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C1661 who is her secret love

Lingnuan belongs to the kind of straightforward girl, because she doesn't need to conquer many boys to show her charm at all, so she feels that she is actively courted by boys she doesn't like. If she refuses improperly, it's the beginning of ambiguity, and then there will be endless temptations. Of course, this is not the most important reason. The reason why Ling refused is that Mu Weicheng is jealous.

Last night, although he was jealous, he was still cute. Lingnuan wanted to happen several times, but in case he got angry with Mu Weicheng one day, she really didn't know how to recover his sincerity.

Chu Qing saw that the girl on the opposite side didn't go in. He had no choice but to stare at Ling wennuan for a moment and suddenly asked, "do you have someone you like? Besides, it's from our school. Otherwise, you won't keep such a safe distance from me. "

Ling wennuan is holding a piece of meat to send into her mouth. After listening to him, her hand with chopsticks is stiff.

Xia ninglan's eyes immediately opened, and he was surprised to see Ling Nuan: "Nuan, you won't really have someone you like, will you? Who is it? Tell me. "

Lingnuan stared at Chuqing angrily and stood up directly: "you are so boring. My business doesn't need you to manage. Even if I have someone I like, it has nothing to do with you."

Chuqing's confident expression: "sooner or later, I will know who you like. I want to see if he is qualified to be my rival."

Ling warms up and laughs. Has Chu got his own weight? Even dare to say such boastful words.

Lingnuan didn't want to eat any more. He immediately said to xianinglan, "I'll leave first, and you can eat slowly."

"Warm, wait for me, I'll go with you." Xia ninglan stood up in a hurry and chased after him.

Ling wennuan came out, put one hand in his waist, looked back angrily at the direction of the restaurant: "this Chu Qing also takes himself too seriously, isn't it obvious what I refused? Why does he still have an expression that I have to fall in love with him? "

"Warm, they are talented and have appearance. You don't know how many girls come to him to draw. He is so highly praised that he doesn't take his feelings seriously." Shanninglan explained, helping.

"Oh, I'm still a dandy. I'll really take a fancy to him. I'll raise my eyes and be blind." Ling wennuan went to the teaching building while talking.

Xia ninglan looks at Ling wennuan's domineering words, and she admires her very much. She is not brave, so she likes Ling wennuan's straightforward temperament.

"Warm, can I ask you a question?" Xia ninglan ponders for a moment, and decides to let Ling wennuan help herself.

Ling warm nodded: "ask, let's go to the school gate to eat something."

Xia ninglan followed her, hesitated for a long time, then whispered, "if you were in love with someone, would you tell him?"

Ling wennuan seriously thought about this question, and finally nodded, "yes, if you don't tell each other, your secret love will end in nothing and become a disappointment."

Xia ninglan didn't think about such a far-reaching problem, but she felt quite reasonable when she was pulled out by Ling wennuan.

"What if you know that the other side doesn't like you? Will you still say it? " Shanninglan's face was a little more sad.

"Maybe, fight for it somehow. The feelings between people are uncertain. Maybe the other side is also secretly in love with you?" Ling warm to so come to such a conclusion, is because she and Mu Wei Cheng have a long history of secret love for several years, Ling warm too can understand that Acacia no door pain.

"Warm, you're so sentimental. You're not in love with someone, are you?" She asked jokingly.

Ling warm beautiful Mou turned, dry smile: "I used to be secretly in love, but later, I told him, it became clear love, so, adhere to still have hope."

"Really? Is the man you secretly love in our school? " Shanninglan is more curious. Lingnuan immediately smiled mysteriously: "I can't say that for the moment, but I'll let you know about him when I have a chance."

"It's no wonder that you refused Chuqing so mercilessly. It turned out that he was right. You have someone you like." Xia ninglan can't help but feel that Ling wennuan is about her age, but her eyes on things are much more mature than her own. At such a young age, she knows to leave her feelings clean, rather than try with each other.

"That's right. By the way, you have to keep it secret for me. I don't want to be known." Ling wennuan looked at her pleadingly.

"Well, I won't tell anyone." Xia ninglan answers like this, but starts to wonder who Ling Nuan likes.

On the desk of the president's office, there is an invitation. Ling Mo Feng comes back to the office from an important meeting and opens one of them. It says his name. Beside him, it says the name of his wife, LAN Yanxi.

It's an important official who will hold a golden wedding celebration dinner with his wife. It's the elder that Ling Mo Feng once respected. Now he is the president. No matter how high his position is, this sentiment must be given. Ling Mo Feng asked Chu lie, his assistant, to help him reply. He must be there at night to bless him.

When LAN Yanxi received Ling Mo Feng's call, she just woke up from her nap. She felt that her most time was too negative. The whole person was a little dizzy. Her grandfather's death hit her too hard.

Just after returning home, LAN Mu heard that the old man had gone. She was not in a good mood. She went to the tomb to worship. At night, she said that Lan Yanxi would be invited to have dinner and would like to introduce a friend to her.

Lanyanxi agreed to her mother, but Ling Mo Feng suddenly called to say that she would accompany her to a dinner party in the evening. Lanyanxi was in a dilemma and called her mother.

"It's OK. You and Mo Feng go to play. Mom will introduce you next time." Blue mother herself is embarrassed to let her daughter meet a boyfriend she just met. Since her daughter has more important banquet to attend, she certainly advised her to go.

"Mom, what's your friend? How do you know each other? " Lanyanxi is still worried about her mother. She has been single for many years. Now she is middle-aged, and half of her life passes in a flash. If she can find a partner during this period of time, lanyanxi will support her for the rest of her life.

She couldn't understand her mother's remarriage before. Now she grows up and feels lonely. Finally, she can figure it out.

"Yan Xi, let me tell you the truth, will you not be angry?" Blue mother immediately lightened her voice.

LAN Yanxi nodded: "I'm not angry, you say it."

"I met a man abroad this time. He helped me. Later we became friends. We had a long exchange abroad. We found that he had a lot in common. His wife died of illness in her early years. She was three years older than me. She was a professional painter. I know you will surely feel that his work is not very serious..."

"Mom, how is he? How are you? " Lanyanxi asked immediately when she heard that her mother seemed to like him.

Blue mother is a little embarrassed, but still admitted: "other people's quality is good, I'm also good, mainly because we have similar three views."

"Does he have children?" LAN Yan hopes to see her mother give praise, and she is in a good mood.

"There is a son who lives abroad and has been married to a foreign woman. Not long ago, he took me to his son's house as a guest, and his son recognized me." When blue mother said this, she seemed to be a little shy.

Lanyanxi can feel that her mother is very satisfied with this encounter. Of course, she can't throw cold water on her at this time. The first two times, her mother was almost cheated by others, and met with bad people. I hope that this time, she can really find a partner who is willing to accompany her to the old age, and don't be cheated again.

"Mom, if you like him, you can get along well with him. As long as you like it, I will recognize him like his son." Said LAN Yanxi softly.

"Really? Yan Xi, are you really not angry? " Blue mother some surprise, also very sigh, feel the daughter really sensible, more and more can understand her situation.

"If I don't get angry, you'll be happy." LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing.