace? I'm calling you because I found a very important news and you will definitely be very interested in it." Little Li said tactfully.

"Tell me about it!" Tang Xue Rou's interest was not great, his voice was filled with arrogance.

"I saw Tang You You just now." Little Li pretended to be mysterious.

"What's so great about seeing her? You still need to report to me? " Tang Xue Rou was instantly angered to the point that his face turned completely white.

Xiao Li quickly said, "No, that's not it. Did you know she was holding onto a three to four-year-old little girl?"

"Little girl? What little girl? " Tang Xue Rou's face stiffened, and immediately became interested.

"Just now, I heard with my own ears that the little girl called her Mummy. Xue Rou, Tang You You has a daughter, isn't this a big rumor?"

"Are you sure?" Tang Xue Rou instantly sat up from the bed with a face full of disbelief and joy.

Xiao Li replied with a serious face, "Of course I'm sure. I really heard it myself. I promise I won't lie to you. If I did, would I die?"

Tang Xue Rou knew that Xiao Li was truly a cunning person, but he wouldn't have the guts to lie to her.

"Alright, stop swearing that venomous oath. Of course I believe in you. You followed me for so long, what kind of person are you. Don't you know that I don't? However, did you not have anything else to show me after hearing the little girl call her Mummy? "