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C1321 happiness is the end

Ji Shangqing walked to the side of the car quickly and looked at the girl with green face, who was already frozen. He was heartbroken and scolded: "why don't you wait for me in the car?"

"I I'm worried about you! " Blue slightly reached out to rub, some shy smile, as if also know that they have done a very silly thing.

"Stupid!" Ji Shangqing pulled her wrist, only to find that her hands are all ice, and I don't know whether to be angry or to be distressed.

Although the body of blue Weiwei is cold, but the heart is warm. This feeling of being concerned is really wonderful. She has never been so pampered in her life.

Ji Shangqing opened the copilot's door and almost thrust her in, but at last he blocked her head and let her sit in gently.

The next second, he turned back to the driver's seat, the first time the car heating to the maximum.

"Don't be so stupid next time!" Ji Shangqing orders her in a low voice.

"Well, I see!" Blue slightly frozen white pretty face, Leng is to blush.

Ji Shangqing scolds her on the mouth, but still reaches out to wrap her two cold little hands tightly in his palm, and rubs them until she feels her temperature rises, which looses her hand and drives away.

Blue Weiwei sits on the back of the chair and looks at the snowflakes falling from the window. To be honest, she is really very upset and scared. When a person steps from the bottom to the top of the rich society, the sense of gap in our hearts makes her panic.

She finally saw Ji Shangqing's family, all eyes were strange, but the noble temperament they exuded didn't need camouflage at all. They seemed to be born with this kind of rich life. Even in the face of a girl who didn't know where she came from, they didn't have any despised eyes, and their cultivation was excellent.

Ji Shangqing turned his face to look at her. Seeing her stupefied, he couldn't help asking, "what are you thinking?"

"Nothing, it's just that you all have a high face value!" Blue replied with a slight smile.

The man holds the big palm of the steering wheel for a moment, and his deep eyes squint.

"Do you regret choosing to be my girlfriend?" The voice of men's grudge came.

Blue slightly by his this inexplicable interrogate to stupefied, beautiful Mou blinked: "I have never regretted."

"Your cousin and cousin's beauty value are higher than mine, don't you feel moved?" Ji Shangqing is still jealous. This kind of mood comes very quickly. When she praises other men for their high beauty, the blood immediately reverses.

Blue tiny finally heard the vinegar in his words, couldn't help but smile: "you don't misunderstand, except for you, I won't be attracted to any man."

"Why?" Ji Shangqing's mood suddenly turned cloudy and clear.

"There is no reason to love a person. Love is like, love is love. There are many more beautiful women than me. Why don't you find them?" Blue slightly a face serious explanation to him.

Ji Shangqing finally coaxed her. Thin lips raised a smile, reached out and kneaded her face in a punitive way: "I didn't have much ambition at first. Now, with you, I want to live a stable life. The company I run in my hand, the equity my grandfather gave me, is enough for our future life."

Men's words, very real, blue slightly a face of astonishment at him.

Ji Shangqing turned his head and gave her an unidentified look: "is it hard to use his brain? Haven't you understood me yet? Blue Wei, let's get married! "

Blue slightly put two hands on the knee suddenly grasp, surprise come too suddenly, she suddenly like a dream, can't believe it is true.

"I don't think of anything. I want to forget all my previous family. I want to have a new life. Would you like to accompany me?" Ji Shangqing suddenly slammed the car on the brake and braked on the side of the road. He didn't know what his madness was. Why did he have to choose to propose to her at this moment? But his heart was so turbulent that he felt as if he had to hear her answer to be reassured.

"Ji Shangqing, have you thought it out? Is that me? " Blue tiny is in surprise, also did not rush dizzy head, she instead calmed some, raise eyes to look at him gently, ask him.

Ji Shangqing also felt that he was like an irresponsible playboy. Without any notice, he made a romantic request to her for a lifetime. Is this a set of tricks that all Playboys love to play, to break into a girl's simple heart unexpectedly, to make her confused and obsessed. When she was dizzy and swollen, she decided to give her life to him impulsively.

Ji Shangqing directly takes off the necklace he pasted on his chest, which his mother gave him. He has been wearing it closely. At this moment, he is willing to give her the most precious things, which also shows his determination to be with her.

"My mother gave it to me. Now, I give it to you as our love token. Although I think it's silly to express it in this way, I really want to be with you. It's you who give me the most peaceful feeling of life. It's you who make me want to go home after I leave the company. In the past, although I had a home, I didn't want to go back, because that home was cold Ice, now, with you, it seems that the home has always been warm. " Ji Shangqing is not good at saying love words, but at the moment, he doesn't know where his courage comes from, which supports him to say the words that he wants to lose his teeth.

Blue slightly reached for the past, looked at the necklace, there is a bright diamond, inlaid in the center of a jade.

"Ji Shangqing, I am a person who has no sense of security since I was a child. It's true that I like you and want to marry you. But I also know that I don't deserve you. Whether it's my personal or my family background, we all have a big gap. If we really get married, I just hope you can promise me some requirements, don't ignore me or betray me. I'll make up my mind Determined to marry you, not to see you and others trample on the moral bottom line, similarly, I will not, I will be loyal to this marriage, will also be a good wife, will let their own become excellent, shorten the distance between us, if you are willing to give me a chance, I am willing to marry you! " Blue Weiwei holds the necklace tightly in her palm, as if she also holds the most important thing in life. Her fingers are shaking, and her heart beats.

Ji Shangqing immediately bowed his head and laughed after hearing her serious request.

Originally solemn and serious atmosphere, because the man's low voice, the moment was broken.

Blue tiny but by his smiling face red, as if he said how funny words.

"Weiwei, go abroad with me. Let's live abroad and stay away from everything here!" Ji Shangqing suddenly begged her.

"Going abroad?" Blue tiny beautiful Mou moment opens big, it seems that never thought about this problem.

"Don't you want to be good? I'll take you to the best school abroad. " Ji Shangqing said with a serious face.

"Really?" Blue faintly some do not believe.

"Of course, it's true that when you go abroad to study, the headquarters of our company is located abroad. I came back to China to open up the domestic market. At the beginning, I was forced by my father to go back to China to fight for shares. Just now, in front of my grandfather's grave, we all swore that we would never kill brothers or fight within families. So I want to leave here 。” The smile on Ji Shangqing's face was a little stiff. When he thought of the past, his mood became heavy.

"Well, if you don't want to stay here, I'll go anywhere with you." Blue tiny also does not want to stay here, if has the opportunity to escape, she certainly is willing to escape.

"On your father's side, I'll find someone to help you watch. As long as he does this job well now and doesn't gamble any more, it's OK for him to support himself. Besides, I will give him a sum of money every month. Don't worry!" Ji Shangqing knows that she cares about the gambler's father in fact. Although he nearly sold her, she will secretly give him money, flesh and blood, and will always be cut.

"Well, I can leave with you." Blue nodded slightly, eyes in tears.

Ji Shangqing hugged her in her arms. Her thin lips kissed her trembling lips quickly, which could compensate for her wet tears.